Software for Blue light and PWM protection

HiWho am I and a little about the creation of Iris

Hi, My name is Daniel.ย I’m 22 years old programmer from the small country of Bulgaria and I’m the creator of Iris. I was born in 1995 in Sofia, Bulgaria (This is in Europe) and spend the first 17 years of my life trying to become an Olympic athlete. As you can guess I failed at this, but whatever I have … Read More

The story of Irisand Why I created it in the first place

How Iris come to life? Back in 2015, I was working as a programmer and I had huge eye problems. I put glassesย for the first time in my life and I was using eye drops let’s say constantly. My eye doctor exam was the tipping point and I decided to fix my vision. I started to read every article and … Read More

How Blue light Destroyed our Sleep?and What to do about this

Millions of years ago people lived in sync with nature. Yes, they were dying somehow every day from fever, but life was good, sort of. When we lived in caves we didn’t have light bulbs and this somehow helped our circadian clocks to stay on track with the natural day and night cycles of the Sun. People orientedย if it’s day … Read More

How ะœonitors Destroyed our Eyes?and What to do about this

The interesting thing about monitors is that they should be like the Sun. The second interesting thing about monitors is that they should be like a lightbulb. They failed at both of this… Monitors Monitors are like the Sun. They emit all colors of the rainbow but as you can guess it’s probably not so normal to look at the … Read More

Introductionand Why more than 1 million people use Iris

Iris is the tool which billionaires, entrepreneurs, performance athletes, bodybuilders and olympic champions use on their computers. Iris is the modern equivalent of supplement for your eyes. It will remove the blue light from your screen at night, control your screen brightness without PWM, help you to sleep better and feel less eye strain. The project was started in 2015 … Read More

ModelsIris, Iris mini, Iris micro, etc.

Iris At the beginning Iris was free then I make it freemium and then paid with a free trial. You can still find the freemium Iris from here: Free Iris for Windows Free Iris for macOS Other Builds It’s not as great as the latest versions but it still works and it’s free ๐Ÿ™‚ The standard Iris is easy to … Read More

Break ReminderWhy to take regular breaks and how Iris reminds you

Why to take regular breaks? Staring at a computer monitor for hours on end has become a part of the modern workday. And inevitably, all of that staring can put a real strain on your eyes. The name for eye problems caused by computer use is Computer vision syndrome (CVS). CVS is not one specific eye problem. Instead, the term … Read More

Brightnessand Why your monitor flickers

Introduction Monitors have been flickering for many years. A CRT monitor basically created its picture with flicker and if you found it uncomfortable to sit in front of a CRT monitor, you were not alone. But it can also happen on modern PC monitors. We are not talking about visible flicker as in a defective monitor, but โ€œinvisibleโ€ flicker that … Read More

Color Temperatureand Why your monitor is bad for your sleep

Introduction Most of you probably have a little idea how the eye works. The retina contains two types of photoreceptors, rods and cones. The rods are more numerous, some 120 million, and are more sensitive than the cones. However, they are not sensitive to color. The 6 to 7 million cones provide the eye’s color sensitivity and they are much … Read More

Color inversionand How you can have black theme on everything

Why Color inversion? I am a night owl and one night I was reading articles in one super white website. It was a huge strain for my eyes. Even with Iris, with the blue light reduction and with the low brightness it was still bad for my eyes. The idea came to my mind. I just want to make the … Read More

Blink Detectionand Why you should blink more

Why Do We Blink? In reality, the proverbial “blink of an eye” lasts only a tenth of a second, but that’s all the time needed to clear away dust particles and spread lubricating fluids across the eyeball. Every time you blink, your eyelids spread a cocktail of oils and mucoussecretions across the surface of the eye to keep your globes … Read More

Fontsand Why there is no best way to render fonts.

Introduction I spend the last couple of months researching and studying fonts technology. In this article I will present the things I learned about fonts, what fonts are best for our eyes and why. Different font renderings packed with Iris. Click to enlarge. Shortly While reading on the computer try to avoid serif fonts. Times New Roman is common serif … Read More

Shortcutsand How to use Iris faster

There are some shortcuts embedded in Iris for faster changing of some things. At the moment they are preset and not customizable, but this will be changed in the future. Here I will just list the current Iris shortcuts. Ctrl+Alt+โ†‘ Increase the Color Temperature by 500K. The key is called Up Arrow and it’s located next to the Num pad. … Read More

Yawningand How to produce more tears

At first I was thinking that frequent blinking is the ultimate tool to moistureย my eyes, but as I was reading more and more about the eyes I started to understand that Yawning will be actually better. In this article I will try to explain Why yawning and will propose some solutions for yawning reminding. I personally think that yawning reminding … Read More

Backlightand the Iris hardware for eye protection

Backlight is ambilight system for eye protection that I plan to make for Iris. I will to Kickstarter or something. If somebody wants I can make also a tutorial for DIY. At the momment it just uses LED strip and Arduino. The idea is that by making constant illumination we will reduce the time for the eye muscles to respond … Read More

E-inkand How to use your Kindle as Monitor

This is tutorial about how to use your Kindle as Monitor. Obviously it doesn’t matter what software I can create the best monitors for eye health are E-ink. They are bad for watching movies or playing games, but for eye health they just don’t have comparison. With this article I will help you with the process to your Kindle into … Read More

Glossy or Matte Displayand Why glare is bad


Color Therapy

Color Psychology: The Color White purity innocence cleanliness sense of space neutrality mourning (in some cultures/societies) Color Psychology: The Color Black authority power strength evil intelligence thinning / slimming death or mourning Color Psychology: The Color Gray neutral timeless practical Color Psychology: The Color Red love romance gentle warmth comfort energy excitement intensity life blood Color Psychology: The Color Orange … Read More

Licensingand Which license to choose

If I don’t like Iris will I get a refund? Yes, we have a company rule to always refund money if somebody is unhappy with Iris. We will also probably delete the activation code since it’s not fair if you like and use Iris but want a refund. I tried to summarize all questions related to your buying protection at … Read More

Roadmapand the First version of Iris

You can trace the beginning of Iris to Mar 8, 2015 when I made the first version with installer. I am sure there are versions before this, but I was promoting it with giving USB stickย to some people and basically breaking their computers, because there was nothing working. This is how Iris 0.0.0 looked like It’s so ugly, but it … Read More

Affiliatesand How to make money by promoting Iris

Iris affiliate program is awesome. You get % from the sales you reffer to the Iris website. For more info see this page

Reviewsand What others say about Iris

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CreditsTo all the people who have helped me along the way

You can’t achieve anything alone. This is true in life, in business, in sports and in everything. This page is not for Iris and it’s not for me. It’s for all the people that I met in my life and to all the people who have helped me along the way. Iris started as a student project for one competition … Read More