HiWho am I and a little about the creation of Iris

Hi, My name is Daniel. I’m 22 years old programmer from the small country of Bulgaria and I’m the creator of Iris. I was born in 1995 in Sofia, Bulgaria (This is in Europe) and spend the first 17 years of my life trying to become an Olympic athlete. As you can guess I failed at this, but whatever I have … Read More

The story of Irisand Why I created it in the first place

How Iris come to life? Back in 2015, I was working as a programmer and I had huge eye problems. I put glasses for the first time in my life and I was using eye drops let’s say constantly. My eye doctor exam was the tipping point and I decided to fix my vision. I started to read every article and … Read More

How Blue light Destroyed our Sleep?and What to do about this

Millions of years ago people lived in sync with nature. Yes, they were dying somehow every day from fever, but life was good, sort of. When we lived in caves we didn’t have light bulbs and this somehow helped our circadian clocks to stay on track with the natural day and night cycles of the Sun. People oriented if it’s day … Read More

How Мonitors Destroyed our Eyes?and What to do about this

The interesting thing about monitors is that they should be like the Sun. The second interesting thing about monitors is that they should be like a lightbulb. They failed at both of this… Monitors Monitors are like the Sun. They emit all colors of the rainbow but as you can guess it’s probably not so normal to look at the … Read More

Introductionand Why more than 1 million people use Iris

Iris is the tool which billionaires, entrepreneurs, performance athletes, bodybuilders and olympic champions use on their computers. Iris is the modern equivalent of supplement for your eyes. It will remove the blue light from your screen at night, control your screen brightness without PWM, help you to sleep better and feel less eye strain. The project was started in 2015 … Read More

Why we created Iris, how it makes you healthy and what Iris actually is

Why I created Iris? When I was young my vision was perfect, but as a programmer I was sitting for more than 10 hours per day in front of computer. Not short after that I started to experience huge eye pain and strain. I even got glasses for the first time in my life. It was time for a change. I … Read More

ModelsIris, Iris mini, Iris micro, etc.

Iris At the beginning Iris was free then I make it freemium and then paid with a free trial. You can still find the freemium Iris from here: Free Iris for Windows Free Iris for macOS Other Builds It’s not as great as the latest versions but it still works and it’s free 🙂 The standard Iris is easy to … Read More

Regular breaks, productivity and eye health

Hello, This will be a post about benefits of regular breaks for productivity and eye health. As you know Iris has the feature for break reminding displaying you overlay at given periods of time or a small window for productivity. In this first revision of this document let’s get back in time. In the mid-1920s, an executive in Michigan studying … Read More

Break ReminderWhy to take regular breaks and how Iris reminds you

Why to take regular breaks? Staring at a computer monitor for hours on end has become a part of the modern workday. And inevitably, all of that staring can put a real strain on your eyes. The name for eye problems caused by computer use is Computer vision syndrome (CVS). CVS is not one specific eye problem. Instead, the term … Read More

Foods For Eye Protection

In this article show you some foods for eye protection and better eyesight. Kale, Spinach And Collards Lutein and zeaxanthin are antioxidants that protect and maintain healthy cells – and they’re abundant in these dark vegetables. They act like “internal sunglasses” that can “filter harmful blue waves.” Another bonus is that these vegetables are also high in vitamin A, which is good … Read More

Why Times New Roman Sucks?

Times New Roman may be your default font, but onscreen its curvy design with tiny tails on the ends of letters, called serifs, may slow word recognition and force you to stare harder and longer, contributing to eye fatigue. Fonts like Arial and Verdana, which have more space between letters, can make words appear crisper and easier to read from … Read More

Clean Your Screens

Anytime we view an image up close, our eyes have to cross inward to bring it into focus. When screens are covered with fingerprint smudges, dust, and dirt, focusing becomes even more difficult and, over time, can strain eyes and lead to chronic headaches. Wipe your most-used screens daily with a microfiber cloth to get rid of grime.

Color and Font Choices for Eye protection

The human eye is an amazing machine. Through tiny cells called cones, our eyes are able to see about 10 million different colors. But not all colors are created equal, and some are just too difficult to look at as they can cause headaches, high blood pressure, and eye strain. With the increase in time spent in front of our … Read More


FontFocus white paper Introduction Many people spend hours a day looking at text on their desktop, laptop, and handheld computer screens, fueling a demand for the highest possible quality text rendering. There are three primary axes to evaluate text rendering quality: contrast of the glyph renderings, fidelity to the original forms, and evenness of spacing. Until now, font rendering implementors … Read More

Fonts ArticleArticle fonts

Hi, I finally finished the Article about fonts. There is a lot of info that I collected the last several months. Different font renderings are now packed with Iris and you can switch them easily 🙂 You can find the Article here:

Brightnessand Why your monitor flickers

Introduction Monitors have been flickering for many years. A CRT monitor basically created its picture with flicker and if you found it uncomfortable to sit in front of a CRT monitor, you were not alone. But it can also happen on modern PC monitors. We are not talking about visible flicker as in a defective monitor, but “invisible” flicker that … Read More

Flicker free monitors

Quick Index Introduction Flicker Free Database Hybrid Backlight Dimming Other Honourable Mentions Please note: There has been a massive surge in the focus on ‘flicker-free’ monitors from many manufacturers since this list was first introduced on TFTCentral. As a result, the list is almost certainly not exhaustive. We will try to keep it updated for now, but at some point … Read More

Top Laptop PWM Ranking (Rated by negative impact on eyesight)

Users should pay a lot more attention to PWM, or Pulse-Width Modulation, when buying a new laptop. Why? Because many of us work with our computers for hours every day, and PWM is one of the things that have negative impact on our eyesight. Pulse Width modulation (PWM) is an easy way to control monitor brightness. When you lower the … Read More

Colors and Color Psychology – Do You See What I See?Awesome Movie about Colors

Evolution – How Eyes Evolvedand the story of our eyes

Color Temperatureand Why your monitor is bad for your sleep

Introduction Most of you probably have a little idea how the eye works. The retina contains two types of photoreceptors, rods and cones. The rods are more numerous, some 120 million, and are more sensitive than the cones. However, they are not sensitive to color. The 6 to 7 million cones provide the eye’s color sensitivity and they are much … Read More

Color inversionand How you can have black theme on everything

Why Color inversion? I am a night owl and one night I was reading articles in one super white website. It was a huge strain for my eyes. Even with Iris, with the blue light reduction and with the low brightness it was still bad for my eyes. The idea came to my mind. I just want to make the … Read More

Blink Detectionand Why you should blink more

Why Do We Blink? In reality, the proverbial “blink of an eye” lasts only a tenth of a second, but that’s all the time needed to clear away dust particles and spread lubricating fluids across the eyeball. Every time you blink, your eyelids spread a cocktail of oils and mucoussecretions across the surface of the eye to keep your globes … Read More

Fontsand Why there is no best way to render fonts.

Introduction I spend the last couple of months researching and studying fonts technology. In this article I will present the things I learned about fonts, what fonts are best for our eyes and why. Different font renderings packed with Iris. Click to enlarge. Shortly While reading on the computer try to avoid serif fonts. Times New Roman is common serif … Read More

Shortcutsand How to use Iris faster

There are some shortcuts embedded in Iris for faster changing of some things. At the moment they are preset and not customizable, but this will be changed in the future. Here I will just list the current Iris shortcuts. Ctrl+Alt+↑ Increase the Color Temperature by 500K. The key is called Up Arrow and it’s located next to the Num pad. … Read More

Yawningand How to produce more tears

At first I was thinking that frequent blinking is the ultimate tool to moisture my eyes, but as I was reading more and more about the eyes I started to understand that Yawning will be actually better. In this article I will try to explain Why yawning and will propose some solutions for yawning reminding. I personally think that yawning reminding … Read More

Jailbreak Kindle

The first thing that we need to do to get your Kindle as Monitor is to Jailbreak it. You will need your Kindle, USB cable and your PC. You need to know your Kindle model and go to the corresponding article. I will provide picture for the different models, but if you are still unsure here is read How to … Read More

How to find your Kindle model

This is article about how to find your Kindle model from the serial number of your device. The easiest way to find it is in the Settings page/menu on your Kindle On that page, you should find either an entry or a menu called Device Info, which will give you the serial number If you don’t have the device on hand at … Read More

Install USB Network on your Kindle

We need Kindle USB Network hack to be able to use our Kindle from the Internet. If your case we will just connect to it from our computer via Telnet. If this words doesn’t make sense to you don’t worry. I’m the person who needs to understand this. Imagine that USB Network will enable us to stream the image from … Read More

Install Kindle VNC Viewer on your Kindle

With USB Networking installed (but not yet active), connect the your Kindle to your computer again, mounting it as a USB storage device. Unzip Drag the kindlevncviewer folder into the root folder of the Kindle. This was the last step of installing hacks on your Kindle. You can now Activate and Deactivate Kindle USB Network to access your Kindle … Read More

You are now ready to start USB networking on your Kindle. If the e-reader is still connected to the PC, disconnect it and navigate to its home screen. Next, show the Kindle keyboard. A prompt will appear. Type ;debugOn and press Return. Note the semicolon at the beginning of the command ; Type `usbNetwork and press Return. This command starts with a … Read More

Install and Configure TightVNC Server on your PC

Download TightVNC from You’re done with the Kindle, and now it is time to set things up on the PC. First, install TightVNC and run the TightVNC Server application. Next, right-click the TightVNC system tray icon, and open the Configuration menu. Change the ‘Main server port’ to 5901, and uncheck the Require VNC authenticationoption. Click Apply or OK, and then … Read More

Configure Networking on your PC

When you connect your Kindle now, Windows will not mount it as a USB storage device. Instead, Windows will install a new device driver for it. This process takes a moment, but does not require any intervention on your part. Simply wait until you see ‘Ready to use’ pop up on the screen. When that appears, it is time to configure … Read More

Establish a Telnet Connection

Download PuTTY Now you have to connect to the Kindle from the computer, and control it via Telnet. Run the PuTTY application (or your Telnet app of choice) and set up a new connection. Since this will be a Telnet connection, select Telnet under connection type (instead of SSH, which is the default). You want to connect to (which … Read More

Start VNC Viewer on your Kindle

To whip your Kindle into shape as an auxillary PC display, tap the Kindle’s aA button and reorient the screen so that it is horizontal (like your computer monitor). Make sure that TightVNC Server is still running on the computer – you will be connecting to it in a moment. Using your Telnet client (PuTTY or your app of choice), … Read More

The Brain’s Navigational Place and Grid Cell System

[pdf-embedder url=””]

A scientific study on the effects of Ambilight in flat-panel displaysProf. Dr. Ir. S.H.A. Begemann , Technische Universiteit Eindhoven ( Tue), Netherlands – July 22, 2005

[pdf-embedder url=””]

The Significance of Letter Position in Word RecognitionPhD Thesis, 1976, Nottingham University, by Graham Rawlinson

A Summary This summary is supplied by Graham Rawlinson on the trust that people will use it wisely and accurately. I hope people will include a quote of my book, How to Invent (Almost) Anything, my latest Thesis, published by Spiro Press, 2003. The Purpose It is always easy to state a purpose after the event. Key drivers for me … Read More

Backlightand the Iris hardware for eye protection

Backlight is ambilight system for eye protection that I plan to make for Iris. I will to Kickstarter or something. If somebody wants I can make also a tutorial for DIY. At the momment it just uses LED strip and Arduino. The idea is that by making constant illumination we will reduce the time for the eye muscles to respond … Read More

E-inkand How to use your Kindle as Monitor

This is tutorial about how to use your Kindle as Monitor. Obviously it doesn’t matter what software I can create the best monitors for eye health are E-ink. They are bad for watching movies or playing games, but for eye health they just don’t have comparison. With this article I will help you with the process to your Kindle into … Read More

Glossy or Matte Displayand Why glare is bad


Color Therapy

Color Psychology: The Color White purity innocence cleanliness sense of space neutrality mourning (in some cultures/societies) Color Psychology: The Color Black authority power strength evil intelligence thinning / slimming death or mourning Color Psychology: The Color Gray neutral timeless practical Color Psychology: The Color Red love romance gentle warmth comfort energy excitement intensity life blood Color Psychology: The Color Orange … Read More

Licensingand Which license to choose

If I don’t like Iris will I get a refund? Yes, we have a company rule to always refund money if somebody is unhappy with Iris. We will also probably delete the activation code since it’s not fair if you like and use Iris but want a refund. I tried to summarize all questions related to your buying protection at … Read More

Roadmapand the First version of Iris

You can trace the beginning of Iris to Mar 8, 2015 when I made the first version with installer. I am sure there are versions before this, but I was promoting it with giving USB stick to some people and basically breaking their computers, because there was nothing working. This is how Iris 0.0.0 looked like It’s so ugly, but it … Read More

Affiliatesand How to make money by promoting Iris

Iris affiliate program is awesome. You get % from the sales you reffer to the Iris website.[svtimeline][/svtimeline] For more info see this page

Reviewsand What others say about Iris

Links to resources and people who mentioned Iris Ben Greenfield   Dr. Mercola Jamie G Ward Glarminy Podcasts Softpedia Product Hunt TaiMienPhi

CreditsTo all the people who have helped me along the way

You can’t achieve anything alone. This is true in life, in business, in sports and in everything. This page is not for Iris and it’s not for me. It’s for all the people that I met in my life and to all the people who have helped me along the way. Iris started as a student project for one competition … Read More

Bigger, Brighter, Bluer-Better? Current light-emitting devices – adverse sleep properties and preventative strategies

1Department of Children’s Sleep Medicine, Evelina London Children’s Sleep Medicine and King’s College London, St Thomas’ Hospital, London, UK 2Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK Objective: In an effort to enhance the efficiency, brightness, and contrast of light-emitting (LE) devices during the day, displays often generate substantial short-wavelength (blue-enriched) light emissions that can adversely affect … Read More

F.lux 3 Review (Windows)

I’m still in the process of writing this article 🙂

Macular Pigment

  Macular pigment is comprised of Zeaxanthin and Lutein, which are found in the center of the macula (fovea) at a natural 2:1 ratio. MPOD (Macular Pigment Optical Density) is important for three specific reasons: 1. Low macular pigment is a key risk factor for Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of significant vision loss over age 55 2. … Read More

F.lux 4 beta Review (Windows)

The popular software for blue light reduction f.lux alternative to Iris has new major version with lots of new features and improvements. The new version is v4 and it’s a major improvement over the several year old version v3. The goal of this post is to review all this new and exciting features. You can download the f.lux beta version … Read More

Circadian system Phase and Amplitude

Phase Most people think of the circadian system ONLY in terms of phase – e.g., we would call a night owl “phase delayed” and an early bird “phase advanced”. This means that their internal clock is offset from the solar time by a certain amount. So when you are a night owl who wants to wake up earlier, you want … Read More


On the one hand, light comes from the sun or other radiant sources, and is refracted by mediums (water, the atmosphere, glass) and diffusely or specularly reflected by surfaces. On the other hand, color isn’t out there in the world in the same tangible way that light is. Rather color is part of how we sense the world around us. … Read More


Color mapping experiments: what the average human sees In the late 1920s William David Wright and John Guild independently conducted a series of color matching experiments that mapped out all the colors the average human (meaning the average of the humans in the experiments) can see. In 1931 color scientists used the results of the Wright and Guild experiments to … Read More

How Iris reduces PWM flicker?Medium size explanation

How modern monitors work? All monitor have some kind of flicker rate. This is normal, because the way semiconductors work requires them to turn ON and OFF in order to work properly. Every modern display uses some kind of LED, OLED, LCD and every other monitor technology used today. The only way to completely eliminate the flicker from your electronic … Read More

How Iris reduces PWM flicker?Short explanation

Modern monitors use PWM to control the brightness of the screen. This is not problem at maximum brightness, but at low brightness it causes eye pain. Iris is fixing this by controlling the brightness with the video card and by changing the white point of the monitor. This ensures that your backlight is at high frequency even at low brightness … Read More

Night light Review (Windows)

Night light is the Microsoft blue light reduction feature. It comes built-in into Windows 10 Creators update. It was also available in the Windows 10 Insider preview before also. Night light is not available for Windows 7. If you want to use something similar to Night light on Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP, you can use Iris. If … Read More

Dark mode Review (Windows)

  In addition to Night Light you can also enable Dark mode or the Windows 10 Dark theme. The Settings application itself will immediately turn dark, as will many other “Universal Windows Platform” applications. However, it’s up to each developer to support the dark theme, and some applications will continue using their normal colors. This option also doesn’t affect desktop … Read More

SunsetScreen Review (Windows)

SunsetScreen is software for blue light reduction. Made by Daniel White in 2015 SunsetScreen is similar to f.lux, Redshift, Night Shift and to Iris blue light feature. Something which makes SunsetScreen better than f.lux is the ability to set custom night duration by time rather than location and the ability to set day and night brightness aside from color temperature … Read More

What is the best Color temperature?and What value reduces the most Blue light

A lot of users asked me what is the best value of Iris for blue light reduction. Well in this article I’m going to look at exactly this with measurements. This will be helpfull for users of other software products like f.lux, Redshift, SunsetScreen, Night Shift and Night Light. The Android Twilight and Night mode use different algorithms than Color … Read More

Night Shift Review (macOS)

Night Shift is the Apple native integrated blue light reduction feature. Night Shift was first introduced on March 21, 2016 as part of the iOS 9.3. 1 year after Night Shift first arrived for iPhone on Mar 27, 2017 Apple finally added it also to Mac OSX or as now is called macOS. The goal of this review is to show you how … Read More

Optical illusionsand How our brain trick our eyes

Optical Illusions can use color, light and patterns to create images that can be deceptive or misleading to our brains. The information gathered by the eye is processed by the brain, creating a perception that in reality, does not match the true image. Perception refers to the interpretation of what we take in through our eyes. Optical illusions occur because … Read More

Eye evolution timelineHow eyes have evolved

The origins of vision is a widely debated subject, since genetic relationships between early animals capable of sight are inconsistent. A team of researchers has conducted an extensive computer analysis that tests every proposed hypothesis on the origin of vision to date, and found a common ancestor dating from 700 million years ago. Their findings suggest vision evolved much earlier … Read More

How Iris reduces eye pain?


How to Sleep Better?

Sleep is a vital indicator of overall health and well-being. We spend up to one-third of our lives asleep, and the overall state of our sleep health remains an essential question throughout our lifespan. Most of us know that getting a good night’s sleep is important, but too few of us actually make those eight or so hours between the … Read More

How to Protect your Eyes?


How Iris reduces Blue light?

How modern monitors work? Monitors emit all colors of the rainbow, but they don’t emit full spectrum sunlight which is bad. Everyone agrees that staying outside on a sunny day helps our health, but this is not the case when we sit in front of the computer. Monitors today are made from semiconductors called diodes which contain 3 subpixels emitting … Read More

Test how much Blue light is blocked

        At 1900K Iris blocks all blue light Video Iris with Groot Color Scheme and 0K (only blue light removed without green)

Iris Iris Iris

Welcome to Iris! There is Iris here There is Iris there And basically everywhere. Say Iris, Iris, Iris, Iris everywhere. Protect your eyes, For every size You get a sweet surprise. With Iris, you can sleep like kid, And everyone will ask you what you did.

Best alternative to f.lux

F.lux is a popular blue light filter program, but I personally hated several things about this program. When I started to have eye problems in 2015 I wanted to be able to manually control the blue light of my screen. I found f.lux while reading one article about how to feel less eye strain, but what I didn’t like about … Read More

How to Protect eyes from computer screen?

Computer screens damage our eyes. Even you are not an expert in eye health you know that when you use your computer you feel more eye pain and eye strain. You may get dry eyes, red eyes or headaches when you use your computer screen for longer periods of time. In this article, I’m going to propose you several different … Read More

Macular Degeneration Protection with Iris

Protection of your eyes is an important gesture towards your body. It is about how you view the world with your eyes. An affected eye with lenses or glasses can never replace the satisfaction and ease of the naked eye. These days eye related issues are getting severe with each passing day. Here, at Iris, we provide complete protection and … Read More

What is the best Computer App?

Millions of different programs exist for PC but what is the best computer app. This is the question many of us have, but with no clear answer yet. In this article, I will present to you, Iris. The best and most useful computer app created ever in my opinion. What do you need a computer to do? What do we … Read More

Protect your eyes from negative effects of Blue Light

In a recent research, it has been found that most of the people are suffering from eye pain or lack of sleep. We often blame stress and anxiety for insomnia but our technological gadget is also a reason behind it. A blue light is emitted from the screen of the gadgets that are harmful to the eyes. Looking at the … Read More

Glaucoma Protection with Iris

Whether you are a businessman, a student, a housewife or someone belonging to a different field, you come across many jobs and tasks which require you to use a screen. By screen, we mean laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. This screening has given birth to many disorders such as macular degeneration and glaucoma. We don’t realize, but gradually the harmful … Read More


Definition of Glaucoma Glaucoma is an eye disorder in which the intraocular pressure increases and the optic nerve is damaged resulting in loss of vision is called Glaucoma. What is Glaucoma? Talk about the most dangerous eye affecting disorders and you will find Glaucoma at the top of the list. Glaucoma is a disorder in which the optic nerve of … Read More

Blue light filter and Night mode

We sit in front of the computer for 8 or more hours during the day. And yes, a lot of people use their computers during the night too. But as you can imagine, this artificial light does come with its own set of challenges, and in time it can damage your sight. This is why you need to find an … Read More

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)and How can I prevent it?

Computer Vision Syndrome Definition All the disorders related to eyes fall under the category of Computer Vision Syndrome. It does not involve a single condition. In fact, it is a collection of a wide range of problems including blurred vision, eye strains, headaches, etc. What is Computer Vision Syndrome? The modern times, in which we are living, are moving towards … Read More

Glaucoma Treatment

If we talk about eye health then disorders like Glaucoma are found to be very common these days. We usually don’t take initiatives towards our eye protection unless the situation worsens, practically leaving an individual blind. We are living in those times where not only pollution but also digital devices, both are busy contributing damage to our eyes. We often … Read More

Cure for Wellness

Humankind has been completely changed and cure for wellness against technology is needed. We have become more social, yet we do not know that what is happening in the house that is next to us. There are millions of friends available on our social profiles, yet thousands of individuals are suffering from stress because they do not have anyone to … Read More

Blue Light Filter App

When you use computer technology daily, you run the risk of serious eye strain. One way to correct this problem is with a blue flight filter app for your computer. As you work, you may find that your eyes feel sore, they get tired easily, and you need to rest more often than you like. When your job requires that … Read More

Blue Light Filter Glasses

Computers are a big part of our lives, but they bring health problems that you might not even realize. One of the top problems we face when we use any sort of computer is eye strain. This strain on our eyes can be corrected with blue light filter glasses which do an excellent job at reducing eye strain and other … Read More

Blue Light Filter for Windows 10

In today’s world, we use computers all the time and spend countless hours looking at screens. We work hard on our computers and with all that work comes tremendous eye strain. If you suffer from eye strain, you need to take better care of your eyes. If you use Windows 10, you might want to look at a blue light … Read More

Blue Light Filter For Eye Care

If you have poor eyes due to too much time on the computer, you may be looking for blue light filter eye care solutions. Today, eye strain is a common problem that we often don’t think too much about. When you use a computer for extended periods without many breaks, you tend to get eye fatigue or even eye pain … Read More

Blue Light Screen Filter

If you suffer from computer eye strain, you may be looking for a blue light screen filter. In today’s world of high technology, we spend even more time than we may like on our computer screen. This intense screen time can cause eye strain and fatigue due to blue light. This light emitted from our computer screen tends to fatigue … Read More

What is Open-angle Glaucoma?

Glaucoma can be problematic and it’s also one of the causes of eyesight problems. But open-angle glaucoma is one of the most common types of glaucoma out there and it ends up coming and going all the time. As you get older, it does get worse though. How does Open-angle Glaucoma appear? Basically, you have fluid in the eyes and … Read More

What is Narrow-Angle Glaucoma?and Can it affect your eyes

Narrow-Angle Glaucoma is one of those eye-related problems that can stick with you for a very long time. However, this type of glaucoma is actually very rare, and it’s different when compared to the open angle glaucoma. The thing you have to note here is that the eye pressure ends up getting high very fast. This can indeed happen at … Read More

Swollen Eyelids

Swollen Eyelids Definition The presence of edema (excessive fluid) in the connective tissues of optical region leads to the formation of swollen eyelids. Swollen eyelids are also caused due to inflammation of the connective tissues that surround the eyes sockets. Long-term swollen eyelids can be excruciating, and they need to be treated by a professional. What are Swollen Eyelids? The … Read More

Supplement for Eye Health

Digital screens are everywhere Look around yourself and observe that to what extent your eyes are exposed to screens. Go through every business and have a look at the pace of world with every angle, you will find digital screens in more than expected forms. If you are an office going person you work from nine to five, or maybe … Read More

Red eye treatment

You don’t have to suffer the red eye if you can help it. Majority of people have experienced red eyes at some point. A condition best described as red, inflamed eyes. The appearance of red eye varies in severity from a bright pink to a deep red. The symptoms are typically short-lived but very annoying, although not usually considered dangerous. Little wonder then that the … Read More

Anti-Blue Light Glasses

A new trend that is on the rise for anyone who is into technology or anyone who uses screens for work or excessively in their free time, which includes pretty much everyone, is the trend of anti-blue light glasses. You might have heard of these before, but you may not know exactly why they are becoming so popular, or what … Read More

Blue Light Blocker

A new hot topic for anyone into health and technology is the issue of blue light and the effects it can have on the human eye and sleep patterns. So, what is this blue light that everyone is talking about? And why is it so bad for you? What is Blue light? The blue light being discussed here is the … Read More

Blue Light Filter for Laptop

Looking for a blue light filter for laptop? If you’re looking for a good blue light filter so your computer laptop screen is easier on your eyes you have several options. Blue light can damage your eyes and you need to protect your eyes if you do a lot of computer work. Here’s what to look for before you buy … Read More

Blue Light Filter for Mac

Are you looking for a blue light filter program for mac to help filter blue light from your computer? Blue light can cause eye strain, eye pain, and can make it difficult to use your computer as your eyes are always tired. A good blue light filter can prevent this from happening. Here’s what you need to know about these filters … Read More

Blue Light Filter Pro

Are you looking for a blue light filter pro piece of software to filter blue light from your computer? There are many different blue light programs that you can buy to filter blue light. Here’s what you should look for before you buy. Buy Something that Works with Your Operating System Not all blue light program will work with every … Read More

Screen Filters That Block Blue Light

In recent years we have been concentrating on and learning more about the importance of a good sleep cycle. Many studies have shown that an irregular cycle or lack of sleep could lead to many negative side effects including weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease. One of the reasons that this is becoming such an important topic is because of … Read More

Blue Light Filter for Windows

Looking for a blue light filter windows solution? There are several ways you can protect yourself from blue light. Your computer screen emits blue light, and this can be harmful to your health. You may get headaches, eye strain, or even have painful eyes if you spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen each day. Here’s what … Read More

Blue Light Filter Monitor

Blue light is something that is becoming more and more important to consider when thinking about our health and our use of technology. Most of us use screens a little too much these days, keeping ourselves up a night and disrupting our natural sleep cycles by reading articles and checking emails before bed. The effect that blue lights have on … Read More

Blue Light and Sleep

You may have heard some hype recently about the ‘dangers’ of blue light and what it can do to your sleeping patterns. Blue light is not immediately dangerous however it can cause some problems with regards to our eyes and our sleeping patterns. But why is blue light so bad? And what can it do to damage your sleeping patterns? … Read More

What Is Blue Light Filter?

You may be wondering what blue light is and what is a blue light filter. I will explain this to you, so you understand what a blue light filter does and how it can help you. All About Blue Light Blue light is produced by the computer monitor and all computers produce it. All light is made up of electromagnetic … Read More

Blue Light Filter for Windows 7

Digital eye strain is something that people are generally becoming more and more concerned with. Blue light is something that is concerning more people and has been developing a lot of study in. Blue light filter apps are becoming more popular with those of us who use technology every day and we are starting to see the benefits of reducing … Read More

Best Blue Light Filter For Windows

The blue lights that are emitted through our phones, tablets, and desktop monitors can be very difficult for our eyes to work with. One reason for this is that the blue light imitates daylight hours, making it harder for us to get to sleep because our bodies still think it is daytime. This is one of the reasons you may … Read More

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Back in the 80’s blue light blocking glasses became extremely popular because of how they were able to clarify images. They were initially created for NASA due to their ability to protect astronauts from damage to their eyes because of how close they got to the suns UV rays. As well as blocking the UV rays the best blue light … Read More

Best Blue Light Filter App

You may have heard a lot lately about the evils of blue light. But what is everyone talking about? Well, most of the screens that we use have a lot of extra blue light. This can have two different effects on us, the first being that blue is the natural color of the sky in daylight and this can trick … Read More

Blue Light Filter Glasses

Screens are becoming more and more a part of our daily lives. Whether we are using computers and tablets at work, using phones and other devices to speak to family and friends, or using gaming computers and television screens to unwind in the evenings, we are constantly surrounded by screens these days. Because of this, ongoing research into the side effects … Read More

Blue Light Glasses

A number of studies have recently told us of the dangers of blue light, and the need to filter blue lights from our monitors and screen as much as possible. Not all blue light is damaging to us as obviously, the sky is blue, but this is one of the reasons that blue light can be confusing and be straining … Read More

Blue light Protection Glasses

Although blue light protection glasses became popular in the 80’s because of how everyday items can seem sharper without magnification, they have made a comeback over the past few years since new advantages have been found. Most of us know that we have to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays, but know nothing of how artificial blue light from … Read More

Pain in the back of eye

Eye pain is usually the worst kind of pain that anyone can suffer. Eye pain comes with different intensities and magnitudes. One very common and unbearable type is a pain in the back of the eye. What is it? Pain in the back of the eye is more like a pressure which appears to be sharply shooting from somewhere very … Read More

Pain around the Eye

Sometimes you suffer from pain around eyes. There is no particular timing or criteria for his condition. Sometimes after too much work and exhaustion, your eyes feel tired. The socket of your eye clearly feels hollow and throbbing pain becomes unbearable. What is it? Pain around the eye is a condition in which the eye socket often experiences minor irritation. … Read More

Eye pain and Redness

You must have come across a situation where one moment your eye is working perfectly and then suddenly you feel some itching and the chain continues going towards the worst ending up in a red puffy eye with serious eye pain. What is it? It is a condition in which eyes undergo irritation and become very itchy. The eyes become … Read More

Eye Pressure Pain

Has it ever occurred to you that you start feeling more than normal pressure on your eyes and it increases to a limit where your eyes start hurting? Well, that is a proper disease called Ocular Hypertension and this disease, if not treated on time can cause permanent vision loss. It is an undeniable fact that eyes are the most … Read More

Pain Above The Eye

It is an undeniable fact that eyes are the most sensitive part of the human body and even if a single nerve of the eye gets damaged, you will start facing different vision issues. Also, if some major nerve gets damaged then there are high chances that you can lose your vision permanently. A lot of people complain about the … Read More

Sharp Pain Behind The Eye

There are millions of people all around the who go through eye pain and other ocular problems. But only a few know about the reasons and causes of it. Today in this article we are going to jot down everything you need to know about sharp pain behind the eye because this type of pain is pretty common and if … Read More

Pain around Eye socket

  Eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the body and that is why it is important to keep them protected. We are not asking you to wear glasses all the time and don’t expose your eyes ever to light but there are some cautions that we all can take in order to keep our eyes in good … Read More

Eye muscle pain

This is a condition which is normally a condition of present times. It is very common among people of young age as well as those who are office going people. What is it? Eye muscle pain is a condition in which the muscles around, under and behind the eye experience severe pain giving the patient extreme exhausted look. Symptoms of … Read More

Reasons for eye pain

We all have experience sore eyes at some point. Sometimes the pain gets better on its own and sometimes you have to seek medical help to reduce the pain. There can be different reasons for this pain depending on the area and severance of the pain. In some cases, the pain can be mild while in some cases it can … Read More

How to treat Eye pain

Eyes are one of the most used body parts of the humans and it is very important to keep them in good health if you want to have a clear and strong vision. Eyes can easily get pain if they are used for a very long period of time. Even a strain can cause eye pain that take a day … Read More

Migraine Eye pain

Patients usually go to doctors with a complaint that only one side of their head is aching and there is severe pain in the eye of the same side it is rather a rare condition but if it begins to occur on a regular basis then it is very dangerous. What is it? It is a condition in which a … Read More

What causes Eye pain?

If you are among those unlucky victims who have experienced the worst condition of eye pain then you have come to the right place to further explore this condition. What is it? Eye pain is a condition in which the patient experiences a very sharp and stabbing pain radiating from either behind the eye or somewhere around the eye. This … Read More

Pain in One eye

Pain in one eye is a confusing situation for any patient. Since, eyes exist in a pair and work in collaboration with each other, pain in one eye appears as if both eyes are in pain. The patient is unable to judge properly whether both eyes are affected or only one. What is it? Pain in one eye is a … Read More

Pain with Eye movements

Many times eye specialists have received patients who complain of having pain in the eye when they move their eyeball. This is rather a very painful experience because it is impossible to not move your eyes. Whenever the eyes move, they feel a stinging sensation in their eyes which later transforms into a heavy pain. What is it? This is … Read More

Pain behind Eye and Headache

It is a very common condition now a day where people often feel a sharp stabbing pain behind their eye socket accompanied by a severe headache. This headache is bound to appear when eye strain gets out of hand. Sometimes, it appears all of a sudden otherwise, it is a slight eye pain which begins to pile up because of … Read More

Technology Effects on our Health

Digital screens are everywhere Look around yourself and observe that to what extent your eyes are exposed to screens. Go through every business and have a look at the pace of world with every angle, you will find digital screens in more than expected forms. If you are an office going person you work from nine to five, or maybe … Read More

Why is Blue Light bad for our Health?

Blue light constitutes one of the colors available in the visible light spectrum and can be seen by the human eye. Blue light has a wavelength of between 400−495 nm. This short length confers on blue light a high energy visibility status. The main source of blue light is from the Sun. With the recent advancements in technology, blue light … Read More

Can Pain behind Eye headache affect your Eye sight?

Headache pain is related to the eyesight of a person. A headache in a very critical condition may cause the unbearable of the muscles of the eyes. Whether pain behind eye headache affect the eyesight or not? It is a question which is important to discuss to find the answer to it. Headache pain can be felt in many parts … Read More

Effect of left Eye pain on your Health

  Pain is variable for different persons. Every person has felt the different severity of pain. It depends on the condition of the person. The pain in the temple area is due to the tension in the fiscal muscles. This leads to the pain in the eye. What is Pain in the Left eye? The pain in the left sight … Read More

Eye pain headache can reduce your Decision-making power

What is Eye pain headache? When you consider clinical depression, you likely consider feeling miserable and down for drawn-out stretches of time, losing your vitality and your enthusiasm for things you used to appreciate, dozing excessively or too little, or eating excessively or too little. In any case, other than these, despondency can really change your capacity to think. Eye … Read More

Home remedies for Pain behind right Eye

The remedies for torment and cerebral pain behind right eye are necessary to improve the health of the person. These remedies can improve the condition of a person a lot. Person of every age can apply these remedies. A person can also achieve a good health and relief by using the home remedies too. The home remedies play an important … Read More

How Blue light from gadgets increases Sharp pain in eye?

What is a Blue light? It is very important to know about the blue light. Any person who wants to study the effects of the blue light on the eyes of the person, he should know about the blue light that what is it? It is a very easy way to know about it.Every person can achieve a positive knowledge … Read More

How to Never Suffer from Headache and Eye pain again?

Iris and structure of the eye Iris is the part of the eye. The structure of the eye shows that it has an important role in the eye. The structure of the Iris in the eye shows that it will never let the eye to swell or to deeply affected by the harmful light of the external environment. Iris consists … Read More

Pain in Corner of the Eye can be a Symptom of Dangerous Diseases

  Almost everybody has had sore eyes sooner or later. Infrequently they show signs of improvement all alone however, they can likewise be an indication of something more genuine. Especially pain in corner of your eye can be disturbing but not always. The Facts Pain toward the corner of eyes can be the consequence of various diverse reasons: a remote … Read More

Is Pain behind left Eye associated with a Migraine?

Migraine and Eye pain Migraine is generally associated with a severe headaches. Different kinds of headaches are due to a migraine. Pain behind left eye is also due to the migraine. The pain due to migraine can occur on both sides of the head . Pain in the left eye may occur due to many reasons. To predict that if pain … Read More

Is Stabbing Eye Pain Dangerous?

Visual torment or stabbing eye pain may originate from various conditions in the eye or its region. An agony or cerebral pain behind the eye is frequently an indication of a more prominent issue. That being stated, the reason for the stabbing eye pain isn’t generally simple to decide and can be damn risky once in a while. The pain … Read More

Muscles related to pain in the Eye socket

The eye is very sensitive to light and other factors. It lacks the protections of skin, injury of eyes. The intensive pain of the eye is very  rare. The eye involved the behind cornea, central whites of the eye. Any infection is very cornea, iris and inflammation. Conjunctivitis, Keratitis, Scleritis, Neuritis, Blepharitis are the main causes of the treatment. Some … Read More

Permanent relief from Pain under The Eye

Eyes being the most sensitive part hold the topmost attention in getting treated if something goes wrong because ignorance can lead to serious problems so pain under eye should never be left unnoticed. Sore Eyes Sore eyes are a wide term comprising different eye condition under one heading. The eyes may feel as something is bothering it or they may … Read More

Tips to Reduce right Eye pain

What is right Eye pain? The right eye pain is a result of the affective approach of the nerve cells of the human body which detect some fault ion the part of the body and leads to a pain in that part of the body. The right eye pain is due to both internal and external factors. The internal factors … Read More

What causes Pain behind the Eye?

In spite of the fact that it is normal for individuals to experience the ill effects of an agony behind their eye, it can, in any case, be disturbing and additionally horrendously awkward. More often than not when somebody encounters torment behind your left eye it isn’t a difficult issue and try not to be excessively concerned unless you are … Read More

What is the difference between Pressure and Sinus Eye Pain

A remarkable pressure behind eyes doesn’t generally come from an issue inside the eyes. It more often begins in another area of your head. In spite of the fact that eye pathologies can cause eye pain as well as vision issues, they seldom cause pressure. Eye pathologies like pink eye, hypersensitivities can lead to eye torment, however not pressure. The … Read More

Why Eye pain causes Headache?

Headache is regularly felt in an assortment of spots on the head, including the sinuses, temple, and behind the eyes. Eye pain related to a migraine can be caused by a couple of various sorts of cerebral pains, and other apparently inconsequential conditions. Be that as it may, paying little mind to the reason, this kind of agony can be … Read More

Muscles related to Pain in the Eye socket

The eye is the most sensitive part of the human body. It easily gets affected by the surroundings no matter how hard you try to protect it. Eyes are exposed to sunlight, air, and other natural features. People are now opting for permanent medical treatments to get rid of their eye problems. However, the pain in the eye socket is … Read More

Home remedies for Pain behind right Eye

Home remedies are the most effective way of treating frequent ailments because an excessive use of the harmful medicines can cause even bigger problems in the body. Be it cancer or something very ordinary such as a headache, home remedies work the best without causing any disastrous side effects. Pain behind the right eye is commonly termed as a headache … Read More

Eye pain headache can Reduce your Decision-making power

Eye pain headache is usually referred to one of the side effects of heavy medication due to depression and other mental conditions. However, it has not been proved yet and needs to be confirmed before reaching any judgment. Suffering from a headache has numerous reasons which cannot be generalized because the causes might vary from person to person and their … Read More

Iris will never let you suffer from a Headache and Eye pain

A Headache and eye pain is a common condition of ailment. Especially nowadays, when there is an extreme level of exposure to the screen time which includes mobile, laptop, computer, and other gadgets. The fact that there is a need to perform the daily tasks by using these technology products cannot be neglected. However, some necessary measures can be taken … Read More

Is Pain behind left Eye associated with Migraine?

Headaches have become quite common nowadays due to the unhygienic atmosphere. Headaches have numerous kinds which can be differentiated and treated according to the individual symptoms. Some people get headaches quite often but not with an unbearable intensity. But the headaches which cause extreme pain in the head, neck, shoulder and behind one eye are the most destructive of all. … Read More

Tips to permanently cure Pain under Eye

Eyes are the most sensitive organ of our body which badly react to the unhygienic atmosphere. The windy weather or dusty surroundings can lead to severe eye injuries that cause severe pain under the eye. However, the pain may vary depending on the root cause and can be caused above and behind the eyes as well. Especially for people who … Read More

6 tips to reduce Right Eye Pain

Any sort of eye pain is immensely annoying and cause an extreme level of frustration in the patient’s personality. Most of the time, we are so lost in our own things that forget to shed a light on the countless blessings such as a perfectly operating eye without any kind of pain. This pleasant blessing of nature is only realized … Read More

What is the difference between Pressure and Sinus eye pain?

Eye pain itself is discomforting for carrying out the simplest of the tasks. What if, this pain expands into numerous other types of the eye pains which are caused by various viral infections and unhealthy habits? In this case, it causes a severe headache which is mostly confused between a migraine, sinusitis, and eye pressure. All three of the factors … Read More

Acute angle closure Glaucoma

Acute angle closure glaucoma is one of those conditions that will increase the pressure in your eyes out of nowhere. This is very bad, and it does get even worse as the time goes by. The idea here is that the pressure rises in just a few hours, and it usually appears when the fluid in your eyes can’t drain … Read More

Angle closure Glaucoma

This is a type of Glaucoma that people also known as angle glaucoma. It’s very rare, and it mostly happens when the drainage canals are covered or blocked. As you can imagine, the pressure buildup in your eyes gets immense to the point where your ocular nerves get to be affected and damaged. When you encounter angle closure glaucoma, your … Read More

Closed angle Glaucoma

Closed-angle glaucoma is a type of condition where your eyes end up building up a lot of pressure inside. In the case of this particular type of glaucoma, the fluid is not flowing out of your eye as it would normally do. The fluid is created in the rear chamber of your eye, and it will normally go through a … Read More

Glaucoma Signs and Symptoms

Glaucoma is one of those conditions that can be very problematic for your eyes. It causes damage to the optic nerve, and it just gets worse and worse if you don’t treat it the proper way. Most of the time, this is linked to a pressure buildup that appears in your eye. One thing to note here is that Glaucoma … Read More

Anti-Blue Light Screen Filter

In this age where almost everyone own a phone or a laptop, people need to be aware about the side effects of blue light on their eyes and their nervous system too. Only a few people in the world know that how dangerous can blue light be for the eyes and it’s proper functioning and even those who know that … Read More

Blue Light Blocking Screen Filter

There is no doubt in the fact that blue light is all around us and we cannot control all of it but the one place where it can be controlled is our phone and laptop screens. We all do own a handset or a computer but on the other hand we have no idea how the light coming out of … Read More

Blue light filter App Download

Are you worried about your excess usage of computers and smartphones? Then you are not the only one who is dealing with this issue. There are million other people who are facing the same issue. Sleep is one of the most important aspects when it comes to physical and mental health and researchers have shown that lack of sleep leads … Read More

Blue Light Filter App for Windows

These days almost everyone spends a big chunk of time on digital screens. It has now become impossible to continue the date without letting your eyes stay naked in front of blue light emitting screens. No matter which profession, field or sector of community it is, the exposure of eyes to these harmful rays is increasing day by day. The … Read More

Blue light filter App for Mac

Technology has changed a lot of things in which we can perform our tasks. One of the biggest invention till dates is the computers which have now further evolved to laptops and smartphones. We all use computers and smartphones in our daily lives but we don’t know about the hazards of their usage. Our eyes are sensitive to extreme light … Read More

Blue Light Filter App Review

We all know the fact that the light coming out of our phone and laptop screens are destroying our eyes yet all of us neglect it and we keep on exposing our eyes to the blue light. However, the continuous negligence then leads to several other serious vision complications and it even gets severe to a limit where it causes … Read More

Blue Light Filter For Laptop Screen

It is an undeniable fact that the most sensitive part of our body is the pair of eyes we have and we it is sad to know that we all are destroying our eyes without even knowing the cause of it. You see more than half of the population of the world is suffering from weak eyesight problem and many … Read More

Blue Light Filter Screen Protector

Eyes are known to be one of the most sensitive parts of the body yet we all don’t take much care of them, the result ultimately is some serious and chronic eye and vision problems. In this age, almost all the people in the world own a phone or a computer and none of them are aware of what the … Read More

Blue Light Screen filter App

We are actively participating in the time where running on the wheel of success and progress has become a trend setter. But this trend setter has brought numerous side effects with it. All the businesses, educational institutes and domestic, commercial and professional life revolve around the bright computer screens. Assume the picture: A man working from early morning till midnight … Read More

Blue Light Screen Filter Pro

There are thousands of people in the world who are suffering from some sort of eye diseases and most of them suffer through chronic eye pain and some are going through ocular hypertension and research and studies have shown that half of the vision-related issues are generated due to the excessive exposure of blue light to the eye. Our eyes … Read More

Blue Light UV Filter Screen Protector

Only a few people in the world are aware of what UV and blue light is and how is it affecting our vision and our eyes. If you are someone who is worried about his or her eyesight or if you are one of those people who is suffering from some sort of eye pain or eye disease then this … Read More

Computer Screen Blue Light Filter Download

The Effect Of Blue Light On Your Eyes Have you ever thought of the light coming out of your phone and laptop screens? Have you ever thought how dangerous that blue light can be for your eyes? If not then now is the right time to start worrying about your eyes and the effect of blue light on them. Have … Read More

Download F.lux For Windows

What Is The One Thing That Is Missing On Your Windows? Have you installed the best version of Windows in your computer? Have you done your best to set all of its features and functions as per your requirement? Well, if yes then wait for a while and think of what one thing is missing in your Windows and while … Read More

Free Blue Light Filter App

How often do you get a good night sleep? If your answer is anything less than “Always” then it is should be a worrying sign for you. Why because it is your sleep that decides how active and productive you will remain throughout the day. It is your sleep that decides that whether you will be able to perform the … Read More

PC Monitor Blue Light Filter

The One Thing Your PC Monitor Is Missing Have you ever wondered that you do own a one branded computer with the best Windows installed in it and the best features but what exactly is that one thing that is missing in your such perfect computer? Well, if you haven’t ever thought of it then don’t worry because here we … Read More

How the Dimly screen Dimmer works for your devices

Adjusting the screen’s brightness according to the surrounding can be frustrating at times because of the constant movements you make in and outside the workplace. Having to manually maintain the screen’s blue light is tough to do with the already charged workload. Therefore, it is essential to own a digital tool which happens to make life easier by providing facilities … Read More

Laptop screen dimmer

The work, study, and entertainment requirements of today’s era can only be fulfilled by using a smartphone or a laptop. While smartphones have small screens and less exposure to the clear picture, a laptop is mostly preferred by people who tend to stare the screen for a longer period of time. For example, watching a movie or completing assignments, all … Read More

Night owl Screen Dimmer

The brightness of the smartphone screens is good if used in the daytime. However, there are different levels of brightness for the nighttime due to the side effects that the increased brightness holds. Installing a screen dimmer in the system and setting it up to the required level of brightness according to personal choices has become a regular practice by … Read More

Screen dimmer for Android

Most of the smartphones users are aware of the extraordinary features and apps that can be installed in the system. Android is known to be releasing phenomenal mobile/laptop applications which are extremely useful for the people who are addicted to staying in contact with the digital world. Other than that, in today’s time of technology dependent era, most of the … Read More

What are the benefits of using Screen dimmer at Night?

Most people in today’s tech-dependent era are addicted to the use of smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets. A smartphone addict cannot go to sleep until and unless the eyes begin to hurt or the body shows some mild as well as severe symptoms of tiredness and exhaustion. People who are addicted to their gadgets are most likely to suffer from … Read More

How not using the Screen dimmer on Mac can affect your eyesight?

Continuously staring the Mac screen for a good 10 hours a day is harmful to the eyes. But the fact that most of our work and studies are done online and therefore, excessive screen time is not a choice but a dependency. Be it a research-based or sending an important email, technology, and the internet are becoming a major part … Read More

Screen dimmer for Windows

Using a computer on a regular basis is no longer a luxury but has become a necessity. Be it driving, watching tv, working online, or researching, screen time is mandatory for performing all of these tasks with efficiency and perfection. The benefits that the technology provides such as time-saving etc. are on one hand but the disadvantages of continuous exposure … Read More

Screen Dimmer

One of the most appreciative gifts of technology is the screen dimmer for the laptop. With the help of latest technology developments, human efforts have become less due to the availability of numerous options for getting things done in no time. Laptop or a computer is one of those options which immensely facilitate the user for working online, anytime and … Read More

Screen Light Dimmer

Continuous exposure to the screen has become one of the basic requirements of doing our jobs even performing small daily tasks. The advantages technology provides are immense and supremely favorable for reducing the human effort. However, at the same time, it also generates some serious health problems which affect the organ functioning in a long term. Using a screen light … Read More

Screen dimmer for Windows 10

Steep use of the smartphones has become a requirement for keeping in touch in touch with the digital world 24/7. A lot of the people face some serious problems related to the excessive screen time. This is because of the blue light or the brightness that is also the key feature of a cell phone because it keeps the screen … Read More

What makes Iris the best Computer Screen dimmer?

Technological devices have become an important part of our business. All the data and other information related to the business and other facilities are available on the computers. You might have noticed that today we are using technological devices in all fields of life whether it is healthcare, education or business. The devices might be beneficial but at the same … Read More

Do all Orange glasses block Blue light?

All of our electronic devices such as mobiles phones and laptops emit blue light and the blue light is that light which comes with a very short wavelength. Now it is said that the shorter the wavelength of a light is the more powerful it is and this is the main reason why blue light becomes an issue for the … Read More

Do all Yellow glasses block Blue light?

There has been a lot of hype about yellow glasses and blue light filters but the actual question asked by many people is that do these things really work? Do they really help in blocking the blue light? Well, if you are also someone who has the same questions in his mind then you are at the right place, reading … Read More

Do Blue Light Filters Work?

It is that time of life when almost everyone owns some sort of a device, either it is a mobile phone, a TV or a computer. Now where there are several benefits of all these devices, there are some drawbacks to them too and we are not talking about normal drawbacks, we are talking about some serious dangers with which … Read More

Do Computer Glasses Really Work?

Mental and physical health is an important thing to be taken care of but now it is high time that we all start talking about eye health too. There is a huge number of people who are falling victim to some terrible ocular diseases and there even are a few people who have permanently lost their vision. We all know … Read More

Is Blue Light Bad for Sleep?

Before moving towards any conclusion, let’s first talk a bit about blue light and what it is. If you are someone who has never heard of this term before then you need to stick to this article. Today we are going to tell you all about the blue light, its effect on our eyes and how dangerous it is becoming … Read More

What Color is Easier on the Eyes at Night?

The worst thing that one can do to his eyes is to put them under excessive and constant strain. Strain and stress on the eyes can actually have a very bad effect on the overall health of a person and especially on the nervous system. Has it ever occurred to you that you spent all your day in front of … Read More

What Color Light is Good for Sleep?

Before getting started with the topic of today, we would first like to tell you that this article is for all those people out there who consider the health of their eyes important. This article is for all those who find it hard to sleep peacefully at night due to eye strain, pain and injury too. It is a sad … Read More

What is the Best Blue light filter for Android?

Before telling you about the best blue light filter, let’s talk a bit about the blue light filter, what it is and why would you need it. We all at some point of our lives have heard from other people that excessive use of mobile phones and laptops isn’t good for our health but we never tried to figure out … Read More

What Screen Color is Best for Eyes?

Eyes are considered to be the most sensitive part of the human body yet we do not pay much heed to their sensitivity and we are unknowingly destroying our vision with the each passing day. Now if you are using a phone or a laptop to read this article then honestly even you are destroying your eyes without knowing it. … Read More

What is Blue light filter Glasses?

There has recently been a lot of hype about blue light filters and their effectiveness when it comes to the protection of the eyes. However, there yet is a big figure of the population that is unaware of the term “blue light” and its dangers. If you are also someone who wants to know everything in detail about blue light … Read More

Which type of Light is good for the Eyes?

Have you ever noticed that the amount of people with eyesight problems is increasing at a rapid pace? Like, there is a big amount of the population that is wearing glasses for weak eyesight and this is something to be worried about. Now, there obviously is one common reason of why people are falling victim to eyesight problems and that … Read More

Why is Blue light bad for Sleep?

It is a sad fact that we all are unknowingly destroying our eyes and harming them every single day. The number of people with vision issues is increasing at a rapid pace but yet we don’t pay much heed to this matter. On the other hand, these small eye injuries and ocular diseases can lead us to even vision loss. … Read More

Why is Blue light bad for You?

Before getting started with the topic of today, first, let’s talk a bit about blue light, what it is and how it affects your vision and your lifestyle. Most importantly if you are someone who hasn’t yet heard of the term “blue light” then you need to stick to this article because today we are going to give you all … Read More

Why is Blue light before Bedtime bad for Sleep?

Have you ever heard people saying that mobile phones and laptops should not be used at night? Well, we are pretty sure that you heard this from someone at some point in your life but you never focused on why do people say that. Well, if you are someone who is curious to know the answer to this concept then … Read More

Why does a Blue light keep you Awake?

Study and research have shown that the light coming out of our phones and our laptops is extremely dangerous for our mental health. Now, we are pretty sure that you have somehow heard of this fact before or you might have heard from people that don’t use too much mobile or computer, yet, you don’t pay much heed to this … Read More

How dim screen Windows 7 can help you work without eye pain or headache

There are many individuals that are suffering because they are not able to give the best performance. They are unable to accomplish their tasks because of pain in the eyes or sa evere headache associated with eye strain. The alarming situation is that severe headache makes it hard for them to focus on their work. It is important for you … Read More

How screen brightness dimmer can relieve your eye pain for better sleep

Most of us have jobs which require direct contact with the computer screen almost all day long. This is with the intention of making the most of the technology and saving time and energy as well. however, computer, laptop, or smartphone screens not only affect the mental capabilities but also the eyes. It is important to use the screen brightness … Read More

Increase your efficiency by using screen dimmer app

In the present age, your basic job requirement is to work on the computer screen or the laptop have greater chances of getting frequent headaches and eye pains etc. This is because of the exposure to the blue light which emits rays that is harmful to the eyes. It also affects your creativity due to the fatigue and tiredness of … Read More

Why you should have screen dimmer for pc on your  computer

  The digital world has invaded our lives by occupying most of our time. From waking up to going back to sleep, we have been hooked to the smart devices for all the good and bad reasons. From the alarm clock to the doing a quick research on Google, we have been so addicted to our smart/digital devices that it … Read More

Computer Screen Filter For Eyes

If you work on a computer for a long period of time, you may find that your eyes start to get too tired. The reason for this is that computers emit what is called blue light. This light can make your eyes feel tired. This is why you need a computer screen filter for eyes to reduce this blue light. … Read More

Blue Light Blocking Computer Screen

If you work on a computer for extended hours during the day, you need a blue light blocking computer screen filter. When you work on a computer for long hours you’ll end up with a lot of eye strain. The reason for this is that computers produce what is called blue light. This light ends up straining your eyes to … Read More

Blue Light Macular Degeneration

For individuals that use computers for extended periods during the day, it’s important to use a blue light filter. If you don’t use a blue light filter, you could have health issues. Some individuals even suffer from blue light macular degeneration issues because their eyes get strained from extended computer use. Here’s a little bit more about blue light and why … Read More

Blue Light Screen Protector Computer

Are you looking for a blue light screen protector computer filter? Whenever you use a laptop or a personal computer, you are exposed to blue light. This light can be harmful to your eyes. Here’s a little bit more about a blue light screen filter and how it can help you. Computers Harm Your Eyes You need a blue light … Read More

Computer Screen Filter Protect Eyes

If you use a computer for an extended period of time you may need to look at a computer screen filter protect eyes solution. The main reason why you want to protect your eyes when you use a computer screen for a long time is that the screen emits what is called blue light. This light can end up damaging … Read More

Iris – Програма за предпазване на очите от вредните лъчи на мониторите

Iris е софтуер, който намалява болката в очите, причинена от продължителното стоене пред компютъра и помага при проблеми със съня, причинени от недостатъчното излагане на Слънчева светлина с пълен спектър и прекаленото излагане на синя светлина вечер. Iris е софтуер, който прави мониторите по-полезни за очите. Iris премахва предните лъчи излъчвани от мониторите, намалява синята светлина и контролира яркостта на … Read More

Iris – Program to protect the eyes from the harmful rays of the monitors

Iris is a software that reduces eye pain caused by prolonged exposure to the computer and helps with sleep problems caused by insufficient exposure to full-spectrum Sunlight and excessive exposure to blue light in the evening. Keywords: eye protection, blue light filter, automatic brightness

How would an Eye work with no Pupils?

The condition when you don’t have pupils(iris) is called aniridia which literally means “without iris”. Technically you can close your eyes a bit and you will stop the amount of light that enters the eye a bit. You can also get some artificial iris to reduce the amount of light entering the eye. The job of pupils is to reduce … Read More

Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector

In today’s world, we use computers all of the time. We have a lot of work to do and we need to spend long hours at our computer. The main problem with this is that we can suffer from issues with eye pain and eye strain. To reduce these problems, we can use a blue light blocking screen protector. When … Read More

F.lux Blue Light

Many people today use their computers frequently and they often suffer from eye issues. When you use your computer all the time you can suffer from eye strain or eye pain. The reason for this is that you have flux blue light which can damage your eyes over time. There are several ways you can combat blue light. Here’s a … Read More

Glasses to Protect Eyes From Blue Light

If you’ve ever wondered why your eyes always get tired when you use your computer, this is because of blue light. When you use your computer over a period of time, you can have issues with eye pain or eye strain. Here’s how blue light impacts your eyesight and what you can do to correct the issue. Blue Light and … Read More

MacBook Blue Light Filter App

Are you looking for a MacBook blue light filter app? If you own a MacBook you know that blue light can be a problem. When you have issues with blue light you can have eye strain as well as eye pain and this can lead to problems down the line. One way to correct this issue is with a proper … Read More

Red Light Filter for PC

Are you looking for a red-light filter for PC option? There are many reasons why you might want a red-light filter for your PC. While red light can be a problem it’s blue light that is usually a problem with your PC and you need the appropriate filter. Here’s why you need to filter blue light. Damaging to Your Eyes … Read More

Why does direct sunlight damage our eyes?

Aside from the colors we see light constitutes of much more things Visible light is only small portion of the light that the Sun emits. The wavelengths from the router, the wavelengths from the microwave or the radio waves, all of this things is light in one way or another. Actually, it will be better to say that all visible … Read More

I have a feeling of something behind my eye, what could it be?

You probably need to put glasses with a small diopter. This is the most common case of this kind of eye pain and eye muscle strain. Tips if you want to delay the appointment to the optometrist: Blink more Blinking more will moisture your eyes better Yawn more Yawning will help you to produce more tears Window/Monitor position If you … Read More

Iris vs Physical Blue blocking filters

Some of the glasses which are with yellowish tint don’t do anything. You need orange or red lenses for better blue light blocking. If you can’t find orange or red blue light filter glasses you can try to use sunglasses instead of the ones with the yellowish tint. Sunglasses block a lot more blue light than most blue blocking glasses … Read More

How to Setup Iris for Maximum Eye Healthand What else you can do

Generally, Iris comes with almost everything preset for maximum eye health but there are some things you can do to improve the effect of Iris. Set your Hardware brightness to the MAX Set your monitor Hardware brightness to 100% using your monitor buttons. This will stop the PWM flicker if your monitor has it. Iris brightness is automatic and doesn’t use … Read More

How to test my LCD monitor for Subpixel Flicker?and What to do about it

Click the image below to open it in Fullscreen mode If this doesn’t work use and if you want to share this image on your website later use the link below – LCD Subpixel Flicker Test On most monitors, this test should work but in order for your eyes to see the effect more clearly, you may need a … Read More

Blue light filter Testand How to check if my Monitor emits Blue light?

In this article, I want to show you how you can test if your monitor emits blue light. To check if your monitor emits blue light click the image below to open it in a new tab. This will open an animation which switches from blue to black. To check if your monitor emits both blue and green light click … Read More

Which is the best Blue light Filter?Blue light filter Glasses, Softwares or Screen protectors

I may be the creator of Iris, which is blue light filter software but I will be honest with you. Which is better depends on what you need and what you want to achieve? Depending on why you want to block blue light and what do you want to achieve your best solution will probably be different than mine. In this … Read More

Anti Blue Light App

Are you looking for a good anti-blue light app?  There are many ways that you can get rid of blue light issues with your computer. Blue light can be a common problem because it needs to eye strain, eye pain, and even issues with lack of sleep. Here are a few blue light apps you can get on the current … Read More

Best Blue Filter App

There are many different blue light filters that you can get for your computer. You might be confused as to which one is the best blue filter app that you can use. I have reviewed several of these apps for you and picked up the best one which will reduce blue light from your computer screen, so you have less … Read More

How to test my Monitor for PWM flicker?and What to do about it

There are several devices which you use the test your monitor for PWM flicker but I want to show you something simpler. The test below is based on a simple moving line on your screen. You need to test your monitor at MAX hardware brightness and at MIN hardware brightness. By hardware brightness, I mean to change the brightness from your … Read More

Best Blue Light App

Are you looking for the best blue light app? There are several different apps out there that you can use to filter blue light. Let’s examine three of them to find the best one to suit your needs. Redshift One popular app to filter blue light is called Redshift. It will adjust the color of your screen according to where … Read More

Blue Light App for PC

Are you looking for a blue light app for PC?  There are several ways that you can reduce blue light from your computer. This light can be harmful to your eyesight. Here are a few ways that you can reduce blue light problems. The Position of Your Monitor If you don’t have a blue light app for PC, there are … Read More

Blue Light Filter App for PC

Are you looking for a blue light filter app for PC?  People today are becoming concerned with blue light. This light can be very harmful to your eyes and all computers produce it. Many individuals today spend long hours on the computer and this can be damaging to the eyes because you get increased levels of blue light. Here’s how you … Read More

Blue Light Filter For Windows

Are you looking for a blue light filter for Windows? If you owned a Windows-based computer or any computer with a different operating system, you can be exposed to blue light. Here are a few reasons why you need to protect your eyes from blue light and how a proper blue light filter can help you. Computers and Blue Light … Read More

What I need to know about PWM flicker?

A quick FAQ about the common questions about PWM flicker, because sometimes it may be confusing with all the information out there. Write me somewhere if your question is not answered and I will answer it and add the answer here 🙂 Do my monitor flicker? Most of the time yes. This depends on whether your monitor uses PWM or … Read More

Color Blindness

Color blindness is a genetic issue and people are usually born with it. It is a normally hereditary issue and is passed down from parents. Green, blue and red color blindness is passed down to children from parents. The gene which is responsible for this color blindness is carried by the X chromosome. As X chromosome is much prominent and … Read More

Color Blindness Causes

Majority of the people who have color blindness can see all colors but find it hard to differ amongst some. If you are color blind, you might have asked yourself several times as to why it happened with you or what caused it. This is a normal query and obviously, there is always an answer to such illnesses. You need … Read More

Color Blindness Definition

Color blindness is not something that includes some sort of blindness, in fact, it is more of a vision color deficiency where a person is unable to identify, differentiate and distinguish between certain colors and their shades. Most of the people suffer through color blindness where they are unable to differentiate between yellow or blue and red or green. Now, … Read More

Color Blindness Genetics

Ocular diseases are pretty common now, we all know someone who wears contact lenses or glass for his eyesight. Well, the issue of near and farsightedness can be due to several reasons, it can be due to the genetics but most of the times it’s because of the excessive exposure of blue light to the eye, like using too much … Read More

Color Blindness Glasses

Color vision problem, which is better termed as color blindness has a lot of impact on daily life routine of the affected person. There are different solutions and tips that help one in living a simpler and better life with color blindness. A lot of people think that color blindness does not affect majorly or in huge daily routine tasks. … Read More

Color Blindness Symptoms

Color blindness or color vision issues are usually caused due to heredity troubles. This problem is more in men because this trait is passed through the X chromosome. Females don’t really face this medical issue; it is very rare. But what if you are not color blind since birth? Yes, there are cases where people are not color blind since … Read More

Color Blindness Treatment

Color blindness is a heredity situation and majority of people have it by birth. This is why there is no perfect solution to treating color blindness or finishing it off from the roots. However, there are different treatments that help a person in adapting to the condition so that their survival in the world becomes easier. Some treatments do help … Read More

Ayurvedic Color Blindness Treatment

Color blindness which is basically a color vision issue is related to a person who is unable to differentiate between some certain colors. It does not refer to a person being completely blind or not being able to see any color. A person who is facing color deficiency issues usually faces trouble in differing between red and other colors or … Read More

Color Blindness Types

Color blindness is usually misunderstood with the concept of blindness. It is totally wrong. This issue is a way or manner in which the person, who is affected, sees colors in different ways or is unable to differentiate between them. It gets hard for them to differ between the yellows, blues and reds and greens. Color blindness is termed as … Read More

Do blue light filters really work?and how can they help us protect our vision

Blue light, also known as HEV (High Energy Visible) light is part of the light spectrum. It’s mainly produced from sunlight. Artificially created blue light is used for different types of lights and bulbs and the displays of technology devices, for example, LED TVs and mobile phones. In the modern day and age technology has become a vital part of our … Read More

Why does blue light keep you awake?

Most of the people are not aware of the negative impact on the blue light on one’s health. Most of the people are not aware of the negative impact of the blue light on one’s health. Perils of blue light can lead to long-term health issues that can keep you at bay from using your laptop, smartphone or MAC. Today’s … Read More

Best Apps For Windows 10

Some words about Windows 10 Apps With Windows 10, comes the new versions of apps, which now we can update and download on the PC easily. More in-demand apps we download from the Windows Store. For example Twitter, eBay, Facebook Messenger, and Weather Channel among other traditional ones. These apps are not just basic navigational, social media, and entertainment apps, but also an … Read More

What is the blue light filter for?And How it protects your eyes from any harm

Blue light filter may not ring a bell in many people’s heads but it is one of the most wide-spread softwares for keeping the eye safe from any harm from blue light. What exactly is blue light and why is it so dangerous to your health? [icon name=”laptop” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Blue light is that part of the visible light spectrum, which … Read More

How does blue light affect the brain?The dark side of blue light

How does blue light affect the brain? What is your typical routine before sleeping? For most of us, it is burying our noses on our phone screens. Some of us does not know that the blue light (blue light affect) that is emitted by our phones, and other electronics pose harm to our health. The dark side of blue light Have … Read More

Adjuѕt Monitor Cоlоr TemperatureCоlоr iѕ еxрrеѕѕеd as a tеmреrаturе

Cоlоr iѕ еxрrеѕѕеd as a tеmреrаturе bесаuѕе оf thе rеlаtiоnѕhiр bеtwееn tеmреrаturеѕ thе соlоr оf light whеn оbjесtѕ аrе hеаtеd to high tеmреrаturеѕ. Mоnitоr Cоlоr Tеmреrаturе Mоѕt сurrеnt LCD mоnitоrѕ еnаblе uѕеrѕ tо аdjuѕt color tеmреrаturеѕ utilizing thе OSD menu. Dесrеаѕing thе соlоr tеmреrаturе оn a mоnitоr рrоvidеѕ thе whоlе ѕсrееn аn inсrеаѕinglу rеddiѕh саѕt while inсrеаѕing the соlоr temperature … Read More

Best RGB settings for eyes

If you sit in front of the computer multiple hours per day, you can end up with eye strain and other similar issues. Plus, what looks good on your computer usually ends up leading to eye fatigue. If you think that the RGB settings matter here and they can cause some vision issues, that’s most likely the case. The reason … Read More

Are blue light filter apps effective?

Are you losing sleep because of extended hours of staring at your screens? Some people work over time. And some people falsely believed that browsing the internet on their phone before going to sleep will help them doze off easily. Science it has already been established that the emitted blue light from our phone and computer screens can disrupt our … Read More

Best Background Color to Reduce Eye Strain

Did you know that the wrong choice of background color for your computer screen can lead to eye strain? In this world that has gotten more obsessed with technology, most of your devices have screens that can cause modern kind of eye strain. Once left unchecked, this eye strain can cause major eye and medical issues including blurred vision, macular … Read More

How computers affect our health

As it’s not that uncommon, it’s very likely that you work a sedentary job and you have to stay in front of the computer for hours. With the technical advancements, nowadays, every company is a technology company. As a result, the use of digital technologies is an essential requirement. Given that most of us are preoccupied, we may not even … Read More

Best Monitor Brightness and Contrast Settings for Eyesand Why they are important for your eyes’ health

Too much contrast and brightness on your monitor can cause eye problems. That is the reason why your monitor must have the right contrast and brightness settings. So, what’s the most ideal setting to protect your eyes from any harm? Why are Monitor Brightness, Gamma, and Contrast Important? Many people spend between three to ten hours a day in front … Read More

Blue Light And Eye StrainHow to protect your eyes from harm?

Right now everyone in the world is talking about healthy food, healthy lifestyle and the importance of exercise, etc. Sadly, there aren’t many people who talk about the other factors that are continuously damaging different human organs. Most importantly, right now people are quite ignorant about the health of their eyes and this is becoming a serious problem now. Look … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Blue Light Filters

From Iris, f.lux, Redshift and other blue light filter desktop softwares for blue light reduction to Android screen filters, blue blockers, transparent sheets and everything in between this is the biggest collection of tools to remove the blue light from your life but first, lets make one thing clear: You are not going to die Blue light is just blue … Read More

How does blue light affect your brain?and Why it is important for your health?

Do you know the reason why there are soo many people around you suffering through weak or farsightedness? Have you ever heard your colleague complaining how bad his eyes hurt especially when he is trying to sleep? Well, we are pretty sure that you do know a lot of people in your circle who are suffering through different ocular problems … Read More

Why Is Blue Light Bad For You?and How can you protect yourself from it?

The light around you is way more complex than you can ever imagine and a lot of you out there might not even know that there are literally several types of lights and spectrums around you. We all just carelessly go out in the Sun without sunglasses, we use our laptops and phones all day long without realizing that the … Read More

Blue Light Filter For Windows 8.1and Why you should care?

If you are someone who genuinely cares about his eyesight and the health of his eyes then you need to start using blue light filters on your phone and monitor screen right at the moment. The thing is that this is the age of technology and right now almost everyone out there has the access to the internet, mobile phones, … Read More

Yellow Computer Screenand Why it will keep your eyes healthy?

We all at some point of our life have heard people telling us to avoid using too much of the laptops and phones but sadly, we never pay much heed to why they are saying this to us and what’s the reason behind it. The thing is that our monitor screens are continuously destroying our vision and the sooner we … Read More

What is the use of Blue light filter?and Why is it important for your eyes health?

We all have been talking about a healthy lifestyle and about healthy eating for quite a long time now and this is good that people actually discuss their health and what they need to do in order to live longer. However, it’s high time that we all start paying heed to other things too that are affecting our health and … Read More

How Does Blue Light Affect Your Sleep?and What can you do about it?

We all are quite conscious about our health and every day we come across several articles and several doctors telling us to adopt a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy, sleep well and exercise daily. But honestly, have you ever come across a person who tells you about the exposure of the junk light and how dangerous it is for our eyes? … Read More

Tips and tricks to stay healthyand make your life more enjoyable

Most of us want to look good and feel even better. We wish to be fit and live a long active life but how many of us actually do something about it? Do you eat right? Is sport part of your everyday life? Do you drink enough water a day? Do you get proper sleep? Do you enjoy a healthy … Read More

Why is blue light bad for sleep?and How can you protect yourself from it?

It is a sad fact that we all are unknowingly destroying our eyes and harming them every single day. The number of people with vision issues and eye pressure pain is increasing at a rapid pace but yet we don’t pay much heed to this matter. On the other hand, these small eye injuries and ocular diseases can lead us … Read More

App To Remove Blue Lightand Why you should use it?

Before telling you about the best software to remove the blue light, let’s first talk a bit about blue light and what it is. We all know about the electromagnetic waves and how the different particles and wavelengths make up the electromagnetic spectrum. Now, the thing is that the human eye is just sensitive to one part of all this … Read More

Why should you install a blue light filter?and How it will save your eyes!

Visible light is extremely complex than you think. When you turn on your computer or phone, flip a wall switch inside your room or step outdoors, your eyes will be exposed to visible light. These light rays are in a position to create a tremendous impact on your vision as well. Therefore, you must have a clear understanding of them … Read More

What is the best blue light filter for Androidand How to use it?

We all are just so busy in our daily routine schedules and we’ve got so much work stress on ourselves that we miss out on the little things that need our attention around us. As a human being, you need to know about the things that are good and bad for your health and today we are going to drive … Read More

What Does Blue Light Do To Your Eyes?and How a simple filter can protect them!

It is that time of life when almost all of own a laptop, a TV or a mobile phone and there is no doubt in the fact that technology has taken over the world but if you dig deep then you’ll see that where all these digital devices are a blessing for us, they are harmful too. Most importantly, the … Read More

What Blue Light Filter Does?and Which filter will prevent its harm

You hear about infrared light and ultraviolet light all the time but with the advent of the modern technology, blue light has been thrown around in the mix quite often. Looks like it’s about time that we shed light on this controversial type of light and answer the question about what blue light filter does? What is blue light? [icon … Read More

Remove Blue Light On Your PCand Why it is important

Before getting started with the topic of today, let’s first talk a bit about the visible light present around us. Why is it important for us to know the advantages and disadvantages of this light? Yes, you read it right, light is everywhere around us and just like all the other things in the world, light also comes with a … Read More

Screen Brightness Programand How it will keep your eyes healthy!

We all know the fact that junk food is the worst enemy of our health but have you ever thought about your eyes? Do you know what’s the worst enemy of your eyes? The screen of your monitor and all of your digital devices are no less than an enemy to your eyes. We all at some point in our … Read More

Must Have Applications For Windows 10and Why they will get the best of your software

If you are someone who just shifted to Windows 10 then this article is a must-read for you because today we are going to jot down some of the best and the most used applications that can make your Windows 10 game strong. So, folks, take notes of what we are about to tell you because this article can actually … Read More

Top 10 essential apps for Windows 10

So, you just bought a new Windows 10 device and you’re looking for some cool useful apps? Many people are looking for ways to further improve the Windows 10 experience. If you want to work faster, smarter and even more productively, I’ve prepared you a list of some popular apps you can use daily on your device. 1. Spotify Music These … Read More

Software For Laptop Brightness Adjustment

There is no doubt about the fact that technology has taken over the world and therefore, the internet has taken over the world. Right now, more than half of the world’s population owns a mobile phone and a laptop or a computer which is great. However, there are always some drawbacks to these digital devices and where we all discuss … Read More

Monitor Brightness Control

If you are someone who owns a mobile phone or a laptop then this article is a must-read for you because today we are going to explain you about the importance of adjusting the brightness of your monitor screen. Also, we will tell you about an amazing blue light software that can actually make the screen of your device healthy … Read More

Improve your vision naturallyFoods and lifestyle habits for good eyesight

The older you get, the more possible it is to deteriorate your vision and the more you’re damaging your eyesight. Opposed to popular belief, deteriorating vision is not automatically linked with aging. It’s mainly a side effect of modern lifestyle. Habits such as staying for long hours in front of the screen, not wearing eye protection, rubbing your eyes and … Read More

Eye Protection AppUse the best eye protection app to minimize blue light exposure

It is a really good thing to expose the eyes to blue light during the daytime. It is this natural short wavelength light which helps to keep us energized, awake and to boost our moods. However, this blue light when emerges from the mobile devices during night time is not good for our sleep. Blue light is emitted from avaricious … Read More

Yellow Filter For Computer Screenand Why you should install it!

Blue light blocking apps can help promote better sleep after screen-time [icon name=”clock-o” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Televisions and mobile phones are likely to emit blue and yellow lights that are considered by medical experts to be harmful to the eyes and overall eye health. Blue light that radiates from such devices is likely to suppress natural mechanism which helps people to fall … Read More

Eye FilterProtect your eyes and Sleep better

The truth is blue light affects sleep patterns and health negatively. It is quite common these days for you to come late from work and to get relaxed watch your favorite show or movie on Netflix or play some games on your smartphone or watch television. Medical experts have been lately cautioning people not to use light-emitting gadgets prior to … Read More

UV Light from Computer ScreensHarmful effects of UV light from computer screens

Sitting before the computer for hours together and for days has become more than a fashion and requirements of modern work life, resulting in a high blue light exposure. But a new eye health term ‘computer face’ has emerged to describe premature aging effects caused by sitting at the computer for hours. What is the computer face all about? [icon name=”user” … Read More

Blue Light Filter for Eye Care for PCSolve blue light problems when using PC

There are many who are required to sit on the PC for hours together at work at various times of the day or night. Whatever be it, excessive exposure to the PC only leads to stress and strain in the eye and retina region. The PC is known to radiate UV and blue light screen rays. They are considered to … Read More

Screen Light AppGetting to know about the effects of blue light on sleep

There are many who are not aware of the harmful effects of getting exposed to blue light at night. The fact is such screen light is emitted by modern electronic gadgets like the tablets and smartphones and if exposed to it during the evening will harm sleep quality. Hence, it becomes essential to know how blue light exposure is to … Read More

Blue Light ReducerBlue light from phones computer associated with prostate cancer risk

These days, the number of computer and smartphone users has increased manifolds. What many are not aware of is the fact that these technological devices which are found to be extremely useful in life also may cause potential eye harm to one’s health. According to researches, blue light emerging from cell phones are likely to disrupt circadian rhythms. As a … Read More

Shield Eyes From Blue Light Of Tablet And PhoneHow to chose the best screen filter for the job!

It could be that your child uses tablets and smartphones frequently to play games, to gain useful information or to chat with friends. What you are not aware of is the fact that devices may cause potentially irreversible eye damage. This is because, such devices are said to emit blue light, which is proven to be harmful to the eyes … Read More

Blue Light from ElectronicsHow your eyes may get hurt by blue light from electronics?

It could be that your phone is hurting your eyes very badly due to constant usage. If so, then it becomes essential to find out the symptoms related to eye strain along with some tips to cut down on exposure towards blue light. This will require changing your existing lifestyle, use glasses, filters and eye protection apps. You can also … Read More

Screen Light ProtectorUse screen light protector to protect the retina

Researchers are of the opinion that human retinal cells can be destroyed with the blue light exposure of low intensity emerging from television and smartphones. It has been discovered by scientists that blue light, more specifically the short wavelength ones may damage the retina cells. This is regarded to be a light-sensitive tissue layer outlining the internal part of the … Read More

Eliminate blue light from computer screenand Which software to use

If you are an avid user of the computer and required to work in shifts and work on accounts or data all the time, then it becomes all the more essential for you to protect your eyes. Constant usage of computers and mobile phones will only damage your eyes which will result in severe eye strain. This is because of … Read More

Use red blue filter apps to solve problems of blue lightand Which software apps to install!

If you are frequently experiencing less good night’s sleep these days, then it is time for you to take into consideration the impact that your red blue light devices have upon your nightly slumber. With the introduction of advanced technology and sophisticated gadgets, people just love to unwind watching their favorite movies on Netflix, reading ebooks, connect with friends and … Read More

What is the Function of Mitochondria Cells in our Body?

Our bodies run on energy. Each moment, even when you’re sitting, reading this, your body generates energy equal to 100W, enough to power seven light bulbs. But where does this energy come from? If you remember something from your biology classes, you’ll probably think of mitochondria, and you’re totally on the right way. Nearly all of our energy is provided … Read More

How I Fall Asleep in Under a Minuteand How you can easily too

I also had a lot of problems with getting a good night sleep and spend countless hours trying all sorts of different things. I tried sleep masks, reducing noises, exercising more, not drinking coffee and alcohol and millions of other things. Although they this things helped me not to be awake all night I still flipping on my bed more than … Read More

Blue light Medical Researches

A collection of articles and medical researches on blue light effects on our sleep and eyes:

Blue light filter for Windows, macOS and Linux

Blue light interacts with our eyes and body and causes melatonin and mitochondrial problems. Without going into much details about this the goal of this article is to show you how you can lower the blue light emitted from the screen. I also want to tell you about some important things to consider before you choose a blue light filter … Read More

4 Ways to Improve your Mitochondria Function

In the previous article, I’ve explained what is the structure and function of mitochondria and also what happens when they’re damaged. In this one, I’ll talk about some tips and tricks you can use increase their function. Mitochondria-the powerhouses of our cells produce nearly all of the energy we need. We need energy for basic daily activities from eating, thinking, going outside to … Read More

6 Ways to Fall Asleep Faster

Many of us don’t realize the importance of getting enough sleep. Your body craves shut-eye time and if you don’t give enough of it, it just can’t recover to get ready for the new day. If you’re one of those people having difficulties falling asleep, you’re not alone. The brain passes through several stages from being conscious to full unconsciousness. … Read More

The Pros and Cons of Natural and Artificial Light

For the last few decades, there has been a lot of buzz around the effects, both positive and negative of the natural and artificial light on us. Be how the light influences our mood, energy or some biological and physiological processes. In this article, you’ll find out why and in which ways, sunlight can either help us or damage our … Read More

How to choose a Blue light filterEverything you need to know about Blue light and Eye Health

You may think that all blue light filters are the same but they are not. In this article, I’m going to give you everything you need to know to choose the best blue light filter. Based on my 5 years of experience dealing with blue light, eye problems, and sleep, there are certain things which are super important and nobody … Read More

How to Reduce Eye strain when using Computers

I guess you’ll find it hard to imagine your everyday life without your smartphone or laptop. To relax, for work, to check something out, they all go for several hours a day. The result-your eyes are red and itchy. More bonus points for the blurred vision and fatigue. The use of eye drops is also on the list. Well, the best … Read More

Blue Filter For PC

Sleep is a necessary aspect of our mental and physical health. Any lack of sleep, as research has suggested, can lead to a variety of problems like diabetes, heart disease, an impairment in attention, concentration, and more. In fact, dropping sleep from seven to only five hours or less per night doubles our risk of death from all causes. But … Read More

Blue Light Cut

Regardless of your age, you need to develop healthy habits to protect your eyes. If you frequently spend time watching videos on your computer screen or your mobile phones, your eyes might be exposed to a lot of blue light. About Blue Light Blue light is a part of the visible spectrum that has a harmful effect on your eyes. … Read More

Blue Light Dimmer App

  Exposure to blue light is something that is becoming more and more common in everyday households. Blue light is the light in all of your electronic devices with screens such as TVs, tablets, phones, and laptops. As people are becoming more fluent with technology and using it more often in their homes and at work, studies are beginning to … Read More

Blue Filters: Do They Work?

As we become exposed to more technology use, so too does our exposure to blue light. It’s been a growing concern for many people as blue light has a number of health benefits, but an over-exposure can lead to lack of sleep and a slew of health problems. It’s, for this reason, a lot of people have been turning to … Read More

Blue Light Eye Damage

Blue light is one of the types of light on the light spectrum. It is the light that comes from the sun, as well as electronic devices. There are two types of blue light, the good kind, and the bad kind. The blue light that comes from the sun is the good kind of blue light. It is needed for … Read More

Blue Light Eye Strain

Sunlight is a combination of red, yellow, orange, green, indigo, violet and blue light. When all the colours are combined they create white light we all see from computers and more. However, did you know that each of those individual lights has both different wavelengths as well as energy? It’s true.   While rays from red are longer wavelengths and … Read More

Blue Light Wake Up App

Light contains particles that are electromagnetic and are said to travel in waves where they emit energy both in length and strength. More energy is produced when the wavelength is short where a nanometer is used to measure the length 1nm is equalled to 1 billionth meter. Different wavelengths appear in different colour where they are categorized into different groups. … Read More

Blue Screen Filter Windows

In this digital era, people spend most of their time in front of the computers. Spending most of the time in front of the computer causes eye strain, yes you want to work hard but you need to take good care of the eyes especially if you have been experiencing eye strain. One way of addressing this issue especially if … Read More

Blue Light Filter for PC

In the current world where everything is automated, it is nearly next to impossible to live without computers. Almost all businesses use some kind of technology in order to be successful. Part of Everyday Life Inside an office, computers make staffs productive and efficient. Computers help save valuable time by automating the communication process, printing reports and memos, and a … Read More

Cómo prevenir el dolor de ojos y cabeza

Piensa en cuantas veces usas tu teléfono inteligente a diario ¿100 veces?, ¿200?, ¿más? Bueno, si a esto le sumas las horas que pasas frente al televisor, o viendo la pantalla de tu computadora, tableta o laptop, es muy probable que termines sufriendo de dolor de ojos y cabeza. Verás, no es casualidad que luego de estar largas horas pegado … Read More

Qué causa el dolor de cabeza frontal

El dolor de cabeza frontal puede estar asociado a padecimientos serios como las migrañas, las cefaleas tensionales o la sinusitis, pero también ha sido vinculado con alteraciones en los ojos que comprometen la retina, la mácula o la conjuntiva. La mayoría de los padecimientos visuales generan dolores de cabeza, bien sea en la nuca, o a nivel lateral o frontal … Read More

How to Reduce Blue Light from Computer Screen

Studies show that frequent exposure to blue light on your computer screens have harmful effects. You might want to know how to reduce blue light from the computer screen or lower your screen time. The Blue Light Effect We need blue light in order to stay active. The sun emits a lot of it that can be found in its … Read More

Computer Night Light: Window’s Night Light Or Dark Mode?

Windows 10 has come up with a variety of features over the years since it’s been around. One notable feature is the Night Light feature. This feature is a built-in function that allows the user to reduce the blue light that’s emitted from the monitor. The reason this feature exists is that as people are using technology more and more … Read More

Qué es la astenopía y cómo prevenirla

La astenopía es conocida clínicamente como una condición oftalmológica derivada del esfuerzo ocular constante y continuado que produce dolor en los ojos, fatiga ocular, visión borrosa o doble y por supuesto dolores de cabeza. Suele manifestarse con mucha frecuencia al forzar la vista durante las lecturas, escrituras o al estar mucho tiempo mirando la pantalla de la laptop, la PC … Read More

Aprende a proteger tus ojos de la PC

Hoy en día resulta inevitable usar dispositivos electrónicos tanto en el ámbito profesional como personal, siendo la PC uno de los más populares. Así es, la usamos para casi todo lo que tenemos que hacer a diario: para las compras, los servicios, para movilizar dinero, enviar un correo, buscar información, y por supuesto, hasta para jugar o entretenernos un rato. … Read More

Best energy boosters

I’ve always tried to get up as early as possible as all successful people do that, right? Wanting to conquer my alarm clock has become something like an ultimate goal. I got all the motivation in the world but when the morning came, all of it was lost somewhere between the messy sheets. And, honestly, none of it was there. … Read More

A qué se debe el insomnio en el embarazo

El período de gestación de la mujer suele ser uno de lo más estresantes de su vida debido a la gran cantidad de cambios que se manifiestan, y no solamente a nivel físico, sino también a nivel psicológico, mental y por supuesto, hormonal. El embarazo es como subirse a una montaña rusa: tiene altos y bajos, picos de éxtasis y … Read More

Principales problemas para dormir

Conciliar el sueño en estos tiempos es casi una misión imposible. Las rutinas profesionales son cada vez más demandantes y si a eso le sumamos las obligaciones personales y familiares, casi desearíamos que el día durara el doble. Sin embargo, existen factores más serios que nos imposibilitan dormir profundamente y en horas tempranas ¿Te imaginas de qué se tratan? Bueno, … Read More

Cefalea en racimos: qué es y cómo evitarla

La cefalea en racimos es conocida popularmente, o con mayor frecuencia, como dolor de cabeza en brotes. Estos pueden ocurrir de forma cíclica o en brotes o racimos, tal cual como lo indica su nombre, más que todo durante la media noche. Se caracteriza por ocasionar un fuerte dolor en el ojo, o a su alrededor, especialmente en el lateral … Read More

Lo que debes saber sobre el cuidado de los ojos

Gozar de buena salud visual es tan importante como verte y sentirte sano a manera generalizada. Por ello debes asegurarte de cuidar tus ojos constantemente, especialmente si eres un fanático de tus equipos electrónicos como tu teléfono inteligente, tu computadora o laptop. Y aunque seguramente conoces uno que otro efecto negativo vinculado a la utilización exagerada de estos dispositivos, seguramente … Read More

Qué es el dolor de cabeza tensional

Quienes sufren de dolor de cabeza tensional confiesan que la sensación es similar a tener una banda muy ajustada alrededor de la cabeza, puesto que las molestias e incomodidades se manifiestan agudamente en los laterales, en la frente y en la parte posterior de la cabeza. Las causas de este padecimiento son bastante inciertas, aunque algunos estudios han sugerido -no … Read More

Cómo evitar el dolor de cabeza en la nuca

Pasar muchas horas frente a la pantalla de tu computadora, bien sea en tu hogar o en tu trabajo, acarrea diversos efectos negativos en tu cuerpo que a la larga pueden ser irreversibles. Así es, este y otros equipos electrónicos son los principales emisores de la temible luz azul que causa estragos en nuestra visión y en nuestra piel mayoritariamente. … Read More

Cómo combatir el insomnio con Iris

La dificultad para conciliar el sueño por las noches se ha convertido en un tema que ha dado mucho de que hablar actualmente, y no es de extrañar que sean las personas jóvenes unas de las más afectadas. Estudios han demostrado que el incremento de las horas de luz altera los ritmos circadianos del organismo, los cuales funcionan como un … Read More

Top 5 Benefits of Using Sauna

Saunas originate from Finland and with almost 2 million steam baths, it’s not a surprise that Finland is often called the land of saunas. Finns go to the sauna at least once per week to relax, relieve the stress, to achieve mind-body harmony or even for social interaction. Nowadays, almost every family has a sauna in their home or own … Read More

3 Simple Ways to Test if your Monitor is Good for your Eyes and Health

Manufactures make today’s monitors to be energy efficient but this is not always healthy Use this 3 simple tests to find out if your monitor is good and healthy for your eyes 1. The Blue light Test Blue light emitted from computer monitors causes digital eye strain, macular degeneration and sleep problems (read more) To fix this set Iris to … Read More

Iris Brightness? Make your monitor flicker-free ?

Most modern monitors use a method called PWM to control the brightness and this is the reason why we feel eye pain, eye strain and headaches in front of your monitor 1. Set your monitor Hardware brightness to 100% using your monitor buttons 2. Use Iris to control the brightness without PWM Iris Brightness will lower the lightness of your … Read More

As a designer, what are the benefits of using F.lux?

Designers work with color. Blue light filters remove (or at least partly) the blue light, which alters the colors So when you are creating something with flux on, you will notice that the moment you turn it on or send it to somebody else the colors will look different Of course, you can turn it off every time you start … Read More

Do blue light filter apps really protect our eyes?

Yes, they can protect our eyes from almost all of the harmful light There is a difference between filtering and using a software in combination with your video card to remove blue light as Iris does. This way it makes it possible to remove up to 100% of the blue light, helping you to sleep better and feel fewer headaches … Read More

Do LED smart lights emit blue light even when the visible light is red (or any other color)?

Look at this spectrum: These LED smart light emit color by mixing Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) lights If the only visible color is Red then, no, it doesn’t emit blue light But if you select a color like yellow, for example, there will be an emit of blue light The same goes for your monitor, it constantly emits blue … Read More

Does blue light damage your eyes?

Millions of years ago people lived in sync with nature. When we lived in caves we didn’t have light bulbs and this somehow helped our circadian clocks to stay on track with the natural day and night cycles of the sun Then people started using candles which have color temperature around 1800K which was still fine The Incandescent light bulbs … Read More

Does f.lux (software) really filter out blue light?

In a sense, yes While it doesn’t literally filter out the blue light from your screen, it does still remove it Why is this good for you? Blue light can be one of the causes of insomnia, so when you are using a blue light filter you are almost guaranteeing yourself a good night sleep If you had heard that … Read More

How to protect our kids from the harmful computer screen?

Honestly, the best thing you can do is not let them use the computer at all But that’s not really feasible in the world we live in today So here a couple of things that you can do to save their eyes: Reduce the PWM flicker, monitors turn on and off, thousands of times per second. It is so fast … Read More

How do I improve my eyesight naturally?

You can use this to ‘hack’ your eyes and feel better when in front of the computer screen So, long story short, monitors emit Blue Light and have PWM Flicker These are both extremely bad for your eyes and can cause a lot of problems in the short and in the long-term What you can do is download a program … Read More

How do I stabilize or improve my eyesight?

If you are spending a lot of time in front of a computer screen or in a similar working environment of the main things that can occur is macular degeneration. This is a problem concerned with the retina of the eye. In this disorder, the nerves of the central part of the retina are affected, and this is called the … Read More

How do I to take care of eyes when sitting in front of a screen? Are blue light filters useful?

In short: Yes, they are If you are spending a lot of time in front of the computer, one of the best things you can do is to download a blue light filter app Blue Light filters block a huge amount of Blue Light from your computer thus helping you sleep better, some can even block 100% of the blue … Read More

How do software professionals take care of their eyes?

There are a couple of things you can when you are spending a lot of time staring at a computer screen every day: Blink Blinking more often helps moisture your eyes better, you’d be surprised by how much this little thing can do Take Small but regular breaks Apply the 20–20–20 rule: Taking a break also helps will actually also … Read More

How does “blue light” emitted from computer screens, phone screens, and tablets impact a person?

Blue light comes from everywhere around us. It’s not only the monitors, or the smartphones, or the tablets around us. Almost all artificial light sources today generate much more than the recommended amount of blue light. In 1988 the photoreceptor Melanopsin was found and for the first time it was proven that light is not only useful for our vision … Read More

How does a blue light filter work?

The most effective blue light filters work by changing the pixels of your monitor and removing the blue color from them. This is done using the video card of your computer. Once you enable the filter you should notice a color change, after a few minutes your eyes will adapt and you will start feeling better and experience less and … Read More

How does blue light change with screen brightness?

There is little to none change in the blue light amount Although when talking about brightness you should make sure that you are using your monitor without PWM Flicker That, in its essence, is your monitor turning on and off again hundreds of times per second: That is the main cause of eye pain when spending a lot of time … Read More

How I solve eye problem?

If you are spending a lot of time in front of the computer you can try a Blue LIght filter program, that’s going to help you to sleep better and have less eye pain. The other benefit is the PWM Flicker removal which will help you turn down greatly all the eye strain and eye redness you might have been … Read More

Is it a good idea to put your desk facing a window?

I find putting your desk facing a window a bad idea Apart from the seemingly insignificant fact, that it can be extremely distracting, placing a desk to face the sun burns your retina and you can go blind in the long-term Having the window behind you is also a bad idea because it can reflect the light off of your … Read More

Is it safe for your vision to look at a computer screen all day at work and then more at home each day?

Absolutely no Monitors emit blue light and have PWM (Pulse-width modulation) flicker Blue light is really harmful to your eyes and prevents you from having a good sleep PWM flicker is basically your monitor turning off hundreds of times per second, you can’t see it with your eyes but your brain perceives it and it is the most common cause … Read More

My eyes are almost always red because of my computer Will this damage my eyes in the long term?

Yes and if you keep doing that for a couple of decades you will eventually probably get macular degeneration You will only be able to see with your peripheral vision which is almost considered blind This is not 100% but you will certainly experience some problems with your eyes if you keep doing this One thing you can try that’s … Read More

Should I get glasses with ‘blue Light blocking’ coating?

Generally speaking, if you care about your eyes then, yes This will be a great investment in your health but I have found a better investment I spend a lot of time staring at a computer screen every day. Easily 3–8 hours a day, sometimes more If you are like me, I suggest you try a blue light blocking filter … Read More

What are some screen dimmer apps for PC?

Iris is an app that lowers the blue light that your screen emits, removes PWM flicker and dims it so it can help you to protect your eyes and improve your sleep after long hours at the computer. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is a method to control the brightness of your monitor by settings the backlight ON and OFF at … Read More

What are the causes of insomnia?

While it’s true that insomnia can and usually is caused by a psychological issue, it can be that you are in perfect psychological condition and still experience insomnia This happens to a lot of people that regularly spend a lot of time in front of the computer That’s because monitors emit blue light That prevents you from experiencing a quality … Read More

What can cause a pulsating eye pain?

Chances are that your vision is imbalanced When eyes and brain try hard to compensate with each other due to vision problems then chances are that you get pain behind your eyes The vision gets blurred most of the times but in some cases, the change is so little that it is hard to figure it out by yourself This … Read More

What can we do to protect our eyes when working for long in front of a computer?

Eyes can become damaged in the long run when spending a lot of hours in front of the computer. Here are a couple of things you can do: Take regular breaks from your computer, you can use some sort of timer to remind you so you don’t forget to take a break Reduce PWM flicker, your monitor turns on and … Read More

What is the actual reason for left eye flickering?

Most of the time it’s due to the fact that you’re tired You might have not been able to sleep well last night or feel severe eye strain, have red eyes, you might be under a lot of stress or even have consumed a tad too much alcohol All this can cause left eye flicker and most of these symptoms … Read More

What is the best monitor settings for eyes?

First of all, you should make sure that your brightness matches the room lighting Try to reduce the blue light and remove PWM flicker to prevent macular degeneration The blue light is very bad for your eyes and reduces sleep quality and makes you feel more tired, the same thing goes for PWM flicker, which is essentially your screen flashing … Read More

What is the difference between the iris and the pupil in the eye?

The easiest way to explain it is this: In short, The Pupil allows light to strike the retina The Iris is responsible for controlling the diameter and size of the pupil and thus the amount of light reaching the retina Iris is also the name of the program that aims to save and protect your eyes while in front of … Read More

What is the equivalent of Flux (PC software) on Android?

On Android you can try Iris: Iris Pro – Apps on Google Play Iris is a blue light blocking and PWM Flicker removal software that can help you a lot It comes with a lot of out of the box functionality that will make your life better and easier It is also available on absolutely all platforms You can read … Read More

Why are there sometimes redness around my iris?

First of all, it is very important to avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands or fingers as they may have irritants that will further inflame them. This may cause your eyes to be more reddish and irritated There’s a thing called Computer Vision Syndrom (CVS) caused by looking at your computer screen for too long. If you spend a … Read More

Why do my eyes randomly burn and become so watery as if I’m crying?

This used to happen to me quite often It is caused by very dry eyes I have tried ‘Artificial Tears’ which does make you feel better for a little while but can be addictive and it’s not the best solution What you can do to naturally decrease the dryness is blink and yawn more often, you’d be surprised If you … Read More

Why do tears come out of my left eye, randomly?

Eyes can become damaged in the long run when spending a lot of hours in front of the computer. Here are a couple of things you can do: Take regular breaks from your computer, you can use some sort of timer to remind you so you don’t forget to take a break Reduce PWM flicker, your monitor turns on and … Read More

Why would my eyes feel tired all the time?

Is it possible that you are spending a lot of time in front of a screen? It can be a monitor, a TV or any other digital thing that emits light The problem with that is that screens (monitors) emit a lot of Blue Light That can be the cause of dry eyes or why your eyes are tired all … Read More

Why would someone turn off their laptop’s night mode if it helps reduce eye strain?

It may be that you are a designer (work with colors) or just don’t like dark mode and don’t use it despite the fact that it’s better for your eyes If any of the above is you and you still want to reduce eye strain and protect your eyes you can try a blue light reduction program like Iris Iris … Read More

Will blue light blocking glasses help with eye strain?

Probably yes and might feel better, blue light is really harmful to your sleep because it basically tells your brain that it’s time to be awake and that’s not cool when it’s 2 AM and you’ve got to get up in 4 hours for example The real reason for eye pain when in front of the computer that I’ve found … Read More

How to install Blue Light Filter on Windows XP?

How to install blue light filter on Windows XP? Table of contents How to download Iris on Windows XP? How to install Iris on Windows XP? How to run Iris on Windows XP? How to download blue light filter on Windows XP? You can download Iris on your computer from here: How to install blue light filter on Windows … Read More

How to install blue light filter on Windows 7?

How to install blue light filter on Windows 7? Table of contents How to download Iris on Windows 7? How to install Iris on Windows 7? How to run Iris on Windows 7? How to download blue light filter on Windows 7? You can download Iris on your computer from here: How to install blue light filter on Windows … Read More

How to install blue light filter on Windows 10?

How to install blue light filter on Windows 10? Table of contents How to download Iris on Windows 10? How to install Iris on Windows 10? How to run Iris on Windows 10? How to download blue light filter on Windows 10? You can download Iris on your computer from here: How to install blue light filter on Windows … Read More

How to install Blue Light Filter on Windows Vista?

How to install blue light filter on Windows Vista? Table of contents How to download Iris on Windows Vista? How to install Iris on Windows Vista? How to run Iris on Windows Vista? How to download blue light filter on Windows Vista? You can download Iris on your computer from here: How to install blue light filter on Windows … Read More

How to install blue light filter on Windows 8?

How to install a blue light filter on Windows 8? Table of contents How to download Iris on Windows 8? How to install Iris on Windows 8? How to run Iris on Windows 8? How to download blue light filter on Windows 8? You can download Iris on your computer from here: How to install blue light filter on … Read More

How to install screen dimmer on Windows 8?

How to install a screen dimmer on Windows 8? Table of contents How to download Iris on Windows 8? How to install Iris on Windows 8? How to run Iris on Windows 8? How to download screen dimmer on Windows 8? You can download Iris on your computer from here: How to install screen dimmer on Windows 8? Locate … Read More

How to install Screen Dimmer on Windows Vista?

How to install screen dimmer on Windows Vista? Table of contents How to download Iris on Windows Vista? How to install Iris on Windows Vista? How to run Iris on Windows Vista? How to download screen dimmer on Windows Vista? You can download Iris on your computer from here: How to install screen dimmer on Windows Vista? Locate the … Read More

How to install Screen Dimmer on Windows 10?

How to install screen dimmer on Windows 10? Table of contents How to download Iris on Windows 10? How to install Iris on Windows 10? How to run Iris on Windows 10? How to download screen dimmer on Windows 10? You can download Iris on your computer from here: How to install screen dimmer on Windows 10? Locate the … Read More

How to install Screen Dimmer on Windows 7?

How to install Screen Dimmer on Windows 7? Table of contents How to download Iris on Windows 7? How to install Iris on Windows 7? How to run Iris on Windows 7? How to download Screen Dimmer on Windows 7? You can download Iris on your computer from here: How to install Screen Dimmer on Windows 7? Locate the … Read More

How to install Screen Dimmer on Windows XP?

How to install Screen Dimmer on Windows XP? Table of contents How to download Iris on Windows XP? How to install Iris on Windows XP? How to run Iris on Windows XP? How to download screen dimmer on Windows XP? You can download Iris on your computer from here: How to install screen dimmer on Windows XP? Locate the … Read More

How to install screen dimmer on macOS High Sierra?

How to install Screen Dimmer on macOS High Sierra? Table of contents How to download screen dimmer on macOS High Sierra? How to install screen dimmer on macOS High Sierra? How to run screen dimmer on macOS High Sierra? How to download screen dimmer on macOS High Sierra? You can download Iris on your computer from here: How to … Read More

How to install blue light filter on macOS High Sierra?

How to install blue light filter on macOS High Sierra? Table of contents How to download blue light filter on macOS High Sierra? How to install blue light filter on macOS High Sierra? How to run blue light filter on macOS High Sierra? How to download blue light filter on macOS High Sierra? You can download Iris on your computer … Read More

How to Easily Remove Eye Strain While Gaming

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Eye Pain

Eye pain – Almost anything you need to know   Table of contents Leading causes of eye pain Different types of eye pain How to prevent eye pain     Eyes are one of the most important and used human parts. Unfortunately in the time we live our eyes are exposed to а lot of dangers. Main causes of eye … Read More

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7 Tips for eye protection in front of the PCand which one works best for you

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Are you feeling drained from your frequent computer use?Care tips to reduce stress

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12 Things you need to know about Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

Filtro de luz azul para pc

La luz azul forma parte de la luz visible, es decir, esa que nuestros ojos son capaces de percibir. El sol es su fuente natural más poderosa, pero artificialmente es emitida en grandes cantidades a través de las pantallas de los dispositivos electrónicos que usamos diariamente y con una altísima frecuencia. Diversos estudios han demostrado que el exponerse a la … Read More

A qué se debe el dolor de cabeza y ojo izquierdo

  Forzar la vista o exigirle más de lo que naturalmente puede dar es un error que te costará muy caro. Entonces, antes de pasar todo el día pegado a la pantalla de tu computadora, o a la de cualquier otro equipo electrónico, asegúrate de proteger tus ojos apropiadamente. Los cuidados que debes tener para evitar que el uso desmedido … Read More

Lo que debes saber sobre la fatiga ocular

Si alguna vez has sentido los ojos cansados, o si te han picado o lagrimeado es muy probable que hayas sufrido de fatiga ocular. El principal detonante de esta condición es el uso desproporcionado de equipos como tabletas, computadoras, laptops, móviles y más, especialmente porque sus pantallas emiten cantidades elevadas de luz azul. Dicha luz no es beneficiosa para tus … Read More

Dolor de ojo: cómo evitarlo

La sobre exposición a las nuevas tecnologías y el uso desmedido de aparatos electrónicos como las tabletas, los ordenadores portátiles y los teléfonos inteligentes, han ocasionado que cada vez seamos más propensos a sufrir de dolor en los ojos. Muchas veces esta incomodidad se presenta sin causa aparente, es decir, sin estar enfermos, pero lo cierto es que sí existe … Read More

Fatiga visual: evítala a toda costa

Este es el mal de todas aquellas personas que pasan horas y horas sentadas frente a las pantallas de sus ordenadores portátiles o sus computadoras de escritorio, ya sea por cuestiones profesionales o personales. La fatiga visual se origina cuando el ojo se somete a un esfuerzo profundo y continuado, ya que el músculo ciliar que reviste al cristalino se … Read More

Blue Light Filters

A Blue light filter is a program which changes the screen colors, lowering the blue light. There are many medical kinds of research pointing towards the negative effects of Blue light. Effects of Blue light When you look at blue light the following things will happen: You will need more time to fall asleep You will start to feel eye … Read More

14 tips to make your monitor healthier for your eyes

You’re probably wondering “Is it possible to improve my eye health if I’m spending a lot of time in front of the PC?”. Well yes, yes you can. Let me tell you a story of an 18-year-old kid who had perfect eyesight and was an amazing athlete all his life. One day he wanted to become the best programmer and … Read More

Blue light Effects

When you look at blue light for a long time the following things will happen: You will need more time to fall asleep ? You will start to feel eye strain Your eyes will start getting dry and you may start to have symptoms of CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) ? Your circadian rhythm will be disrupted You will experience macular … Read More

Blue light filters Benefits

With all that being said if you use a blue light filter on your PC you will get benefits like: Better sleep More energy Less eye strain and More healthy life Without any more introduction, I want to show you what software programs you can use on your PC and Electronic devices to protect yourself from the negative effects of … Read More

How to choose the Best Monitor

Since the invention of the computer the average adult spends around 9 hours a day in front of a screen – whether it be a PC, laptop or the phone. As you can guess that’s a lot of screen time given that we are awake for about 12-14 hours a day. A lot of people are forced to this due … Read More

Eye diseases you need to look out for when using your PC

We use our eyes all the time while we’re awake. Some would say that’s our most important sense. However, like anything else, there are eye diseases and disorders that can cause deteriorating health of the different parts in your eyes. They can be caused by genetics, environmental issues, accidents, age and exposure to bright and harmful light. In this article … Read More

Heterochromia – two different-colored eyes?

Hetero- what? The different coloration of the iris of the two eyes, known as heterochromia, may be a congenital or acquired condition. Types of Heterochromia Congenital Heterochromia Congenital heterochromia is an unequal coloration of two irises or separate sectors of the same iris. When it comes to the two irises, one is a lighter color than the other. Its combination … Read More

How to have a little Digital Detox?

Technology is like a drug – you get used to it so fast that you don’t even realize how big part of your life it is. This is the part where you’ll probably say: “I’m in control of my technology use – my phone has no power over me” 1.Denial . . . 2.Acceptance Now you probably realize that we … Read More

Top 3 Categories of Computer Addicts

Today we would like to share with you a few shocking statistics that would make you think twice before you indulge in the usual long-hour stares at your monitor. We guarantee that everyone reading this falls into one of the below categories. Stick till the end to find out what you could do to help your eyes instantly. The Office … Read More

10 Tips on how to have Healthy Eyes

You ever just get to work all excited that you will finally sit in front of your laptop and do your thing? Yeah… Me neither. Maybe we’re pushing it with the whole excitement thing, but it’s a fact that whether we like it or not we have to do our jobs. And a good amount of those jobs require working … Read More

Why you should choose Iris

Introduction Are you an avid computer or internet user? Well, let’s be honest, in this day and age – who isn’t? Are you reading this exact text blurry-eyed with a headache not knowing the cause? It might just be because of looking at those screens for too long. Now, we’re not here to nag you like a parent, blaming health … Read More

How is sleep related to your fitness results?

Going to the gym is like being in a relationship – you have to be absolutely devoted, loyal and consistent, always learning and improving. And of course, there are some things you should do by all means. These include not only a good structured training program and a balanced diet, but most importantly – sleep. Why? Let’s find out together. … Read More

How to have a good Sleep

Having control over people, events, thoughts, nature and everything in and around us in general, is a genuine human desire. If we ever get to the point where we feel that we are in charge of what happens in our lives, we will feel proud, confident and as if we’ve entered some order in this chaotic world. Mastering your sleeping … Read More

Blue light Health effects

We are all aware of what the phrase “feeling blue” means and feels like. A blue feeling is a sensation you experience when someone lets you down, there is a significant negative change in your life, or it could be an especially bad day you have. It is like a fog that blurs the dopamine levels and your sadness is … Read More

Blue Light and Dogs

In a number of previous posts, the effects of blue light on humans were discussed. In this article though we will be talking about what effect does blue light have on animals, on dogs in particular and how you can prevent it. Introduction We are all aware of the problem with the plastic in the ocean but there are some … Read More

10 hacks to Fall Asleep Faster

Have you ever been so desperate that you start counting sheep to try to fall asleep faster? Yes, I’ve been there too. That’s why I decided to share with you 10 simple hacks. They’ll help you fall asleep faster and have way better sleep quality. In the morning you won’t need a cup of coffee with the size of your … Read More

Technology & its Harmful Effects on Eyes

The benefits of technology are enormous. We can do a lot of things today thanks to the introduction of technology. While it has made things easy, it also comes with certain side effects. The fact that most technological devices make use of LED light bulbs makes them a threat to the human eyes. LED light is a combination of different … Read More

The benefits of Dark mode and Dark themes

In recent years there has been a feature, a trend if you will, that’s making the rounds within the tech community, becoming almost mandatory amongst websites, computer and mobile operating systems – dark mode. Essentially, it’s an either entirely or partially blacked-out version of the website or operating system interface in question. Any harsh, bright, white light is replaced with … Read More

How can I Take Care of My Eyes?

Do I take care of my eyes? How often do you think about your eyes’ health? How would you recognize if there’s a problem and what causes it? We all take care of the place we live in, the car we ride, the books we read… When we feel sick, we take some medicines or go to the hospital. However, … Read More

How can I improve my Vision?

Nobody wants to wear glasses or contact lenses in their life, but if you don’t, then you ask yourself: “How can I improve my vision otherwise?” However, with the evergrowing usage of technologies, more and more people are obliged to do so and there is no medical way of turning the process backward. However, there is still some hope that … Read More

Blue light and Eyes

Have you thought about the effect of Blue light on our Eyes? Did you know that the average person spends more than 6 hours per day in front of a computer? Actually most people spend the majority of their time staring at a digital screen. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and all kinds of digital devices emit significant amounts of blue light. … Read More

How to avoid Blue light from Screens

We spend too much time in front of the screen without any idea about how we are harming ourselves and without doing anything to avoid the blue light. We are neglecting our healthy level in front of smart devices. We increase the time in front of monitors even in the short breaks between work, university or school. In the everyday … Read More

The science of color in life

Color in everyday life Marketing and advertising  Color and color vision are one of the most important, key aspects in our lives when it comes to living and perceiving the world as we do. We as human beings are visual creatures, meaning about 90% of the information we take in from the surrounding environment is in the form of visual … Read More

Matte VS Glossy Screens: Pros & ConsEssentials, Anti-Glare protection, Pros & Cons

The screens in our life Computer screens are everywhere and all around us in this day and age. From your office PCs to your personal home computer and your TV – it seems we have made them a crucial part of our everyday life and need them as a basic necessity to function with the tech all around us for … Read More

10 foods for healthy eyes and 10/10 vision

10 foods for healthy eyes and 10/10 vision Balanced healthy eating and the topic of healthy eyes have gained increasing popularity in recent years, taking precedence over the countless miracle diets named after doctors of dubious origins. Thanks to the large database that people all over the world have access to today, knowledge of the true principles of nutrition and … Read More

Technology and our brain

Introduction Have you ever thought about the technology and the impact that it has on your brain? One of the greatest abilities that we have as human beings is to think. This is something that makes us different from the rest of the living creatures on our planet. Making adequate decisions, following logic and having a long term memory – … Read More

Eye exercises: Myth or a real way to improve your eyesight?

Eye exercises Are eye exercises really helpful in relieving eye pain? For as long as we can remember propaganda existed. It can be used in every area of our lives in order to convince us of something. Evil events have happened when propaganda has succeeded. Nowadays we read news on our smart phones or computers. We rarely pay attention to … Read More

EMFs, 5G and Radiation

Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible areas of energy, often referred to as radiation, that are associated with the use of electrical power and various forms of natural and man-made lighting. Disclaimer: This is not an article about the highest rated tv show on IMDb, Chernobyl. An interesting sentence to begin with, but I felt obligated to state that … Read More

The foundations of Digital Health

  If you are not familiar with the meaning of the phrase “ digital health”,… you may think it is about being aware of the time you spent on any of your devices and how to reduce the scrolling, TV shows binge-watching, etc. What digital health is actually about, is the use of technology in order to help people improve … Read More

10 benefits of reading before bedThe reads of successful people before bed

It is a common occurrence in adults to neglect the habit of reading before bed. In 2018 25% of Americans say they have not read a single book in the past year. A scary result, considering the amount of time spent every day in scrolling social media and reading articles about celebrities’ lives. This kind of reading is not beneficial … Read More

Myths and truths about blue light

Introduction of technology There are improved facts about blue light, in our everyday lives, another concern about our health was raised. Precisely – blue light. But as with everything that is new and unexplored yet, conspiracy theories start to lurk around every corner. However, we are here to help you learn the myths and the truths about blue light! Blue … Read More

Improving your posture while on the computer?Mission: Possible!

Improving your posture is important for looking good. If you want improving your posture, you can exercises to strengthen your muscles. It is 2019 and we are sitting more than ever before. According to a study conducted last year, the average American sits on a chair for a longer period of time than 8 hours. Every single day. Sitting the … Read More

Does iPhone’s Night Shift actually work?

iPhone’s Night Shift We are exposed to blue light more often than ever before which can have negative health effects. Since the awareness was raised, a lot of manufacturers started to produce specially designed products which can “fight” the bad impact blue light may have on us. Carrying our portable electronic devices everywhere we go, it can be said they … Read More

How different colors affect our nervous system?

It is a wide known fact that colors can manipulate us. There is a whole science that studies colors, the way we people perceive them, and the psychological effects they have on us. It is called colorimetry, or simply color science. In this article, we will talk about the emotions that colors make us feel and how we perceive them. … Read More

Eye twitching: Causes and treatment

It is very likely that every one of us has experienced eye twitching at some point. It is usually barely noticeable but for some people, it may get bothersome. What is actually the essence of this condition and how can it be treated? Let us find out! Introduction Eye twitching or medically known as myokymia affects only the eyelid of … Read More

10 habits that will improve your sleep quality

Did you know you could have a better life when you improve your sleep? Feeling tired all the time and the lack of sleep may cause not only tiredness but serious health issues and reduce your productivity. In this article, we will discuss ten habits that will improve your sleep quality and help you live a healthy life. Why improve … Read More

7 interesting facts about the human eyes

Here are 7 of the most curious facts about the human eyes. How often do we take a moment to appreciate these incredible organs? In my opinion, not often enough. So let’s do it together right now! Human eyes development The development of human eyes starts only two weeks after the conception of a baby. These organs have a very … Read More

5 affordable ways to invest in your health

Some people invest in real estate, passive income, savings and so on but what they do not realize is that the best investment they could possibly make is in their health. It may sound expensive to you but it is actually not. In fact, it can be very easy and pleasant if you decide to change your life for the … Read More

How To Choose The Best Glasses For You?

I know, I know, you spend too much time in stores, online stores, or ordinary accessories or fashion sites, for your dream glasses. Do you take your friends with you to express your opinion? – The poor ones. Glasses are not just about emphasizing your vision. On the contrary, they serve something more important – the health of your eyes. … Read More

What are the best gifts for programmers?

Everybody has wondered at least once in their lives what is the perfect present for a close person and the choice is often difficult to make. And if you are seeking gifts for programmers, who is a relative or a loved one, then check out the ideas we are giving you in this article! Where to look out for gifts … Read More

How animal`s sight works?

Animal`s sight is different from human vision In this article, you will understand how animal`s sight works. What do the vast majority think when they take a gander at the world most likely the animal`s sight it a similar way we see it. After some time we fathom that animals don’t have a comparative vision as people. “The information they … Read More

7 ways technology is changing the healthcare industry

Introduction I think we all are aware that technology takes a big part in our lives. But even before them, there was always something, created by humans, that made a big change in people’s everyday life. This includes innovations in medicine. Even nowadays, being a doctor or a scientist comes with financial security and plenty of opportunities. But what would … Read More

Unique gifts for gamers

Choosing gifts for gamers is not so difficult as you might think. Gamers like everything nerdy or gaming-related. They love collecting various fandom merchandise and their home is usually all covered with it. However, if you want to get on the next level with buying the best gift for your gamer friend you are in the right place! In general, … Read More

Why should I use blue light blocking software?

Obviously, the hours of the day when our eyes are exposed to the blue light from looking at a computer screen or other devices are getting bigger, and we’re just starting to study and learn about the long-term side effects associated with this exposure. Can we protect ourselves? The answer is yes.  Blue light blocking software comes to the rescue … Read More