Why red green Colorblind individuals are more common?

Normally the color blindness is a genetic condition.

The green, blue and red color blindness is usually passed down from the parents.

The gene which is in charge for the state is carried on the X chromosome and this is the grounds why many more men are affected from this problem as compare to women.

There are many reasons of this problem.

There are some interesting facts from which the people are not completely familiar, these are as follows:

  1. The color blindness is not gender blind, in fact it is much more frequent among men. The problem affects 1 in every 12 males in this country.
  2. In correct color blindness facts, the people are color blind only if they see just gray and black shades. This is however very rare in reality. The more common condition state of color deficiency is color vision deficiency. In this state, the greens and reds can look confusing.
  3. Mostly this problem is hereditary. It is usually passed from mother to son on the 23rd chromosome. Though, it can also be caused by different eye diseases, retina damage or aging.
  4. The cats, rabbits, and dogs see things mostly in gray color. On the other hand, the monkeys have strong color vision whereas butterflies and bees have greater vision and can see colors clearly which human beings can’t even see.

Normally the effects of color vision deficiency can be soft, moderate or ruthless depending upon the deficiency.

If someone is suffering from inherited color blindness then their condition will stay the same all through their life, it won’t get any healthier or worse.

Why red-green colorblind

Generally, there are three types of cone cells and each kind has a different sensitivity and compassion to beam wavelengths.

One kind of cone perceives blue light, while another perceives green and the third one perceives red shade.

When someone looks at an object, the light enters into their eye and arouses the cone cells.

The brain in this state interprets the signals from the cones cells so that one can easily see the color of the item.

The green, blue and red cones all work together allowing people to see the whole variety of shades.

For example, in a case when the blue and red cones are simulated in a certain manner then one will see the purple color.

We can understand that you are tired being a colorblind and you want to see the colors just like the normal individuals.

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The accurate physical causes of color blindness are still being investigated but it is assumed that color blindness is by and large caused by flawed cones or sometimes by a mistake in the pathway from the cone to the brain.

The people with usual color vision have all the three types of cone or pathways working properly but color blindness takes place when one or more than one cone types are out of order.

For example, in case if the red cone is damaged then you won’t be able to see the colors containing red shades noticeably.

Most of the people with color blindness can’t differentiate the definite shades of green and red color.

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