What Screen Color is Best for Eyes?

Eyes are considered to be the most sensitive part of the human body yet we do not pay much heed to their sensitivity and we are unknowingly destroying our vision with the each passing day.

Now if you are using a phone or a laptop to read this article then honestly even you are destroying your eyes without knowing it.

The reason behind it is awareness, there is very less awareness among the people regarding eyes and their protection.

However, today we are going to make sure that whoever reads this article, starts using a blue light filter or starts avoiding the excess use of laptops and other devices because at the end of the day, excess exposure of anything can have a bad effect.

Β What Light Is Dangerous To The Eyes?

Before giving you the answer of what screen color is best for the eyes, we will first talk about what screen color and light is dangerous to the eyes.

You see, the light coming out of your screen at the moment is the most dangerous light specially if you are using it at the night time.

When one used screen light at the night time, know that you are putting extra stress and strain on your eyes and your nervous system too.

The light coming out of your screen is basically known as the blue light and where blue light has health benefits, it has some really terrible downsides too.

Excessive blue light at night is so dangerous that it can even lead you to permanent vision loss.

Now you might be wondering that what exactly can one do in order to make this light less dangerous for the eyes, well, we do have an answer for that too.

You can use different blue light filters to reduce the strain or you can use various screen colors to avoid that stress on your eyes and your nervous system.Β 

The Best Screen Colors For The Eyes

There are several ways through which you can protect your eyes from the dangerous light of your screen.

The number on solution to this problem is to reduce the brightness of your screen and make sure that it is reduced to a limit where it is not putting any strain on your eyes.

The next solution is to change the color of your screen, the background and the text on it.

You can use different color combinations and the best ones are black text on white screens or if you are opting for some other colors of the text then make sure that the text is dark and the background of your screen is kept lighter.

This can seriously save you from the excessive and disturbing strain on your eye.

Now the third and the best way to protect your eyes especially at the night time is to use blue light filters.

Blue light filters are no less than a blessing for someone whose nature of work demands the excessive use of the screen. One of the most used blue light filter is Iris.


Iris is a software that works both for a laptop and a phone.

This software is pretty intelligent and it works simply by analyzing the light around you and adjusting the light of your screen accordingly so that it won’t be irritating for your eyes.

With Iris, you will be able to stay active and put less strain on your eyes and your nervous system.

Right now there are thousands of people who are using this software to protect their eyes and it has given them some seriously amazing results.

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