Iris mini 0.2.7 SFX for Windows

Download “Iris-mini-0.2.7-SFX-Windows” iris-mini-0.2.7-sfx.exe

SFX means Self-extracting archive.

This version of Iris mini is made as Self-extracting archive. Why?

Some users work on corporate PC and don’t have admin rights to install Iris mini.

SFX is one way. From now the Iris mini installer will also work without admin rights and will write the changes to AppData, but I made this version as alternative. Generally you don’t need it, but with this version you can choose the install location.

With the new Iris mini installer the install location will be fixed for all users in order to avoid confusion, because regular users can’t install apps to Program Files and you will get error if you are not running the installer as Admin.


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