What is the blue light filter for?

And How it protects your eyes from any harm

Blue light filter may not ring a bell in many people’s heads but it is one of the most wide-spread softwares for keeping the eye safe from any harm from blue light. What exactly is blue light and why is it so dangerous to your health? 

blue light

Blue light is that part of the visible light spectrum, which is seen by the human naked eye.

Blue light is known for producing a higher amount of energy as it has a short wavelength.

In today’s era, it is almost impossible for people to stay without their laptop, smartphones or any other smart devices.

While, all these gadgets emit blue light causing long – term damage to our eyes and overall health.

As per studies, if a person is regularly exposed to the blue light then over the period of time it may cause a severe long – term damage to the eyes of the person.

Luckily, there is a solution for this problem and it is a very simple one – Iris’ blue light filter.

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Blue Light Filter

What is a blue light filter for?

As the name suggests the blue light filter reduces the quantity of blue light exhibited on the screen of the device or smart device.

Blue light has the ability to curb the production of the hormone that is very useful in inducing sleep.

This hormone is known as melatonin.

Due to the efficient working of this filter, one gets to sleep better. 


The blue light filter does not work when one watches high – definition videos from the exclusive services of HDR video service providers like Amazon Prime.

It is pertinent to know that blue light filter can be applied by following methods, but it can be done manually only:

  • By selecting an option in settings menu or quick panel or automatically
  • By user schedule or automatic schedule

Blue light filter apps effectively block blue light, saving one from the ill effects of it.

These apps regulate the emitting light’s wavelength of your device with the outer natural light.

This means that using the device with the blue light filter during the late hours of the night, will cause much lesser harm to you.

blue light filter
The filter blocks the blue light and therefore, removes any harm and health concerns for the human eye.

Blue light emitted from our devices has a harmful effect on our overall well-being.

It severely affects our eyes, sleep disorder, muscular degeneration, etc.

However, there are many companies offering the filter these days, but Iris is one of the most celebrated ones.

Iris is the software that is known for protecting the eyes in the best possible manner by removing the blue light.

Some of the prominent features of Iris  

  • It provides predetermined reduction for blue light.
  • It adapts to the light surrounding automatically.
  • Manually reduces the strain on the eyes.
  • With sleep, removes all the blue light.
  • Protects eyes with all types of USB computers.
  • To ensure better health, experts suggest one should stay in reduced blue light exposure by installing such blue light reduction software and apps on your devices.

blue light and screen time

Solutions for Blue Light Harm 

As you can guess the best solution not to expose yourself to blue light is to live in a cave and to get only full spectrum sunlight, but we all know this is impossible.

Try to avoid light at night and if you just can’t avoid all light and need to do some work on your PC use Iris or other blue blocking software.

iris blue light filter

Iris has Sleep type preset which removes almost all blue light from your screen.

In front of the TV use some blue blocking glasses or just sunglasses. Sunglasses are sometimes even more effective that blue blockers since they also block UV light.

And lastly, remove all LED light bulbs in your home. Although energy efficient they are bad for your sleep. Use the good old incandescent light bulbs or if you can use candles sometimes.

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