Anti-Blue Light Glasses

A new trend that is on the rise for anyone who is into technology or anyone who uses screens for work or excessively in their free time, which includes pretty much everyone, is the trend of anti-blue light glasses.

You might have heard of these before, but you may not know exactly why they are becoming so popular, or what they even do for us. Here’s everything you need to know about anti-blue light glasses.

What is Blue Light and Why is it Bad?

Blue light is a light that is emitted from our digital screens.

This blue light can blend with white lights and reduce the contrast in images and texts that we see on screens.

This can create problems for us because our eyes overcompensate to make up for this, and strain to see how we normally would off the screen.

This can lead to eye strain and even headaches if you use screens all the time, especially for work.

Another negative effect this can have on you is that it can copy the type of light that we naturally get from the sun.

This type of light can help regulate our sleep hormones and tell us when we should be waking up and getting ready for bed.

Having so much artificial blue light around us, especially in the evening or when we are actually in bed, can trick our minds into thinking that the sun is still up and that we shouldn’t be sleeping yet.

This is also why so many websites use the color blue as their background, to keep us awake and using them longer.

Obviously, this leads us to find it difficult to switch off our brains even when the device is switched off and can disrupt our sleep patterns long-term or even lead to insomnia.

What are Anti-Blue Light Glasses?

Anti-blue light glasses are glasses that automatically block out the excess blue light that you see from your screens.

These are glasses that you can carry around in your pocket and use for any device at work or at home.

You don’t need a prescription to get them, though if you use glasses, you can get prescription ones and can also get contacts if that is what you prefer.

These are a great way to have protection from eye strain everywhere you go and can be purchased in a variety of styles and frame colors.

The negative effects of blue light on our eyes are becoming an increasing concern with the amount of time that we spend using screens every single day.

As screens become more integrated and integral to our daily lives and needs, more time needs to be spent researching the possible negative effects of this and how we can minimize them as much as possible.

Whatever you can do to reduce the risk of eye strain or disruption to your sleep cycles is definitely worth doing some research into, as obviously our eye health directly affects our ability to use the screens that we love so much.

Consider Iris software as we produce a great blue light filter with lots of options to meet your needs.


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