Iris OS

Out of the box eye protection

Download “Iris-OS-0.0.4-x64.iso” Iris-OS-0.0.4-x64.iso

When I was making Iris for Linux I had this huge problem that I was reinstalling it every night to test some things and I was feeling really huge eye pain.

I solved this by bundling Iris with Ubuntu on custom LiveCD. When some friends saw my customizations they wanted a copy.

So I decided to make really small changes to Ubuntu, bundle it with Iris, fix some really stupid things, for example this that Firefox doesn’t come with Flash Player, and make my own distro, to share it with all of you.

It’s not some massive breakthrough, but it’s really nice. You can use it as LiveCD to have Iris on USB stick and use it on every computer or install it on your PC and be sure that it will be stable.

I choose Ubuntu as base, because it’s the best, most stable and most user friendly distro and many people use it.

I made Iris OS to look good based on my taste. It has material design theme, nice icons and custom loading screen. It also comes with VLC pre installed. Don’t expect much, just nice distribution based on Ubuntu.

I use Rufus on Windows and Etcher on Linux to create the bootable flash drive, but anything should work.

You can find changelog for the different releases here.

Daniel 🙂

Iris OS manifesto

I don't like to install updates.
I like something that just works.
I want to watch movies, listen to music and play games.
I want to chat with friends and browse the internet.
I used Windows, but Windows 10 is super slow.
I used Mac, but it was too expensive.
I used Linux, but every reinstallation was pain without Iris.
This is why I use Iris OS.