Shield Eyes From Blue Light Of Tablet And Phone

How to chose the best screen filter for the job!

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It could be that your child uses tablets and smartphones frequently to play games, to gain useful information or to chat with friends.

What you are not aware of is the fact that devices may cause potentially irreversible eye damage.

This is because, such devices are said to emit blue light, which is proven to be harmful to the eyes and for getting good quality sleep.

Using blue light filter can help your child’s eyes to be well protected.

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Increased eyesight problemsΒ 

The fact is the explosion of modern technology and the introduction of different types of handheld devices in the last few years has only witnessed an enormous increase in the number of patients.

A good number of eye patients tend to comprise of young school children who complain of dry eyes and eye strain.

Such issues are caused due to excessive screen time.

Although these conditions could be prevented and treated by performing some exercises and using screen breaks, the hazards caused due to blue light exposure is still relatively unknown.

blue light harm eye harm eye problems

Medical experts are quite convinced about the potential harm caused to children is much greater to be ignored.

Majority of the health experts across the globe do recommend their young patients to use blue light filter software to block blue light effectively.

They strongly prescribe non-prescription lenses. No downsides are present towards availing protection against blue lights.

However, potential downsides do exist if adequate care and remedy are not taken. Hence, it will be useful to reduce eye strain by removing screen flicker.

Why use filters to block blue light?Β 

According to studies, blue light is found to cause eye damage to its back portion, which is the retina.

The medical experts state that if blue light is exposed to children at night time, it can lead to a quick onset of macular degeneration.

It is termed to be the leading reason for blindness of age over 50 and can cause cataracts.

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Since adults eye tends to have a natural defense system, the risk from blue light is comparatively lesser.

With age, the lens begins to yellow, thus blocking out some part of the harmful blueΒ light.

But children are more prone to suffer since their eyes are still in the development stage.

This means such light will be able to penetrate more easily and efficiently into the eye retina directly resulting in an eye migraine.

Taking adequate precaution

Unfortunately, smartphones are given to toddlers and young children to play without understanding the consequences it brings about.

What is necessary to know is that blue wavelength is crucial for the eyes at day.

For this reason, they help boost reaction, mood, and attention.

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But it becomes harmful at night, since it disturbs the circadian rhythm, disrupting sleep.

Hence, the installation of apps like Iris can help to block effectively blue light.

Thus, making the devices completely safe for children to use.


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Such anti-blue light app filter out blue light and make playing games or viewing movies or chatting on tablets and smartphones safer.

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