UV Light from Computer Screens

Harmful effects of UV light from computer screens

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Sitting before the computer for hours together and for days has become more than a fashion and requirements of modern work life.

But a new term β€˜computer face’ has emerged to describe premature aging effects caused by sitting at the computer for hours.

What is the computer face all about?

According to medical experts, people who are required to sit continuously at the computer for hours are at greater risk of facing premature aging.

This is because of the UV light emerging from the computer screens.

It also means accelerated wrinkles, fine lines, turkey neck, frown lines, jowls and deep wrinkles.

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Some potential problems faced:

β€’ When concentrating if the person squints or frowns, then premature frown lines are likely to develop.

β€’ Sitting in a single position for a long time also increases jowls risks.

β€’ Looking down a lot may sag and shorten the neck muscles causing turkey neck.

β€’ Young women and men are likely to age much more quickly due to heavy usage of IT.

blue light harm eye harm eye problems

Patients suffering from such effects are only found to be increasingly lining up at the leading cosmetic surgical centers.

These can be considered to be early warnings.

They should be heeded to as to how badly the body’s muscles tend to react towards endless sitting.

How do computers expose to UV radiation?

The experts are of the opinion that computers do expose the user to harmful UV radiation.

Low UV light levels are emitted by older CRT monitors, which over a period of time, leads to skin damage.

It can also be problematic for those who are photosensitive like people suffering from severe xeroderma pigmentosum and lupus problems.

UV light, however, is not radiated by the new flat paneled LCD screens as opposed to LCD and plasma screens.

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Aging caused by allergic reactions

Researches conducted have stated that exposure to the computer screen for hours can lead to blotches, discoloration, skin allergies and rashes with time.

Moreover, those facing pre-existing skin issues such as sun sensitivity and rosacea can face more risk.

Some scientists also opine that an electrostatic field is created by monitors to attract floating dust which then settles on the skin, thus causing irritation, dryness and allergic reactions, specifically in the poorly ventilated areas.

Excessive exposure to the computer screen in a few sensitive individuals may cause screen dermatitis.

Here, the skin cells tend to suffer due to consistent exposure towards electromagnetic fields and light.

uv uva uvb light skin damage blue light harm sun computer screen filter eye protection skin protection eye health

How to protect the eyes and the face?

It will be useful to do some thorough research on the potential effects that computers have over skin in its very early stages.

One more aspect to understand is that LCD screens although don’t emit UV radiation, are known to emit LED light.

Such light is associated with damage to the eyes.

Furthermore, studies have associated LED lights present in computers, bulbs, TVs and cell phones to enhanced irreparable harm and risk to the retinal region.

Researchers have also stated that damage may be caused by radiation at higher levels present in blue light band.

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With LED lights being used in TV screens, mobile phones, and computers, the problem is only anticipated to grow in the near future.

Hence, there has been developed blue light filters like Iris app that will do a world of good to the eyes and sleep.

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