How to treat eye pain?

More or less, everybody has suffered from eye pain in their lives. But how to treat eye pain?

This is natural, but while we are overloading our eyes every day, eye pain may become a constant event in our lives.

If we leave our eye problems overlooked, they may lead to more serious cases.

This may consist of headaches, blurred vision, red eyes, and even vision damage.

In this article we are going to discuss what causes eye pain; the types of eye pain; and how to treat eye pain.

What leads to eye pain?

Eye pain may be in consequence of many everyday activities that we are used to.

Like reading books, watching movies, doing work on a computer, and many others.

Take a look at the probable reasons why you might suffer from eye pain:

Poor or bad lightning

Poor lighting is harmful to our eyes because unlike animals, we can not see in low light or in the dark.

Human eyes need light to see.

Consequently, when there is a lack of it, our eyes are doing extra efforts to visualize the surroundings.
And if you are trying to do an activity that requires concentration your eyes are going to tire even faster.

Such are activities like reading and drawing.

They are such that the eyes have to perceive and digest many details during the process.

Bad lighting means also very strong and unhealthy LED lightning.

Many LED lamps stay on the violet side of the light specter.

These lamps give off blue light that is harmful to human eyes.

We recommend you to consider turning to warmer colored lights in your home and if achievable in your office.

Blue light is also radiated by electronics that every one of us possesses.

Blue light

This type of light – blue light – is, by the way, the biggest causer of eye pain and the most dangerous.

Every computer, tablet, and mobile phone screen emits blue light.

However, there is no way to remove it from settings or lowering the levels of brightness of your display.

You can reduce it if you install a blue light filter for PC or buy special computer spectacles and it will definitely help you with the way toΒ treat eye pain.

The blue light that your computer emits is just like the one that comes from the LED lamps.

It is on the cold part of the light specter and in comparison to the red light, it is a lot more energized.

By nature, the human eyes filter a great part of the UV rays.

But all other types of light make their way to the retina at the back part of the eyeball.

And being that highly energized, blue light achieves a higher hurting rate.

This way the blue light with ease can get deeper into our eyes and thus to make greater damage.

When you get exposed to blue light every day, there are long-lasting effects that may occur.

Types of eye pain caused by blue light

Red eyes

Eye fatigue or red eyes are a result not only from blue light.

So, one must learn to recognize the signs of the two types of eye fatigue.

Red eyes may occur because of an allergy or something that has scratched the surface of the eyes.

But then, only a part of the eye’s surface would be concerned.

And with blue light, both eyes get red and itchy, because of that they both have been radiated with blue light.

And since the blue light radiated by computer and phone screens make people forget to blink, this also leads to reddened eyes.

When we blink we lubricate our eyes, this is why blinking is healthy.

When we forget to blink, the dry eyelids slide over the gentle surface of the sclera.

And this results in bloodshot eyes.

Blurred vision

This also could be a result of long-time exposure to blue light.

Blurred vision could appear in one or both eyes in different ways.

It could be an only blurred vision or double vision, along with a headache or dizziness.

Other – more serious – outcomes of continual exposure to blue light are:

Macular degeneration

This kind of eye disease has an option to lead to permanent vision damage.

This disease is even more popular than cataracts and glaucoma in some countries.

Macular degeneration is connected with the macula, which is near the retina at the back of our eyes.

This element of the eye is responsible for sending the images we see to the brain.

Macular degeneration has several stages before one starts losing its vision.

And often one doesn’t recognize the signs at an early stage.

Therefore, regular visits to the doctor are a must.


Circadian rhythm

The circadian rhythm is our biological clock that controls our waking and sleeping hours.

It is like the animals have their hibernation biological cycles.

What does it have to do with eye problems, you would ask?

Well, when you are consuming blue light and for a long time, your brain is going to be thinking that it is daytime when it actually is not.

You are going to start having problems with sleeping.

Also, because of the harm you have done to your circadian rhythm, you are going to constantly feel tired.

This is why many suffer from sleep loss after a long period of computer or mobile phone use.

Apart from the numbered problems above, blue light could cause other diseases that are not particularly in connection to the eyes.

How to treat eye pain caused by blue light?

One of the easiest methods to keep your eyes away from blue light is to try to block it.

You could consult with a specialist in ophthalmology for a pair of special computer glasses.

These glasses have special lenses that filtrate a part of the blue light.

When one looks through them he/she will see the screen in yellower color.

Or you could try blocking your device’s blue light by installing a blue light filter.

These kinds of filters can be installed on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

We recommend you, Iris.


Iris is a blue light blocking software that is going to remove the blue light given off by the display of your device.

It has already helped thousands of people worldwide to feel healthier.

Apart from blocking the blue light, this PC filter has many other options.Β 

You could set a timer routine that is going to remind you when to take a break for several minutes.

During the break, you have to look at faraway objects or to do eye exercises.

Iris can be installed on all your devices – on your PC, Android or iOS phone and tablet.

Iris has different display options that would suit everybody’s needs. And many more!

Last words

Eyecare is very important in our lives.

Therefore we have to give a lot more time and effort in keeping our eyes in good health.

If you do not have the time to do so, Iris – the filter that blocks your PC’s blue light – is a great start to begin relieving eye pain.

Author: Yoana Borisova

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