Screen Brightness Program

and How it will keep your eyes healthy!

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We all know the fact that junk food is the worst enemy of our health but have you ever thought about your eyes?

Do you know what’s the worst enemy of your eyes?

The screen of your monitor and all of your digital devices are no less than an enemy to your eyes.

We all at some point in our life have heard people telling us not to use too much of our phones and laptops but we never actually tried to know the reason behind it.

However, today we will be explaining it all to you along with the reason why your monitor screen is dangerous for you.

So, folks, take notes of what we are about to tell you because this article can be very useful for you in the long run.

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Why Is Your Monitor Screen Dangerous?

Have you ever noticed that the people who work on laptops and computers all day long, they wear contact lenses or glasses in order to see properly?

In fact, that sad part is that almost all of us know someone who suffers through near or farsightedness.

blue light filter eye protection software eye strain screen protector light

Now, the major reason behind it again is the excessive use of the screen and the dangerous part is the blue light coming out of it.

Yes, you read it right, blue light is the worst enemy of your eyes and the more you expose your eyes to this light, the more harm it does to your optic nerves which can later cause a headache and eye pain.

What Is Blue Light?

The visible light is a mixture of different colors such indigo, red, yellow, green and blue and among all the other lights, the blue one is the most dangerous one as it comes with a short wavelength.

According to some articles in sites like Wikipedia on these UV light technology and their nature, you will see that the shorter the wavelength of a light is, the more powerful and dangerous it will be.

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Also, an interesting thing is that Sun is the major source of blue light and just like the UV rays, blue light is also dangerous for your skin and your eyes which is why it’s always better to avoid direct contact of your eyes with the Sun and wear sunglasses if you have to go out.

The light coming out of the Sun is not as dangerous as the one that is coming out of our screens.

And the reason is that we all use our phones and laptops almost every day for hours and hours which means we expose too much of the blue light to our eyes and this is where all the problem begins.

What To Do?

It would be insane to ask you to stop using your digital devices or throw them away but we do have an alternative for you.

By that alternative, we are talking about none other than an amazing screen brightness filter program that can make your monitor healthy for your eyes.

iris software blue light filter eye protection

Β Iris is the one screen brightness program that is currently being used by thousands of people all around the world and this program is quite beneficial and effective.

What actually happens is that Iris blocks the blue light on your screen and it doesn’t allow the light to hit straight on the retina of your eyes.

blue light affect filter app screen light dimmer eye protection eye strain iris software

This software is pretty intelligent as it can identify the light around you and then regulate the brightness of the monitor accordingly.

With Iris, you will be able to protect your eyes from computer light like never before and the best part is that you will be able to use your laptop as much as you want to without the fear of having blue light eye damage.

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