Healthy Eyes for Life

Avoid these 5 things if you want to have healthy eyes for life

We all know how important is to have healthy eyes in any case.

But do we know how much they deserve and how we should treat them?

Few people take some care of their eyesight.

Whether every 3 months, they have a spare hour for an eye doctor.

Using different procedures, the important thing is to work for them.

All possible ways help your eyes as long as they are in the “Useful” column.

If you feel that you need to upgrade in every way possible to the health of your eyes.

Or you already know how to keep them safe, then go on down to find out what you shouldn’t do.

Impairment factors

It will be difficult to list all the obstacles to our sight.

But to start with a brief theory that will be useful for everyone, focused on practice.

Hygiene and care

First of all, we cannot but mention the most important of all the problems.

May everyone be familiar with personal hygiene.

Because lately, as we all know from the pandemic in early March.

We are affected by the so-called coronavirus.

And here it is important to mention that it gives in even when we touch our eyes.

Or other parts of the face, such as the nose and mouth.

It is important not to touch your face unless you have washed your hands with plenty of water and soap.

Different bacteria and more. They spread through mucosal contamination.

The eyes are a delicate area and are easily contaminated. This leads to several other eye infections that can affect the inside of the eye. So, observe your hygiene.

Wash your hands properly. Soap and scrub for 30-60 seconds in a circular motion.

Rinse them well and dry them well.

Blue light

Secondly, there is no way to mention blue light if we are talking about healthy eyes.

We cannot, without it, really need it, but we can limit it to a certain minimum.

In a digital age like ours, it’s normal to be exposed every day.

It may seem ridiculous, but the damage it causes to your eyesight is no fun.

Be competent in this. As we know, bright light also weakens our eyesight.

And this leads to different diseases.

The solution to the problem is you. Sunglasses, for example, also do a good job.

They protect the eyes from the inflammation.

Which the sun also contributes through its UV harmful rays.

Sleep deprivation

Sleep is extremely important.

Insomnia is often found in a fast-paced everyday life, like the one we are all subject to.

Pay attention! 30% of the global population has sleep problems.

Another 10% officially show signs of insomnia, the “National Sleep Foundation” tells us.

It’s not as small as it seems. It’s about a dream.

The most important care we often overlook.

Consider how many services we can avoid with just a few hours of sleep, plus a busy day.


The β€œUniversity of Bristol” has researched.

That the wrong diet leads to some complications.

And not just by weight, but healthy from every angle.

For example, people with poor diets can damage their eyesight at a very young age.

I mean vision loss, blurry picture, affecting both eyes.

Improper nutrition leads to optic nerve dysfunction, or nutritionally called “Nutritional optic neuropathy.”

This condition is reversible if it is found in time, ie at an early stage.

And if you still think that eating healthy is due to starvation, you’re wrong.

Having healthy eyes means eating the right food in the right amount.

There is an extraordinary variety of foods that help our vision grow for the better.

The eyes need the right nutrients, such as vitamins, fiber, protein and more. Foods High in Omega 3, Vitamin E and A, as well as C.

Irritation, dryness, and redness of eyes

Often eye problems like these lead to more damage.

Pay attention to these symptoms if you already have them. Consult a doctor.

Such problems occur quite often, and some people consider it a completely normal thing.

Dry eyes can tell us about a disease to which we have some affinity.

Including red eyes and irritation can also be the key to more complications.

The symptoms that occur are often part of a variety of eye conditions.

Such as a dusty environment, a long stare at your computer or other digital devices.

Other causes are various allergies, unventilated room aids, lack of sleep and many more.

Consequently, pay close attention to your eyes and resort to the appropriate treatment.

Eyes for life

Create new conditions for your eyes in a busy everyday life.

The above topics and issues should be helpful. There is nothing more important than your health.

And we all know how difficult it can be sometimes, to quit important work and to rest for a minute.

But think about your eyesight. With a slight change in routine, you will notice the difference.

Eye exercises also help. Giving a few minutes a day saves you the tiredness in your eyes and keeps them moist.

Smoking and spirits harm both the body and the performance of the eyes.

I tell you if your work is connected to a computer.

And you spend a long time in front of your smartphone or other blue light-emitting devices.

You can buy computer glasses. They do a lot of useful work, protecting your eyes by “filtering” the blue light.

Makes the color softer (yellow or red).

Final words

I very much hope and will be glad if you continue with your good qualities.

Taking care of your hygiene, sleep, diet is the key to healthy eyes.

And about the knowledge that you have gained from this article, let me long for you. Health comes first, right?

Iris always tries to be as useful as possible to your eyes. We do not stop to develop and improve our product for you.

Because there is nothing more important than health. Which, anyway, has always been our priority.

This is how it should be. Iris is the software you need. For any display device, the dimer is perfectly suited.

Worried about going to Android? Of course!

For both Android and iOS, Windows, Linux, and other operating systems.

Eyes need more than one thank you. They are for life, so take care of them and their function to last a lifetime.



Author: Nikolay Tasev


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