Why does direct sunlight damage our eyes?

Aside from the colors we see light constitutes of much more things

Visible light is only small portion of the light that the Sun emits.

The wavelengths from the router, the wavelengths from the microwave or the radio waves, all of this things is light in one way or another.

Actually, it will be better to say that all visible light is actually different wavelengths that our eyes and brain makes sense of by giving the wavelength a color.

So the problem is that we are really gentle creatures and almost everything can harm us.

This is why X-rays are bad for us because our atoms and DNA may become damaged. Same goes for cosmic rays and gamma rays.

Our Earth atmosphere blocks most of these harmful rays so you don’t need to worry about it but a lot of UV light passes down from the atmosphere and enters the ground.

UV light and Blue light are really high-energy lights and they cause a lot of damage to us.

Because of this high-energy light, we burn under the Sun and our skin can become damaged

Our eyes, however, doesn’t have the same protective mechanism for repairing like our skin and looking at UV and Blue light directly is cumulative and you can permanently damage your vision in the long run.

While there is some protection for UVC and UVB light, our eyes can’t block UVA and Blue light and these kinds of lights enter deep into our retina.

This may cause Macular degeneration and other injuries in the long run to the eye.

This is why wearing sunglasses is recommended when you go outside and it’s bad to look directly at the Sun.

However, what most people would not tell you is that most monitor emits as much blue light as the Sun and also cause permanent eye injuries in the long run.

This is why it’s good to wear your sunglasses even in front of the monitor or if you don’t want to look dorky you can use blue light filter software like Iris which will automatically reduce the blue light emitted from your monitor so your eyes will be protected even without sunglasses.

Basically, UV light enters deep into our retina and cause damage and Blue light is also bad for the same reason.

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