Technology is integral part of our life but what are the hidden threats?

With this article today we will introduce you to the hidden technology threats of even standing in front of your computer.

Technology is part of the modern world and is evolving at a rapid pace.

Technology has evolved with each passing year, and people are relying on it.

Does this not carry great risks for ourselves?

Do you know that they harbor technologу threats to humanity?

We have decided to clarify this and try to prove it.

Unexpected dangers lie in our reliance on computers and communications that are dependent on electrical power, optical fiber links, and satellites.

We start from afar, but we have a clear goal, to get there.

Satellites are crucial for communications, but they still have a limited life span and can be divided into thousands of components that can affect and even destroy other satellites.

Current plans to improve data speed by doubling the number may mean that satellite technology is outdated and can be replaced in a few decades.

From there, new technology threats can be created.

Failed satellites already contribute to innumerable orbital fragments, so further collisions are inevitable.

Small pieces like an orbital cellphone can have kinetic energy 500 times the size of a military tank shell.

That’s almost impossible to believe, right? But unfortunately, it is a fact.

These types of hazards are predictable, unlike natural phenomena such as emissions from sunspots.

These are some of the threats to technology for all humanity.

Energy, electricity, water, food. All these are vital to the modern man.

Electricity has so much taken over people’s lives that it has become a biological necessity of invention.

Technology threats are like food poisoning. Namely, quite common.

The sun is a friend of humanity but at the same time an enemy.

Basic solar emissions that cross Earth’s orbit are inevitable and can cause complete loss of energy in advanced societies, including the destruction of satellites.

The consequences are so dire that few people want to consider them.

It all points to quite a few phenomena that hamper technology, and from ourselves, as human beings.

We will now descend to earth and look at the technology that surrounds us daily.

That’s right, our favorite computers and mobile devices.

Where to start? For example, how dependent we are.

Have you ever had the battery drop while you’re out and angry that you can’t connect with anyone?

It’s hard for you to imagine what our grandparents did without this kind of communication and source of information.

We will now move on to the worse influence, which is how physically and more accurately our health affects us.

Mobile phones are an integral friend in our daily lives.

For some people, it is even an extension of the hand.

Do you know that such a useful item is also harmful?


First of all, if you are keen on long conversations, the handset emits harmful impulses to the ear that disrupt the structure of the so-called eardrum.

In terms of vision, there is much to be said.

Screens and monitors, we already include our favorite computers here.

They are a major technology threat.

They emit blue light that lingers on our eyes and shows quite a negative effect on tension and sleep.

First of all, what is a blue light?

You’ve heard of UV rays, haven’t you?

In that case, accept the blue light, like yourself a stronger sister.

Blue light has a wavelength of between approximately 380nm and 500nm; making it one of the shortest, highest-energy wavelengths.

After we have clarified the important definition of blue light for us, we will point out a few influences that our eyes detect but show after a certain period of period them are quite extreme, but of course, these things are proven by ophthalmologists, and we only try to inform you.

They are:

  • Redness of eyes;
  • Burning of eyes;
  • Headache;
  • Disturbed sleep;
  • Loss of concentration;
  • Vision loss;
  • Blindness and others.

After a detailed mention of the ocular effects, sleep should be mentioned.

What happens when there is a lack of sleep in the first three days?

However, it is not until 36 hours after the last sleep that the brain begins to “shut down” or decrease the activity of areas of the brain related to action planning, leading to more impulsive and uncontrolled behavior.

Then comes the real fatigue – the reactions slow down, the brain’s ability to receive and
process information is very difficult.

Within 48 hours, the body loses its ability to metabolize enough glucose for energy and the immune system’s strength decreases dramatically.

In some cases, hallucinations may occur on the third sleepless day.

Insomnia is a common complaint – it is not terrifying if it rarely occurs and has no lasting effects.

If it becomes chronic with recurrent episodes, it can be a symptom of several ailments.

In such cases, immediate medical advice is advised.
That all sounds pretty scary doesn’t it?

Remember that the most invisible can be dangerous.

Technological threats are something that humanity has created.

That is why we must prevent it.

Iris is a company that strives for customer awareness and, above all, a helper for their health protection.

Lately, there is more and more talk of a healthy lifestyle, but let’s not limit it to sports and diet.

Let us not forget that eyes are part of a person’s sensibility.

Unfortunately, despite the complex eye makeup, they fail to protect themselves completely, so Iris comes to the rescue.

If you are surrounded by state-of-the-art technology and the tasks of the day require them to be used for at least three hours without interruption, then you either use safety glasses or suffer from eye strain or headaches.

Everything in the article is intended to show you how dependent we are on technologies, how they influence us even if they are in space, and how we can protect ourselves from it.

In your opinion, do companies that create and upgrade technology need to pay attention to the small details that are becoming cumbersome for consumers?

We hope that we have informed you enough about technology threats.

Remember that you are the ones to protect yourself, and even your relatives should follow your example to improve their health in the future.

Written by Hristina Ferkova

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