Pain Above The Eye

It is an undeniable fact that eyes are the most sensitive part of the human body and even if a single nerve of the eye gets damaged, you will start facing different vision issues.

Also, if some major nerve gets damaged then there are high chances that you can lose your vision permanently.

A lot of people complain about the pain in the eyes, on the back side of the eyes and sometimes it is above the eyes.

However, only a few know that these are some serious ocular diseases that can be quite threatening for the eyes and for the vision.

Nothing can be as painful as the pain in the eye and the other drawback of it is that you cannot even do anything about it. S

o, first thing’s first, if you feel like the pain above your eye is exceeding a certain limit then you need to rush to the doctor as soon as you can.

If the pain is with some pressure like if you are feeling unnecessary pressure and pain on the eyes then it can be Ocular Hypertension and it needs to be treated as soon as possible or else it can lead to vision loss.

Here are a few reasons why you might be having pain above the eye


It is the condition of the eye where your optic nerve gets damaged.

In most cases, glaucoma is caused when people get really really high blood pressures.

It starts with severe pain in the eye and then nausea, vomiting and redness of the eye come along.

Sinus Infection

It is very common for people to have sinus infections.

Almost 30 million people of the world are suffering through sinus at the moment and it is one of the most painful and irritating diseases.

Your eyes and your nose are the target points of severe pain in the sinus.

Too Much Rubbing

There are high chances that the eye pain you have is just because of rubbing it too much or itching it because again, eyes are very sensitive and if you go a little hard on them, there are high chances of injury or pain.

So, avoid being too harsh on your eyes if you have to rub them.

Exposure To Bright Light

One should never use laptops and computers for longer durations because we all know the fact that the blue light can be pretty dangerous for you.

If you ever start feeling pressure or pain in the eye or above the eye then there are high chances that it is due to the extra exposure of your eye to bright light.Β 


If you feel like the condition of your eye is getting worse over time then rush to the doctor and if you think that it is just due to the bright light that you now have some problem with your eye then firstly, try to stay away from computer and phone screens but if you have to do your job on it or the nature of your work requires to stay in front of the screen then you can download different software such as Iris that can help you with adjustment of the brightness of your screens.

How Iris Works?

With Iris you can protect your eyes on a whole new level, this software is all made for the purpose of protecting your eyes from getting damaged by the bright blue light of your screens.

It actually optimizes and adjusts the brightness of your computer screen according to the light around you so that your eyes don’t get hurt or damaged.

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