Types of headaches

Having a headache can be a very unfortunate thing to happen to anybody throughout the day.

Especially when one is at work, school or anywhere.

Headaches can occur at any time, regardless of your plans for having a good time.

But headaches are happening because of something and there is always a reason behind them.

It could be something particular that is happening around you at the moment.

Or something that has been building up for some time.

If you want to learn more about the types of headaches and the ways to treat them, stay until the end of this article.

Why headaches are bad?

Sometimes a certain type of headaches can be a sign of serious illnesses and you should be very careful when they happen.

If there are any speech, vision or balance problems due to headaches, then it would be best to visit a doctor.

Any other unusual events also have to be looked at with great caution.

Though these are very rare occasions and most of the headaches go away with painkiller pills.

And you can turn the bad side of a headache into something good.

Especially if the headache is caused by not so serious problems.

You could take it as a reminder to rethink your lifestyle.

You may be in need of more water intake, more sleep, or more exercise.

Now, take a look at the most usual types of headaches that you may come upon.

What is causing different types of headaches?

Hereditary problems

There are some headaches that are most likely to occur in the result of a hereditary condition.

Such an example is the migraines.

If your family is having migraine problems then your headaches have a big chance to be migraines, too.

You will feel a migraine only in one part of your head.

Also, there may be sensitivity to all kinds of outer aggravators like light, sounds, etc.

Usually, migraines have signs that predict their happening some minutes before.

And the very migraine can last from some hours to days in a row.


If you wonder what could cause migraines, the reasons are various.

It is most likely for migraines to occur as a result of stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, bad diets, and others.

The most common way for fighting migraines is with painkillers.

However, if you do not want to stuff yourself with chemistry, you can try some other cures.

Like to rest in a quiet dim place, with a pack of ice on your head.

Also, drink more water and have some good sleep.

Medicines and sinus infections

If you have been taking some kind of medicines or antibiotics there is a chance that your headache is in the result of them.

All medicines have side effects that can be read on the prescription note by the producer.

And most of them include headaches.

Also, if you are constantly having sinus problems and a stuffed nose, it is most likely to develop a headache problem, too.

These sicknesses have to be treated by a specialist, so do not try to deal with them by yourself.

Stress-related headaches

Stress and anxiety are triggers for many diseases. And most importantly for headaches.

Stress can be found everywhere every day.

From your morning routine till the time you get back home from work or school.

Dealing with everyday tasks and also meeting short deadlines is stressful.

Many people have got used to living on the go, but this affects the mental and later the physical health of a person.

This is why one should be always aware of their calmness and well being.

Try to find a way to reduce stress.

It could be by meditation, short breaks from work, by reading a book or doing sports.

There is no way to avoid everyday stress but there is a way to put it under control.

Unhealthy lifestyle

Another type of headaches is the one caused by an improper way of life.

If you want to be healthy and to have a lot of energy and motivation, then try living in a better way.

Always make sure that you are getting enough sleep and that you drink enough water.

Headaches can occur if you are consuming improper food like energy drinks and an excessive amount of coffee.

It is not good to drink more than 4 cups of coffee per day.

These kinds of drinks speed up your heart rate and play with your hormones and neurotransmitters.

productivity at work

All they do it to keep your body awake and functioning, but this in reality tires you without you noticing.

It is better to eat fruits and vegetables that naturally are going to give you energy.

Moreover, demobilization can bring you many headaches.

Both in the literal and metaphorical way.

Do not allow your body to stiffen from hours and hours sitting in one place without moving a finger.

Try to find some time for sports during the week.

Blue light and technology

It is no secret that technology can be just as bad as it is useful.

The blue light that comes out from every screen can damage your eyes, your sleep, and can lead to headaches.

It is advisable to reduce the blue light radiation in every possible way.

You can take breaks every 20 minutes; wear proper eyewear; or install a blue light filter.

There are many ways to keep your eyes safe from the blue light, which is going to prevent the appearance of headaches as well.

The best way to prevent most of the headaches

What would you think if we told you there is a very simple way to prevent most of the above-written types of headaches?

Probably you wouldn’t believe us, but truth to be told, such a resolution exists.

This is Iris – the blue light filter for PCs.


Iris is a program that you can install on your computer and start using it immediately.

It is going to convert the colors of your screen into eye-friendly tones.

And the blue light will be gone. Iris is good for many reasons.

It will keep your eyes completely safe from the screen and it is going to improve your sleep quality.

You will be more productive and motivated.

Plus, it can be used by anybody – from children to seniors.

The bottom line

Headaches are surely something irritating that nobody wants on their head.

If you are wondering why you may be having a headache, search in the way you live and the answer will be visible.

Always aim for a healthy lifestyle with a proper diet and a lot of exercising.





Author: Ilina Stoyanova


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