URLs for Problem Solving


To open Iris UI


To reset orange or double orange colors when Iris has crashed or some other problem


To reset Iris settings to default


To check the user Iris settings if everything seems fine


To activate Iris license automatically. CODE is the activation code (Example: code123)

Invite Friends


If you invited someone and he/she installed Iris and you want to get your bonus time. Sync Invite friends with the server. Otherwise, invites will be synced the next time you start Iris


Check if someone invited you again to get your bonus time. Make sure to open the link in the same browser that you downloaded Iris from for the check to work. This happens by default the first time that you start Iris


See your invite link to invite friends to install Iris and get bonus time

Every hidden feature can be converted to API call by adding dashes “-” or spaces ” ” in the URL


For more info

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