Blue Light Blocker

A new hot topic for anyone into health and technology is the issue of blue light and the effects it can have on the human eye and sleep patterns.

So, what is this blue light that everyone is talking about? And why is it so bad for you?

What is Blue light?

The blue light being discussed here is the light that is emitted through the screens on your various technological devices like your phone, tablet, and computer screen.

Is all Blue light bad?

No. Not all blue light is bad, and it can even depend on how sensitive you are to this type of light when it comes to whether or not it will cause you any problems.

But most people can benefit from reducing their exposure to blue light.

Why is Blue light bad for you?

There are two different reasons why blue light can be bad for you.

The first reason is that the excess blue light emitted by electronic screens lowers the contrast that we see in images.

This causes our eyes to overcompensate and can cause eyes strain.

The second reason that excess blue light from screen could be causing you harm, is that they can lead to a skewed sleep cycle.

What this means is that the blue light emitted by our screens can interrupt our circadian rhythm by mimicking the light we see naturally during the day.

This is why you are recommended to keep screens out of the bedroom and also why so many social media sites have a blue background.

What can you do about it?

There are a few different things that you can do to combat the effects of excess blue light.

The first is obviously to only use screens when we need to, but as technology is becoming a bigger and more integrated part of our lives every day, that is something that most people will find difficult to do, especially if your day job also revolves around a screen.

On the technological side of things, however, you have a lot more options.

One of the most popular, and mostly free, an optionΒ is to download Iris software that automatically filters out the unwanted blue light.

It can work by allowing you to customize the color contrasts you wish to see more of on your screens, or by automatically synching up with the natural daylight you experience outside, better easing you into a night time mode and thus, better sleep.

Another option that is becoming popular is the use of blue light filtering glasses.

These glasses don’t require you to make any changes to your screens and are a handy way to choose when and where you wish to reduce your blue light exposure.

Filter glasses can be worn with or without a prescription and can even be purchased as a contact.

If you want to protect yourself from eye strain or get better sleep, you might want to think about getting yourself a blue light blocker to give you a better night’s sleep.



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