Technology & its Harmful Effects on Eyes

The benefits of technology are enormous.

We can do a lot of things today thanks to the introduction of technology.

While it has made things easy, it also comes with certain side effects.

The fact that most technological devices make use of LED light bulbs makes them a threat to the human eyes.

LED light is a combination of different light colors and excessive exposure of the eyes to them can pose a problem.

Besides the light, there are certain unhealthy habits you also develop as a result of the constant use of digital devices that are harmful to your eyes in particular.

Excessive focus

This is more or less the foundation of all digital devices eye-related problems.

While using your phone or tablet next time, try to observe how you focus. You will observe that your focus is usually very intense.

This intense focus is particular to the use of digital devices. Reading a book from a hard note is different from reading a book from your digital device (phone, tablet, laptop) in terms of concentration.

This can really cause you to strain your eyes, headaches and some other symptoms.

Blinking less than normal

Blinking of the eyes is a very important aspect of eye health.

It is so important that nature makes it natural phenomena such that you do not have to learn it to maintain a healthy eye.

This is not usually the case when you are obsessed with digital devices.

When you use digital devices or almost any kind of technology, your high level of concentration means that you blink far lesser than you should.

Blinking is the eyes way of lubricating (by spreading a layer of tear over the eye).

Not blinking frequently enough can cause you to have sore eyes, blurry vision and so on.

Blue light and the retina

LED light is a spectrum of light but blue light tends to command a lot of attention thanks to its adverse effect on the eyes.

Blue light has the ability to go deeper into the eyes than UV light.

What is even scarier is the fact that people now use their phones in lowlight conditions as well as alarms.

This is not the best as blue light can cause muscular degradation of the eyes.

This will result in your ability to see an object at various angles.

Sometimes, it may be objects in front of you; sometimes it may be objects far away and sometimes objects not too far away.

Computer vision syndrome

This syndrome was usually particular to those working in offices and using technology often.

This is due to the fact that they expose their eyes to light from digital devices as a result of the nature of their work.

This is no longer the case as results show that everyone who uses digital devices excessively is prone to having them and it is not peculiar to office workers alone.

Signs of computer vision syndrome include but are not limited to: headaches, dry eye, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, eye strain, itchy or watery eyes.


Having any of the above symptoms is not the end of the world.

You can help yourself by reducing your exposure to LED light.

You can invest in your eyes by buying the right glasses for your eye condition as well as eating properly.

Also, you can find eye protection software such as Iris that helps you protect your eyes from the adverse effects of the digital devices.

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