Work out for your eyes

Do you feel constant discomfort in your eyes due to long hours of staying in front of a computer? If so, then you should work out for your eyes.

Did you know that you could improve your eyes’ health by doing several simple exercises? Even when you are at work?

Working on a computer or using your smartphone for too long damages your eyes.

It is due to the blue light that these devices’ displays give off.

Blue light is not on the light specter humankind is used to perceive by nature.

Humans live by the warm-colored kind of light that comes from the sun.

blue light

There is blue light in nature, too. But artificial blue light from computers causes damage to the eyes.

Like red eyes, eye strain, headaches, and even vision loss.

Here in this article, we are going to show you some easy eye exercises to help you improve your eyes’ health.

What is work out for eyes?

Human eyes are like muscles. If one doesn’t use them for a long time, they will grow weak.

While you are working for hours on your computer, you stare in one place for a long time.

This creates stress on your eyes. Eye exercises are a great way to relieve pain and dryness.

Each of the examples here is excellent for keeping the surface of your eyes well moisturized.

This is important because dryness is destructive for your vision.

Moreover, blue light makes you forget to blink, which is crucial for the well being of the eyes.

This is why blinking is the first exercise on our list you can do to work out for eyes.

Eye exercises:

1. Blink

Blinking is the most natural remedy for your eyes.

Frequent blinking for one minute is going to relieve that dryness you have been feeling during the whole day.

When you blink, you spread the tear fluids that your lacrimal glands produce all over the surface of the eye.

Tears clean and sharpen your vision, helping you to see better.

Without good moisture, your eyes are going to grow dry and red.

This is because the eyelids will scratch the sensitive surface of the eyes and make them hurt.

2. Look from side to side

After you finish with the one-minute of blinking, start looking slowly from right to left and vice versa.

Not only will you moisture a bigger part of your eyes but that way you will flex the stiff muscles.

Repeat that exercise with the same movements, but for up and down.

3. Look at far objects

Lots of people, and especially children, suffer from nearsightedness. This is due to that they spend most of their lives indoors.

And indoors they do tasks that do not need them to look farther than their hands outstretched.

Staring at that display the whole day is the same thing. If possible take a stroll outside in a park or look out of a window.

But if there isn’t such an opportunity, the opposite wall of the room will do fine.

Look for some minutes at different far objects. And for better flexibility of your eyes, you could try something else.

Like choosing a spot or a faraway object and one that is close to you.

Then change your focus from the one to the other. This exercise is going to help your longsightedness.

Another fine option is to put your thumb in front of your face and to focus only on it.

Then to start moving it farther and closer to your face without looking at something else, but your thumb.

4. Draw an eight

But if you do not want to look weird waving your thumb around in the office, try something else.

It could be drawing an imaginable eight or an infinity symbol in the air with your eyes.

This is another activity for both moisturizing your eyes and flexing them.

Yet, if this is not hard enough for you, draw your name with your eyes in the air. Trace every letter and repeat it several times.

5. Close eyes and rest

Sometimes eye problems can be solved with as little as closing your eyes for a minute or two. Let them rest.

If you do not feel productive during this activity, use the time to order the tasks you have to do during the day.

Or take a break from your work, meditate and charge yourself with some energy.

6. Look in the dark

Brightly lit spaces, especially with artificial light, are unhealthy to human eyes.

Sometimes even the sun is dangerous, this is why we wear sunglasses.

Artificial lightning bit by bit damages our eyes, but we cannot live without it.

The best way to oppose its damage is to spend some time without any lightning at all.

Turn the lights off, take a rest and spend some minutes staring in the dark.

Unlike animals, humans cannot see in the dark. Our eyes need light to perceive the world that surrounds us.

Looking in the dark is going to wake up the nerves of your eyes at the sudden lack of light.

7. Do a massage

Most of the time, stress that has gathered in the muscles around your eyes is guilty of the discomfort you feel.

And relieving it can happen with some minutes spent on massaging these areas. Usually, the affected muscles are:

  • At the base of the nose
  • Around the eyebrows
  • On your forehead and temples
  • At the upper side of the cheekbones

Other easy ways to preserve your vision

If you desire to be serious about eye care, there is more than just exercising.

First, you should think of the things that harm your eyes and then the ways to prevent this from happening.

One of the greatest causes of eye strain is blue light.

However, if your bread depends on your working in front of a computer all day, then there are few options for you.

One of them is to decrease the impact of the blue light.

You could do that by visiting a specialist and ask for special computer glasses.

This kind of glasses filters part of the blue light. They are constructed with special lenses and are only for computer use.

But there is a simpler way to block blue light without having to buy expensive glasses.

There is a thing called: a blue light filter for PCs and smartphones.

Iris is such a program. It is going to filter the light that comes out of your display like all computer glasses do.

It is even going to remind you to take a rest, during which you could do some of the work out for the eyes that we discussed above.

So, Iris and your eyes’ exercises are going to complete each other perfectly!

Last words

If not taken care of at the very beginning, a simple case of dry eyes could lead to damaging your vision and putting glasses on.

Doing work out for your eyes is definitely going to improve your eyes’ health.

The wellbeing of your eyes is of great importance to your productivity and health.

And with this article, we prove to you that taking care of your eyes is as easy as a blink!

Author: Yoana Borisova

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