What is the best blue light filter for Android

and How to use it?

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We all are just so busy in our daily routine schedules and we’ve got so much work stress on ourselves that we miss out on the little things that need our attention around us.

As a human being, you need to know about the things that are good and bad for your health and today we are going to drive your attention to a very important topic and that is the light around you.

Yes, you read it right, there are several types of lights around you with different spectrums and guess what?

There is this one light – the blue light that is extremely dangerous for your health, especially your eyes.

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What Is Blue Light & Why Is It Dangerous?Β 

Now, a lot of you might be shocked to know that the light around you can actually become a problem for your eye health but don’t worry, we’ll tell you why this happens and how to avoid getting affected by blue light.

Blue light basically is all around us and the one major source of this light is the Sun.Β As suggested by Wikipedia, it can cause quite the eye problems to your body.

Blue light has almost the same effect on our eyes and our skin just as the UV light and it is equally dangerous for our eyes which is why experts recommend wearing sunglasses or any sort of screen filter for eyes every time you go outside under the Sun.

The reason why blue light is the most dangerous one among all the other lights is that this one comes with a very short wavelength.

blue light sun light uv rays color spectrum eye harm strain iris software filter protection

Now, if you ever read about the science behind the lights around us then you’ll know that the shorter the wavelength of a light is, the more dangerous it will be and same is the case with the blue light.

It has a short wavelength which makes it extremely powerful and dangerous for our eye health too.

The Solution to Blue light problemΒ 

We have all heard our elders telling us how dangerous our cellphones and laptops are for our eyes, well, guess what?

The reason why these screens are dangerous for us is that of the blue light again.

The light coming out of our screens is the blue light and when we use mobile phones and laptops, this light goes straight to the retina of our eyes and that is where all the problems such as sinus eye pain begin.

blue light filter eye protection eye strain eye protection filter

Now, obviously in this age of technology, we cannot ask you to throw away all your phones and other electronic devices but yes we do have a solution for you that can save you from vision loss or other ocular diseases likeΒ eye muscle pain or color blindness.

Hereby that solution, we are referring you to one of the best blue light filters for your Androids and that filter is known as Iris.

How Iris Works?Β 

Iris is the most used and the most effective blue light filter for Android to date.

The results of this filter are just miraculous and within the first few days, you will actually start getting good results, most importantly, you will be able to have a good night’s sleep like never before.

iris software blue light filter eye protection eye harm eye strain

Imagine that your monitor screens and your phone screens just become healthy for your eyes which means you can use as much of your phone as you want to without worrying about the dangerous blue light or having to use any type of blue light filter.

Yes, you read it right, now your screen can become healthy for you only if you use Iris on your phone.

The best part about this screen light dimmer is that it blocks the blue light coming out of your screen and it adjusts the light of the screen as per the light around you.

blue light affect filter eye protection eye strain prevention brightness settings night mode iris software

Right now thousands of people are using this software on their phone and if you really care about your eyes then you also need to get this anti-blue light screen filter on your phone right now.

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