What are the different types of Color blindness?

The people suffering from color blindness have difficulty in seeing different colors or perceiving clear differences between two colors below the normal light.

The color blindness is of different types and most of them are inherited and present at birth.

Symptoms of color blindness

The symptoms of color blindness can differ from person to person.

کچھ صورتو میں, the people have more brutal forms of color blindness as compare to others.

But usually, it is seen that the people suffering from color blindness are not able to tell the difference between different shades of blue and green colors and in different shades of green and red colors.

There are different types of inherited color blindness. Few of them are as follows:

Anomalous Trichromacy

The normal color vision exploits all the three types of light cones properly and is known as trichromacy, and the people with normal color vision are called trichromats.

The people with defective trichromatic vision will be color blind to some level and are called anomalous trichromats.

اس حالت میں, all of their three cone types are used to distinguish light colors but one type of cone perceives light vaguely out of position so that there are three different types of outcome produced depending upon which cone type is out of order.


The people with dichromatic color vision contains two types of cones through which they are able to perceive color i.e. they have a total deficiency of function of one cone type.

The lack of aptitude to see color is the easiest and a simple way to elucidate this state but in real fact, it is a definite segment of the light band which can’t be perceived.

For ease, we entitle these areas of the light spectrum green, نیلے اور سرخ.

The people suffering from protanopia are not able to identify any red light, those with deuteranopia are incapable to perceive green light and those with tritanopia are not capable to perceive blue light.

The people with both green and red deficiencies live in a world of dark greens where yellows and blues stand out.


Protanopia is also another type of color blindness. The people who suffer from protanopia are known as protanopes.

The protanopes are more like to confuse black colors with different shades of red, different shades of blues with different shades of red, different shades of purple color with different shades of dark pink, the mid-green shade with different shades of orange color, dark brown shade with dark green color and different shades of dark orange with dark red.


Tritanopes is another common type of color blindness. The most common color confusions for tritanopes are light blues shades with grey color shades, dark purple color with different shades of black color, mid-greens with different shades of blue colors and orange color with reds.


The people with monochromatic vision can see no color at all. In this problem the person sees color consists of special shades of grey in a series of black to white color, rather like seeing the world on an old white and black television set.

Use Vision رنگ اندھا پن کے ٹیسٹ, it will help you test whether you are colorblind.

اولین مقصد is a special software designed for the colorblind individuals that will allow them to see the screen properly.

You will not have to get confused when red or green colors appear on the screen.

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