Do Blue Light Filters Work?

It is that time of life when almost everyone owns some sort of a device, either it is a mobile phone, a TV or a computer.

Now where there are several benefits of all these devices, there are some drawbacks to them too and we are not talking about normal drawbacks, we are talking about some serious dangers with which these devices come.

One of the most dangerous elements of these devices is blue light.

Basically blue light is everywhere around us and one major source of blue light is the Sun.

Now obviously one cannot stop going under the Sun but one can surely save himself from the blue light coming out of the other places such as mobile phones and computers.

Yes, you read it right, the blue light coming out of these devices is just a fraction of what comes from the Sun, but this little fraction of blue light can be extremely dangerous to the eyes due to excessive exposure.Β 

Blue Light And Its Effect

Blue light for us normal people is just a normal form of light but if you dig deep, you will know that this light can actually lead you to permanent vision loss.

The light coming out of our screens is continuously destroying our vision and even our nervous system and the need of the hour is that we all start realizing that we need to protect our eyes from this light.

We all know the fact that we all spend almost half of our day in using mobile phones and laptops and this is exactly where the problem begins.

Excessive exposure of blue light to the eye is the major issue and this can lead every individual to some serious ocular diseases.

Eyes are very sensitive but not many care about this part of the body.

Even a small pain in the eye or injury in the nerves of the eye can lead you to serious vision problems and the other downside of this fact is that there isn’t much you can do to cure eye related problems.

Β Does Blue Light Filter Work?

Now you might have this question in your mind at the moment that how exactly do blue light filters work?

Well, don’t worry because we are going to explain that to you now.

You see what actually happens is that these filters protect our eyes from direct contact with the blue light coming out of our screens.

It is pretty simple and it is very beneficial.

There are several blue light filter applications and sites available at the moment such as Iris.

If you haven’t heard of Iris before then you need to stick a little longer to this article because we are now going to tell you all about Iris and how it works.Β 

What Is Iris?

Iris is basically one of the most used and the most popular software at the moment that works as a blue light filter for your screens.

The best part about this software is that it is available both, for your laptops and your android phone too.

Moreover, with Iris, you will be able to use your phones and laptops without disturbing your eyes and your nervous system.

There are thousands of people using this software at the moment and all of them are quite impressed by the benefits of this software.

The best benefit of Iris is that you can have a sound sleep at night because there is little and sometimes no stress or strain on your eyes even if you use your screen all day long.

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