Blue Light Filter for Eye Care for PC

Solve blue light problems when using PC

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There are many who are required to sit on the PC for hours together at work at various times of the day or night.

Whatever be it, excessive exposure to the PC only leads to stress and strain in the eye and retina region.

The PC is known to radiate UV and blue light screen rays.

They are considered to cause eye muscle pain and eye harm.

Hence, it becomes essential to search for the most appropriate blue light filters that can take care of the eyes.

Providing proper eye careΒ 

These days, eye strain is said to have become a common problem, something that is not much thought about.

When using the computer for longer time periods.

eye pain migraine eye health blue light harm screen dimmer filter eye proteciton

The user is bound to get tired and his eyes become fatigued and even experience pain, resulting in an eyeΒ migraine.

If not addressed to immediately, it may lead to the development of various types of eye-related problems.

Know the harmful effects of blue lightΒ 

The computer screen is said to produce blue light that is known to cause eye-related issues, stress, and strain.

This light is quite harmful to the eyes. however, constant exposure may lead to eye problems and sleep deprivation.

If the eyes are not rested periodically for a few minutes in every hour of computer usage.

Then, the eye strain is only likely to get accumulated throughout the day.

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However, people, these days do lead busy lives and not have much spare time to relax and take good eye care.

There is a need and compulsion to work on the computers even at night to get the assigned tasks completed.

Such overexposure to light faced from the screen, be it the computer or the mobile phone only causes eye pressure pain over time.

blue light filter effect on eye protection uv light retina damage eye harm

Hence for ensuring healthy eyes, it becomes necessary to make use of a blue light filter.

Such is the Iris app that will protect the eyes and take care of sleep.

Addressing blue lightΒ 

Spending less time on the computer and the mobile phone is a better way to address the issues caused by blue light.

But this is not stated to be practical. There are blue light filter glasses which are designed specifically to filter such light.

However, it can prove to be expensive. The person is sure to be exposed to blue light if he/she forgets to wear it.

These days, there are specific anti-blue light software programs that can be used to filter out blue light to ensure getting less eye strain.

iris software blue light filter eye protection eye strain screen dimmer software app eye harm productivity

Such an app is Iris app and by using this app will remove the blue light from the screen and make it completely safe to be viewed at night time.

This way, the eyes will not get fatigued and better quality sleep can be experienced at night, thus leading to overall better health and eye care.

iris software blue light filter eye harm eye protection eye strain screen dimmer software

This software just needs to be installed in the device, which takes a matter of seconds.

Once done, it will get activated instantly to filter blue light and protect the eyes from strain and stress when using the phone for hours at night.

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