Should I get glasses with ‘blue Light blocking’ coating?

Generally speaking, if you care about your eyes then, yes

This will be a great investment in your health but I have found a better investment

I spend a lot of time staring at a computer screen every day. Easily 3–8 hours a day, sometimes more

If you are like me, I suggest you try a blue light blocking filter like Iris

It will not only reduce the Blue Light (it can go up to 0%) but it will also remove the PWM Flicker, which is also really important

  1. Blue Light
    Basically, it tricks your mind into thinking that it’s time to be active, to think that it’s daytime and it’s no time to sleep
    That single thing prevents you from having a good night sleep and can even be the cause of insomnia
  2. PWM Flicker
    This one I call the eye killer. That’s your screen flashing ON and OFF thousand of times per second
    This happens so fast that you can’t even see it but guess what? Your brain does.
    Over time this will lead to severe eye pain, dry eyes, head pain, etc. I could go like this all day but I believe you get the point

So, to sum up

If I were you, I would try Iris

The benefit over the blue light blocking glasses is that it also blocks PWM Flicker

Iris is the only app that can both reduce Blue Light and block PWM Flicker

More info on Blue Light:

How Blue light Destroyed our Sleep? – Β Iris – Software for Eye protection, Health and Productivity

And PWM Flicker:

How Мonitors Destroyed our Eyes? – Β Iris – Software for Eye protection, Health and Productivity

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