What is the Best age to get Color blind test?

Color blindness is also known as color vision deficiency. Due to color blindness, the person is unable to identify colors.

Usually, a person cannot distinguish between red and green color.

It is difficult to find the early symptoms of color blindness in a child.

Children have a low span of attention when they throw colors on the paper.

Only one child is affected by color blindness in about 25 children.

Due to color blindness, a child has an excellent night vision.

Children have issues while reading through colored pages such as through green or red pages because it reflects through their eyes and they complain about their eyes.

Causes of Colorblindness

Color blindness is usually caused by the genetic disorder.

The β€œcones” are responsible for the color vision which are located at the back of the eye.

Due to lack of cones cells, a child is a birth with color blindness. According to Optometric Physicians of Washington around 8%, boys are affected by the color blindness which is less than girls.

It means that the ratio of color blindness of boys is more than the girls. It is difficult to identify colors when light intensity is low.

When a child is 4 years months old the cones are starting developing which is a natural process in a normal child.

While in a colorblind child cones are missing due to which a child cannot distinguish the colors usually they see purple or brown instead of red and green color.

Symptoms of Colorblindness

It is not inevitably mean that a colorblind cannot see the colors.

Colorblind may not distinguish the colors and they may confuse while picking different colors.

A colorblind is not able to distinguish colors till they reach 4 years of age.

Some colorblind are unable to see colors due to the disease called achromatopsia. Only one child out of 40 thousand babies is affected by β€œachromatopsia”.

Test Age for Colorblindness

About 4 years old children are able to a test of their color vision.

The physician usually asks to categorize between red and green color lines or words or figures.

If the child is able to categorize the colored figure or lines then the child clear the color vision test and if not then the child is colorblind.

Many other tests are taken from colorblind mostly colored dots figures are given to the child to identify the colors for the clear results if he/she could not be able to identify colored shapes given in the figure.

These figures are usually in red and green colors. We know that getting the test is expensive.

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It does not mean that a color blind cannot see the colors or it restricts the function ability of the color vision.

It is just the fact which is caused by genetic mutation transmits through the heredity.

Experts have suggested that when the child reaches the age of 4 then it must that to check color vision test.

Teaching them the color clarification and also help those to identify the position of traffic lights who are unable to distinguish between red and green color.

Vision is the perfect solution for your colorblindness. Get the software and you will be able to see the colors normally without any blurriness.

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