Best Blue Light App

Are you looking for the best blue light app? There are several different apps out there that you can use to filter blue light. Let’s examine three of them to find the best one to suit your needs.

redshift پیٹ

One popular app to filter blue light is called Redshift. It will adjust the color of your screen according to where the sun is positioned.

When you look at the screen in the early morning hours the screen will transition from the nighttime color to a daytime color and this helps your eyes adjust.

Once night arrives the color then adjust itself and will match the light from lamps and another lighting in your home.

This software is available for the Linux operating system.


This software will keep the screen bright in the winter months. With this software you can customize the sunset time and the sunrise time, so you can adjust the software to meet your needs.

You can select the color that you want for your screen. You also have the ability to temporarily disable this app whenever you want.

This software will work with the Windows operating system.


The best blue light app programs you can get is called ایرس. This program works cross-platform.

It will detect whether it’s nighttime or daytime. The software it will then adjust the color of the screen and reduce issues with blue light.

This program has many different features which can be customizable. You can customize the brightness, color temperature, manual settings, automatic settings, and other settings.

You will have to pay a small price for the more advanced features, but you have a lot of control over this program which you don’t get with other blue light filter programs.

Since this program has a lot of customization, we consider it to be the best blue light app on the current market.

The best part about the program is it’s available for most mobile platforms and desktop platforms.

You won’t have to worry about buying other programs like you do with some software because it won’t work on all of your mobile devices or your home computers. Iris will work on:

• Linux
• Windows
• Android
• iOS
• Mac OS X
• Google Chrome web browser

As you can see, the iris program offers you a lot of value for your money. If you want to filter blue light in the best way, this is the best blue light app that you can get.

It makes more sense to use Iris Software then some of the other software solutions.


Blue light can be a problem on your computer. You can have issues with eye strain, آنکھ کے درد, and have a poor-quality sleep.

If you want to improve your health when you use your computer, consider getting a quality blue light filter.

One of the best solutions we have found for dealing with blue light is a software that you can buy through Iris software as it has the most features and it’s the best blue light app we have found.

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