Must Have Applications For Windows 10

and Why they will get the best of your software

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If you are someone who just shifted to Windows 10 then this article is a must-read for you because today we are going to jot down some of the best and the most used applications that can make your Windows 10 game strong.

So, folks, take notes of what we are about to tell you because this article can actually help you get the best out of your newly installed Windows 10 apps.


More than a million people use Reddit every single day to spice up their days with some hot news, some funny clips and the best part is that this application can help you make new friends that have relevant interests just like you.

Reddit is basically a Reddit application for Windows 10 and it comes with a UI that is pretty flawless so yes you can say that you will have some fun time using this application.

It is so far the best application where you can easily pass your time by reading news and making some friends.

So, do download it right now and have fun scrolling the app.


Previously the Windows 10 app of Instagram was nothing special but recently even this application got a lot of hits and downloads due to the several new and exciting updates.

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You can say that it is now exactly what people wanted it to be and this app will actually make you feel right at home.

Browse, scroll and swipe and enjoy watching the pictures and the new posts that come every single second.


You will have to spend a little money on this application but honestly, it will be worthy of each and every single penny that you spend.

Imagine a platform where there are thousands of movies, Tv series, and shows from all around the world and in all genres. Isn’t it amazing?

netflix iris software eye protection eye strain mobile screen dimmer light

Well, if you are a movie freak this Netflix is definitely the application that you need to try.

Downloading this application on Windows 10 will help you access your favorite shows without searching and opening the web browser which is pretty great.


Eye health is equally important as the overall health of our body.

Especially if you are someone who has to work all day long on his laptop or PC then you need Iris for the protection of your eyes.

As Wikipedia suggests, the effects of blue light technology are continuously damaging your eyes and sooner or later you will start experiencing different vision problems like pain under the eye too which is why it’s high time to use an application that can protect your eyes and block the blue light.

iris software blue light filter eye protection

This application is currently being used by thousands of people from all around the world and it is a must-have app no matter what Windows you are using.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Are you into editing photos and videos? Well, if yes then the all-new Adobe Photoshop Express is something you should definitely have on your PC as this application has quite a lot of exciting updates and tools to use.

Download the app right now and take your editing skills to a whole another level.

adobe photoshop express blue light filter eye protection iris software

These are the few must-have applications especially if you are using Windows 10.

Make some online research and you will find plenty of other apps to download.

For now, download and install all of the above-mentioned apps and we assure you that you won’t be able to keep your hands of your PC.

blue light affect filter eye protection eye strain iris software

Most importantly, don’t forget to install Iris anti-blue light app as protecting your eyes should be your number one priority while using your computer.

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