What Blue Light Filter Does?

and Which filter will prevent its harm

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You hear about infrared light and ultraviolet light all the time but with the advent of the modern technology, blue light has been thrown around in the mix quite often.

Looks like it’s about time that we shed light on this controversial type of light and answer the question about what blue light filter does?

What is blue light?

Actually, the light that we include consists of red, orange, yellow, green and blue rays.

These are the different shades that make up a spectrum.

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Blue light has the shortest wavelength and is also found to have the highest amount of energy.

When there is high energy light it can affect people.

It can mess up people’s sleep cycle and therefore, can result in insomnia or even sinus eye pain.

It is also linked to digital eye strain. And it is found to be one of the causes of macular degeneration.

Where blue light causes eye harm, there also exist ways on how to avoid that potential harm.

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The solution to blue light harm

To prevent the harmful effects of this light, there are blue light filters.

They are made to block the light in order for the light not to reach people’s eyes.

blue light filter eye protection eye strain eye protection filter

Blue light filters are ideal for people who stare at the computer for an extended amount of time.

Exposure to screens which contains blue light is shown to be the culprit of digital eye strain, as suggested by Wikipedia.

If you’ve been having a headache and tired eyes, there is a chance that you need such a low light filter.

The same goes if you are having a wonky sleep cycle.

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Now that is acknowledged that excessive such light may be harmful especially at night, there are different kinds of blue light screen dimmer filters out there.

The whole point of blue light filters is to reduce the exposure of our eyes to this harmful light at night.

This way, it does not mess up your sleep pattern and eventually affecting every other body processes.

Among the many types of this light, filters are screen dimmer app softwares you can download and install on your device to keep your eyes protected from such light.

What is Iris?

One example of a blue light filter is Iris which is software for that promises eye protection, health, and productivity.

Iris comes with many features but the two most popular ones are:

If you have Iris on your device you can control the amount of blue light that your device’s screen emits.

Iris enables you to control the brightness of your device’s screen without the PWM flicker.

PWM is Pulse Width is the method by which the screen’s brightness is controlled by turning the backlight on and then turning it off at high frequency.

This process produces eye strain and headache despite our brain not being able to perceive this occurrence in our devices.

Iris also gives its users a variety of options with its different modes and various types.

iris software blue light filter eye protection settings brightness contrast screen eye strain


Although the settings can be automatic and defaulted, some users who are well versed with the technology are able to customize the software.

The default mode is also able to detect if its day or night, automatically.

Based on the time of the day, it then changes the screen’s color, temperature, and brightness.

iris blue light filter app eye protection iris software eye strain eye health

In order to access these options and customize your Iris, you can go to the flux blue light software’s control panel.

Now, you know that you need a blue light filter.

Why don’t you start with Iris?

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