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The standard Iris is easy to use with nice user interface and several presets. You can easy switch between Automatic, Manual and Paused mode and choose between several different type presets.

You can recognize the standard free Iris by the clean and stylish black icon. If you use Iris Pro this icon will be green and all Advanced settings will be unlocked.

Iris is free forever, but if you click the Use advanced settings button and try to enter some of the advanced menus you will get notification that you need Iris Pro, because Advanced settings are available in the Pro version.

Most people will never need Iris Pro, but if you want some extra features, checkboxes and sliders to customize Iris you can support the project and buy Iris Pro.

Iris Pro

You know that your Iris is Pro if the icon in the top left corner is green. If you need more features you can upgrade from Iris to Iris Pro by buying Iris Pro from the Buy page.

You will get activation code and when you enter this activation code in the input box next to the License label your Iris will become Pro.

With Iris Pro you have access to all Advanced settings in the Advanced settings view. If you click some of the items from the Advanced settings new page with customizations of this feature will open.

All features are grouped by categories and you can always get help for every feature by clicking the blue i buttons on every page. The blue i buttons appear when you hover over some section of the program.

With Iris Pro you also get Timer functionality for break reminding, many customizations of blue light, brightness, screen effects and transition times.

Everything new which I make goes to Iris Pro, when something is used a lot it goes to Iris mini Pro and if there is something really awesome it will go to all free versions of Iris so all users can benefit and be healthy.

Iris mini


Iris mini Pro


Iris micro


Iris OS




I try to explain the diffrences between the Iris models in this article.

They are separated, because of the different size and code.

For example Iris micro is command line and really small in size.

Iris mini is about 10 MB and only tray icon.

Iris contains lots and lots of code and is something like 100MB.

It may be a little confusing at the beginning, but this is the best way everyone to be happy.

Where to start

Always the first question people ask me is which one to download and I always tell them Iris mini, because you just need to double click it and it will work automatically.

It’s also free for lifetime. Basically Iris mini will automatically decrease blue light and brightness at night. Use this for a week or two to feel the difference.


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