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We are actively participating in the time where running on the wheel of success and progress has become a trend setter. But this trend setter has brought numerous side effects with it.

All the businesses, educational institutes and domestic, commercial and professional life revolve around the bright computer screens.

Assume the picture: A man working from early morning till midnight in a dimly lit room with coffee on the side table and laptop screen sitting in front of him.

Add, the rubbing of eyes and massaging forehead every now and then too.

Yes, we know that meeting deadlines is important. Nobody is fond of being kicked out of the office for now preparing an important presentation. So what can be adjusted here?

Install a blue light filter on your laptop, computer, LCD, smartphones etc to keep your eyes guarded.

What is Blue Light?

Β It is necessary to first know what actually blue light is. The light emitted from digital screens consists of different electromagnetic particles which travel in wave form.

The rays which make up the electromagnetic spectrum include gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet (UV) rays, visible light, infrared light, and radio waves. Each wave varies in length and energy.

Shorter the wavelength, greater the energy. If we talk about a naked human eye then it is sensitive to only visible light which consists of colors that include violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

Out of all these colors, blue light has a short wavelength and thus, it radiates more energy than others.

It has a wavelength of 400-495 nm. The twist lies in the fact that Blue Light or High Energy Visible (HEV) being the shortest and highest energy wavelengths in visible spectrum flicker easily than the other longer and weaker wavelengths.

According to studies and researches, this flickering of blue light is the sole reason for headaches, eye strain and mental fatigue caused as a result of continuous exposure to digital screens ultimately leading to long-term damage to eyes.

But don’t worry, a blue light filter such as Iris now provides protection against these harmful rays.

How blue light affects your eyes?

Let us kill your curiosity and enlighten you with some facts that how digital screens affect your eyes.

You see the light being emitted by the screens but do you know what the constituents of this light are?

There are multiple rays which make up the brightness or light because of which you are able to see the work on screen. One of those rays is Blue Light.

A layman is unaware of blue light because there is no such awareness about the protection of eye health against these lights.

You work daily for long hours in front of digital screens without a blue light filter and that is the time when blue light is busy attacking your naked eyes. The effect is slow.

The damage does not occur all of a sudden in a few hours or even days. It takes some time to first show the symptoms and then progress towards the damages.

And the credit for destruction for to the absence of the blue light filter. In order to avoid this damage, one must install blue light filter as the first priority.

How does Iris help?

Iris has been helping its customers for a long time by serving as a blue light filter.

This blue light filter stops all the extremely harmful blue lights and doesn’t allow them to pass from digital screen to your eyes.

Iris is a blue light filter which has high sensors for the detection of blue lights.

It builds up barriers for the blue light to pass. Iris proves excellence in its performance and all its customers who rely for good and stable eye health rely on this blue light filter.

With Iris, say NO to eye strain, headache and fatigue.

Download this blue light screen filter app and let all the worries go.


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