Are blue light filter apps effective?

Are you losing sleep because of extended hours of staring at your screens?

Some people work over time. And some people falsely believed that browsing the internet on their phone before going to sleep will help them doze off easily.

Blue Light Filter App

Science it has already been established that the emitted blue light from our phone and computer screens can disrupt our sleep cycle causing us the difficulty of sleeping and eventually other health conditions that come with lack of sleep.

Thankfully, there are blue light filter apps that promise to protect your eyes from the harm that blue light might cause. But the question is does blue light filter apps effective? Let us figure it out.

Can blue light filter apps really help?

Without the blue light filter app, you are exposed to a risky amount of blue light. Some people have a habit of turning to their phones and tablets and covering their faces with their screens before they sleep.

This actually puts you to an alarming amount of exposure to blue light.

Blue Light Filter and Protection

Putting your devices inches close to your eyes could put you at a higher risk if your device does not have a blue light filter app.

But how do blue light create this harmful effect on our health?

When the sun sets and it gets dark, your body would release melatonin.

This is the substance that enables us to get restful sleep. The thing about the blue light that is emitted by artificial light is it makes our photoreceptors or our eyes into believing that it is still daytime.

Therefore our body releases less and less melatonin resulting in the difficulty of sleep.

Eyes Protection - Blue LIght Filter App

Researchers have actually found out that if you use a blue light filter it avoids your photoreceptors from being tricked into extended daylight.

A study was conducted by making people use the filters and their melatonin has found to be increased in levels. The subjects of the study were also found to have better and quality sleep.


The conclusion is blue light filter apps really work in protecting your eyes from the blue light that computers, tablets, and phones emit. But also make a note that these are not the only source of blue light.

Nevertheless, these devices are the ones which we are exposed to the most. Installing a blue light filter app may be a great way to reduce exposure if not to eliminate.

There are different apps that were developed and are made available. One of them is Iris. This app promises β€œeye protection, health, and productivity”.

This blue light filter app boasts two popular and effective features.

First, is it can decrease the amount of blue light emitted by your device’s screens?

Second, is it can control the brightness without the pulse width modulation flicker (this is the thing that screens do but our brain does not perceive and it actually cause us eye strain and headache).

Iris also offers its users to customize its settings.

Download Blue Light Filter

With the number of devices that we surround ourselves, it is best to have blue light filter apps as a precaution. It is better to prevent than to cure.

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