What is Colblindor?

Color blindness usually occurs when a person is not capable to see colors in a standard mode.

The color blindness is also known as a color deficiency.

This problem often happens when someone cannot differentiate between certain colors.

The problem generally happens between greens and different shades of reds, and occasionally in blue shades.

Basically, there are two cells present in our retina.

Both of the cells are used to detect light. These called are called cones and rods. The rods detect only dark and light and are very responsive to low light planes. The cone cells are used to detect color.

These cells are concentrated in the center of your vision. Generally, there are three types of cones that see color i.e. green, blue and red.

The brain uses input from these cone cells in order to establish our color perception.

How can color blindness occur?

The color sightlessness can usually occur when one or more than one color cone cells are not present, detect a different color than standard or are not working properly.

The brutal color blindness occurs in cases when all the three cone cells are missing.

The mild color sightlessness occurs when all three cone cells are at hand but one of the cone cells is not working in a proper way.

Symptoms of Color Blindness

The signs of color blindness are frequently observed by parents when children are young. In some cases, the symptoms are so slight that they may not even be noticed.

The common symptoms of color blindness incorporate:

  • Complexity in distinguishing different color shades.
  • An inability to see tones and shades of the same color.

Degrees of color blindness

There are different scales of color sightlessness. The people with mild shade insufficiency can perceive colors generally in good light but have complicatedness in weak light.

Others cannot discriminate certain colors in any light. The color sightlessness generally affects both eyes in the same way and remains constant all through their life.

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Treatment for Color Blindness

There is no proper and complete treatment for color blindness.

Special kind of glasses and contact lenses are available in the market with the involvement of different filters to help color deficiencies, if required.

Vision software may help in distinguishing the colors.

Color Blindness is not “Color Blindness”

Most of the people join the term color blindness to sightlessness and color, which tells them, that if you are colorblind or colorblind then you can see only black and white or possibly grayscale pictures.

If we have a look at the terms then there are three different well-known stipulations which are used to explain this disability:

Color Vision Deficiency

It is the most precise term. It explains the definite handicap to the point but it is not well identified in common talking.

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This name is derived from the 18th-century researcher named as John Dalton.

The researcher was colorblind. He performs some investigations and explains the phenomenon in a scientific paper for the first time.

The naming is also related to almost all types of color vision deficiency.

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