What causes Eye pain?

If you are among those unlucky victims who have experienced the worst condition of eye pain then you have come to the right place to further explore this condition.

What is it?

Eye pain is a condition in which the patient experiences a very sharp and stabbing pain radiating from either behind the eye or somewhere around the eye.

This condition is either solely related to any other disease or conditions such as fever, injury or low/high blood pressure or it is possible that it is originated on its own without being linked to any other situation.

Symptoms of eye pain

Signs and symptoms of eye pain are either so clear that the patient easily comes to know what is wrong.

Whereas, sometimes the signs are quite dim, giving no clear clues.

Following are some very common symptoms of eye pain:

  • Temporary or permanent loss of vision
  • Blurry vision
  • Double vision
  • Rainbow formation in vision
  • Watery eyes
  • Headache
  • Pain in temples
  • Pain in cheeks and nose
  • Unable to move eye normally
  • Presence of real or imaginable objects in eye

Causes of Eye pain

Β Following are the major causes of eye pain.


It is a common cause and required no rocket science to understand it. When something hits your eye and an injury occurs. This injury if left untreated or you are not being careful towards it after treatment then, it is possible that it becomes a cause of very bad eye pain.

It is very simple to treat a minor injury. Use proper ointments and eye drops and in a matter of few days it will heal up. Make sure you follow the prescriptions of a doctor.


The part of the eye where there is a thin pigmented lining is called uvea. The inflammation of this part is called uveitis. This infection may be caused due to several reasons. An injury, allergy, autoimmune disorders, infection and sometimes an unknown reason becomes the cause of eye pain.

If uveitis worsens, it can bring worse damages.

Eye pain is the initial part, this might further lead to vision loss.

Therefore, it is very important to treat uveitis.

Eye specialists diagnose this condition by using slit lamps in a physical examination.

Uveitis must be treated as soon as possible by using eye drops containing corticosteroids, pupil dilating drugs and even surgeries.


It is an infection in which organisms find their way to the eye and cause damage.

The infection is introduced in the eye either after a surgery where unsterilized equipment are used or a direct injury to them.

In some cases, the organisms enter the body through some other means and reach the eye by means of the bloodstream.

The organism can be a bacteria, fungi or protozoa.

Endophthalmitis must be treated as the first priority.

This type of infection requires a highly planned treatment because medium levels can not bring much satisfaction.

If the treatment is delayed, very severe damage can occur.

After the diagnosis, the infection is healed by using corticosteroids, eye drops, antibiotics and even surgery. In surgery, doctors remove the infected tissue to stop the infection entirely.


Glaucoma is a condition in which intraocular pressure increases due to the blockage of vessels which don’t allow proper drainage of Aqueous Humor.

When this pressure increases the optic nerve is affected.

This condition gives intense eye pain with a severe headache.

This situation can be treated but it depends upon its severity.

If the eye drops don’t affect then surgery is opted.

If the pressure in the eye is very high and it becomes impossible to control them surgery is opted.

In surgery, surgeons install a new drainage system for the fluid by removing the damaged one.

Contact lens

Many times, people don’t have enough information about the proper usage and storage of contact lenses.

All they do is place it in their eyes without being careful.

When the lens is not properly fixed, it causes itching and redness.

Later, eye pain begins to shoot.

Rinse your eyes properly with a saline solution.

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