What is the difference between Pressure and Sinus eye pain?

Eye pain itself is discomforting for carrying out the simplest of the tasks.

What if, this pain expands into numerous other types of the eye pains which are caused by various viral infections and unhealthy habits?

In this case, it causes a severe headache which is mostly confused between a migraine, sinusitis, and eye pressure.

All three of the factors immense pain in and around the head which also affects both or either of the eyes.

Nowadays, with the help of online self-diagnosis, people with different medical complaints are deciding their ailments on their own and have become habitual of the self-treatment.

This, however, is a dangerous sign for those who wish to live a longer and healthier life.

In order to correctly the pain, one must be fully aware of its complete diagnosis and the possible effective treatments.

Most of the time, sinus eye pain is confused with eye pressure, both of which are entirely different issues and must be treated accordingly.

What is an Eye Pressure and its symptoms?

Eye pressure is something that causes the eyes to go abnormally red and is visible in the first diagnosis.

It is caused by the hypertensive eye pressure which is due to numerous medical conditions.

It also increases the risk factors for glaucoma which is an eye disease related to the high-eye pressure and can lead to blindness or partial loss of vision.

Some of the most common symptoms of the eye pressure include:

  1. Blurred vision.
  2. Halos, an appearance of the rainbow colors around the eyes.
  3. Severe eye pain.
  4. Intense pain in the forehead or above the eye.
  5. Nausea and sometimes vomiting.
  6. Sudden weakness of the eyesight.

All of these symptoms are far different from the sinus eye pain and can be treated as per the medical suggestions.

What is the Sinus Eye pain and its symptoms?

Sinusitis is a nasal infection which is caused due to the blocked/runny nose and inflammation of the sinuses.

It is mostly confused with the migraine pain also which is somehow similar to the sinusitis but on the same hand entirely different also.

The reason for it being that the sinus eye pain is caused because of the sinusitis and migraine or eye pressure itself is a kind of a headache which is not related to the sinus or any other viral infection.

Some of the common symptoms of sinus eye pain include:

  1. Pain in front or sides of the face.
  2. Pain that increases with movement.
  3. Pain which restricts from doing any physical activity.
  4. Pain that is intense in the morning and gets better by the time.
  5. Pain that shoots in the cold and dry weather.
  6. Watery eyes.
  7. Pain that frequently comes and goes causing an irritation to the mood swings.

Eye pressure and sinus eye pain are two different medical conditions which should be confused with each other.

Considering the high risk-factors that both the conditions follow, one must be fully aware of the symptoms, causes, and possible treatments of each type of the pain, including Iris, the software for the preventing the eye and headache pain.

Hence, it is necessary to self-educate before taking the harmful medicines or applying unnecessary remedies.


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  1. I have this severe pains in my eyes and around my temple. I visited an eye clinic and l was given epiphynic and Neo-Cort EEN to use but the pains is their.

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