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Technology has changed a lot of things in which we can perform our tasks. One of the biggest invention till dates is the computers which have now further evolved to laptops and smartphones.

We all use computers and smartphones in our daily lives but we don’t know about the hazards of their usage.

Our eyes are sensitive to extreme light and while using the laptops, computers, and smartphones our eyes remain in the continuous strain.

But sometimes usage of the technology is our necessity as some of you might have a work that demands you to be in front of the computer for straight 8 hours.

Does that means that you should compromise on your eye sight and health? No.

Because there is a solution for people with which they can keep their eyes in good health and they don’t even have to compromise on the usage of technology.

The solution that we are talking about is blue light filter app. To make it more clear for the readers, it is basically an app that filters the blue color from the light.

We all know that light is made up of three colors that are red, blue and green and blue is the one that causes the strain on the eyes.

With the blue filter app, you can filter the blue color from the light and then it will become less painful for the eyes.

In this article, we will typically talk about the blue light filter for the Mac users.

The best thing about the blue light filter app is that it is not specific to any platform and both Mac and Windows users can take advantage of the app.

However, the app is designed specifically for different platforms but it is available for each and everyone.

We know that there are people who prefer Mac over the windows laptop and whatever the reason behind this preference they will also be subjected to this eye strain problem.

What these mac users need to do is to install the blue light filter app in their mac book. Once installed they can open the blue light filter app and they will then get the option to adjust the ratio of blue color in the light.

Most of the blue light filters are just limited to adjusting the ratio of the blue light but there are blue light filter apps that provide you with other options as well.

Iris is one of the blue light filter apps that has multiple options along with the blue light filter.

The Iris detects the time itself and it then adjusts the brightness of the screen accordingly.

That means that all you have to do is to install the app and then the blue light filter app will adjust the screen ratio accordingly.

You can also adjust the ratio by yourself if you think that it is not adjusted according to your preference.

Eyes are an asset and it is very important to protect them in order to keep them in good health.

Installing a blue light filter app is a step in protecting your eyes. You can even use your laptops and mac books when you are staying up too late.

Not only the protection but this blue light filter app helps you to sleep better as you don’t feel strain while going to the bed.

So, those who are really concerned about the health of their eyes should immediately get a blue light filter app for their PC.

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  1. The blue light filter will help you to get a soothing effect on your eyes during the night. The post is really very helpful as I have got to know about the helpful things.

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