Why is blue light bad for sleep?

and How can you protect yourself from it?

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It is a sad fact that we all are unknowingly destroying our eyes and harming them every single day.

The number of people with vision issues and eye pressure pain is increasing at a rapid pace but yet we don’t pay much heed to this matter.

On the other hand, these small eye injuries and ocular diseases can lead us to serious eye muscle pain or even vision loss.

This is the reason why the need of the hour is that we all start taking note of what wrong we are doing to our eyes.

As you can see eyes are the most sensitive part of the human body.

For this reason, they need extra care and as even a little injury can cost us a lot resulting in different health problems.

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Blue LightΒ 

There surely are a number of benefits of the blue light.

On the other hand, however, the excessive exposure of the eyes to the blue light can actually create dreadful circumstances for us like eye strain or eye muscle pain.

Especially when your eyes are exposed to the blue light at the night time, that is where all the problem begins.

The more blue light goes into your eyes, the more strain it puts on the eyes and ultimately your nervous system starts getting under stress.

This is like a circle basically, the continuous eye strain on the eyes affects the nervous system.

Hence, you become deprived of a sound sleep at night which leads to the aforementioned health problems.

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Is Blue Light Bad For Sleep?Β 

So, the answer to this question is β€œyes”.

Blue light has a very negative impact on the nervous system and you don’t get to have a sound sleep at night.

Now, you might be thinking that where exactly does this blue light come from and what can be done in order to protect the eyes.

Well, it is everywhere around us and the major source of blue light is the Sun.

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On the other hand, the screens of our phones, laptops, and tablets can also causeΒ blue light harm on the eye and that is exactly where the problem begins.

You can avoid going much under the Sun for prolonged hours but when it comes to cellphones and tablets, well we all know the fact that these devices have now become a part of our lives and we just cannot stop using them.

So, now the main question here is that what exactly can you do.

Well, don’t worry because we are going to give you some solutions to this problem too.

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The Solution to Blue Light Problem

Well, there are a few things that can you can do in order for your effective eye protection from the blue light.

You can try reducing the brightness of your phone and if even that won’t work and the strain on your eyes stays constant then you can try using blue light filters on your screen.

These filters can actually help you in reducing the strain and pain in your eyes which the excessive exposure to blue light causes.

There are a number of these filters available online and among all of them Iris is known to be the best one.

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How Iris Works?Β 

Those who don’t know about Iris need to try this software for once because it is genuinely one of the best blue light filters that come with various features and adjustments.

Iris is an anti-blue light app and it basically works by adjusting and optimizing the light of your screen according to the light around you.

blue light affect eye protection eye strain screen settings iris software

Yes, you read it right, Iris is one intelligent software that is available for both, the screen of your laptop and the screen of your phone too making it the ultimateΒ computer screen filter for eyes.

If you want to see the results then we suggest you try Iris once and we assure you that you will love the results.


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