Why does blue light keep you awake?

Most of the people are not aware of the negative impact on the blue light on one’s health.

Most of the people are not aware of the negative impact of the blue light on one’s health.

Perils of blue light can lead to long-term health issues that can keep you at bay from using your laptop, smartphone or MAC.

Today’s lifestyle, which includes long working hours, long study hours in front of a computer screen, watching television for long hours, or reading an ebook leads to overexposure to blue light.

The blue light can make your eyes fatigued, dry, or even sleeplessness. The ill effects of blue light can be up to alarming level.


Blue light can keep you awake at night.

Why does blue light keep you awake ?

In recent studies, it is being clearly instructed by the scientists that one should not use such blue light emitting devices just before going to bed.

Using devices that produce blue light before sleep might be dangerous for your health.



Have you ever wondered, why?

Or, how a blue light emitting the device can keep you away from sleep and increase alertness in you?

Actually, the blue light that emits from our devices is short in wavelength, hence has much more concentrated than natural light.

Blue light directly affects melatonin, the hormone known to induce sleep.



This is how blue light affects your brain and melatonin.


In simpler words, blue light signals the mind that it is not the time to sleep yet.

Lack of quality and quantity of sleep can lead to mood issues, stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

All of us know the ill- effects and damage caused by the ultraviolet rays.

In order to make it even clearer, we can say that blue light is very close to the ultraviolet rays.

Despite any smart device or television screen, the very common source of getting blue light is LEDs.

These lights are a rich source of emitting blue light potentially.

What can you do to protect yourΒ eyesight ?

Although it is not easy to get rid of blue light completely, you must try to avoid using the gadgets, laptop or LEDs at night.

In case you cannot avoid it due to any of your constraint then you must use blue light filter software.

A good blue light filter software will prevent the eye strain, reduce pain in the eyes, and definitely improve your sleep.


Blue light filter software will definitely improve your sleep.


Along with many other available blue light filter software, Iris is amongst the most preferred choice of the customers.

Iris is mostly known for the below mentioned exclusive qualities:

  • Allows to set customized blue light and brightness values

  • Customization of reduction in blue light by making the screen more red, orange, or yellow

  • Adjusting brightness to match the screen brightness with the surrounding light

  • Custom timing set up for days and nights

  • Allows pausing Iris when you watch videos in full screen in You Tube and many more.

Iris is designed with the purpose to adjust the blue light as much as possible with the natural light of the surrounding.


Are you ready to prevent the eye strain, reduce the pain in your eyes, and improve your sleep ?

If your answer is yes then Iris is the perfect fir for you. You can purchase it in the buy section on this website.

If you hesitate however, you can try the free trial version of Iris.


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