Why is Blue light bad for You?

Before getting started with the topic of today, first, let’s talk a bit about blue light, what it is and how it affects your vision and your lifestyle.

Most importantly if you are someone who hasn’t yet heard of the term β€œblue light” then you need to stick to this article because today we are going to give you all the information on blue light and what can be done to protect your eyes from it.Β 

What Is Blue Light?

One of the most common questions asked by many people is that what exactly is blue light.

Well, we will cut it short for you, you see if you are using a mobile, a tablet or a laptop to read this article then know that you are exposing your eyes to some serious and very dangerous light.

That dangerous light is known as blue light. Blue light is basically present all around us and one of the major sources of blue light is the Sun.

Have you ever read or heard that excessive exposure to the ultraviolet rays from the Sun can damage your skin?

Well, if you did then know that alongside the UV rays, Sun generates a big amount of blue light too which is dangerous for the eyes.

Now, you might be wondering that how can someone avoid the blue light from the Sun?

Well, that is not the concern of today, in fact, the concern for today is the blue light that is coming out of your screens.

We all spend all our day using these tablets and mobiles without knowing the fact that they are destroying our eyes to a limit where it can even cause permanent vision loss.

The Effect Of Bluelight

Now for a while thing of vision loss and we are sure you got goosebumps with that though because let’s face it, no vision means no life.

Now let’s talk about why and how does blue light affect our eyes?

First, let’s get one thing straight, blue light has some good side to it too, it increases the activity of mind, keeps it active and working but the excess exposure of the eye to the blue light can cause several diseases that are unimaginable.

Bluelight has a bad effect on the eyes especially at the night time when you are using your screens.

What happens is that the light around you is dimmer and dark and the one light coming out of your screen puts a direct strain on your eyes, your retina and ultimately your nervous system.

Has it ever occurred to you that you’ve been in front of the screen all day long and at the night time it becomes difficult for you to sleep?

Well, if yes then know that your sleep is getting disturbed due to the blue light coming out of your screens.Β 

What Can Be Done?

Obviously, you cannot start avoiding using cellphones and laptops but what can be done is that you can install a blue light filter software or application on your phone and your laptop too.

There are currently several filters available online and on your play store and you can easily access and download them to protect your eyes. One of the best blue light filter at the moment is Iris.Β 

What Is Iris?

Iris is one of the most used blue light filter software that can be used on mobile phones and laptops too.

The main purpose of Iris is to protect your eyes from the dangers of the light coming out of your screen.

If you genuinely care about your eyes then we suggest you to give Iris a try and you will see the results for yourself.

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