Blue light Protection Glasses

Although blue light protection glasses became popular in the 80’s because of how everyday items can seem sharper without magnification, they have made a comeback over the past few years since new advantages have been found.

Most of us know that we have to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays, but know nothing of how artificial blue light from modern day tech can affect health from sleeping problems to headaches and concentration.

Blue light protection glasses are essential in modern times where the majority of us spend a lot of time looking at screens whether on phones, computers, tablets or the television.

Blue light is naturally created by the sun, however, this serves a purpose.

It helps the body to differentiate between day and night.

When exposed to artificial blue light from tech as well as in many offices and shops through strip lighting this can be affected leading to a whole host of health problems.

Blue light protection glasses are the cost-effective simple way to stop the body being affected by artificial light.

At the end of the day before tech, most people would go home, eat, talk to their families and possibly read before bed.

Nowadays this has been replaced by people surfing the internet, texting, playing games or watching television as a means to unwind.

This change means that the modern means of entertainment expose people to more blue rays than ever before, but you don’t have to give up watching your favorite TV show or movie nights.

Instead, you can avoid the blue glow that modern tech emits by wearing blue light protection glasses.

In doing so it stops the body from being fooled into thinking it’s still day which can slow down melatonin production.

Melatonin is the hormone that makes you feel sleepy at night and to get a good night’s sleep is necessary.

LED lights that most of us now use can damage eyesight over time and lead to problems including macular degeneration.

It can also cause eye strain which can lead to headaches and dry uncomfortable eyes.

Wearing blue light protection glasses when using tech or being in a room with LED lighting, especially at night before bed can help to improve sleep and make waking more refreshing.

For some, it can eradicate the need for an alarm clock altogether as the body wakes naturally.

As well as blocking blue light the blue light protection glasses can help to filter out yellow and green lights that can cause an uncomfortable glare.

Wearing them can make driving, sports and even shopping a more comfortable experience.

It’s great being out in the sun and enjoying the warmth, but unfortunately could be damaging your sleep pattern as well as your sight.

Something as simple as wearing blue light protection glasses will stop you from having to squint during the day to see properly, which is especially important if you want to play your best on the golf course, watching sports and even spending time in the garden with friends and family.

Are you exposed to screen all day?

If you are exposed to the screen, you may consider using a blue light filter app like Iris.

It automatically adjusts your screen to filter out the unwanted light to provide you a safe environment for your eyes.

2 thoughts on “Blue light Protection Glasses

  1. Do you have the IRIS program in a device to plug into a LED TV in order to remove the blue light along with flicker? My research has led me to driftTV which looks like it can remove all of the blue light but does not mention flicker component.
    I have been using IRIS on my computer and am very happy with it.
    Thanks to you kind and smart folks!

    Thanks Robert

    1. Hi Robert,
      You can use Iris on your TV if it’s connected to a device with Iris already installed on it

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