Start USB Networking on your Kindle

You are now ready to start USB networking on your Kindle.

If the e-reader is still connected to the PC, disconnect it and navigate to its home screen.

Next, show the Kindle keyboard. A prompt will appear.

Type ;debugOn and press Return.
Note the semicolon at the beginning of the command ;

Type `usbNetwork and press Return.
This command starts with a backtick. Make sure that it’s a backtick, not a single quotation mark. Once you have that, tap Del one last time.

Type ;debugOff and press Return.

Great job! Your Kindle is now ready to create a virtual network with your PC, over the USB connection. Use the USB cable to connect the Kindle to the PC.

After every Kindle Restart you need to do the above steps to activate USB Networking. This can be done automatically, but I don’t recommend it since you can broke your Kindle this way.

Now when you connect your Kindle to your PC, it will connect like Network Adapter not like USB storage.

On some devices like my Kindle 4 the command is ~usbNetwork, but I am not sure on which devices is this. Try also this command if your Kindle connects again as USB storage. It should be unidentified driver or Network adapter.

You can test which one your Kindle uses by typing ~help, `help, ;help

One of this commands will show you help box and if ~help, use ~usbNetwork



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