Blue Light Filter App for Windows

These days almost everyone spends a big chunk of time on digital screens.

It has now become impossible to continue the date without letting your eyes stay naked in front of blue light emitting screens.

No matter which profession, field or sector of community it is, the exposure of eyes to these harmful rays is increasing day by day.

The worst part is that people have zero awareness about blue light filter.

They must know that why a blue light filter must be installed in their Windows.

This blue light filter without affecting the quality of Windows will serve for better eye health.

Blue light is Slow poison

You know that how the physics of a single colored light can bring harm to you.

Count the hours you and your family spends in front of digital screens with out blue light filter and you will realize that on a scale of zero to ten where you are standing.

Blue Lights can also be called β€œSlow Poison” for your eyes because they do their functioning slowly.

They penetrate through your eyes in a slow rhythm. Sometimes, you even get the symptoms signaling you loud and clear but you prefer ignoring them.

This carelessness causes harm to your eye health. Although, digital screens have become an important requirement of these modern times where every job is incomplete without their use but you can limit the use to some hours and avoid their frequent use for a better eye health.

Blue light filters are a must-to-have for your Windows. Blue Lights come with those appliances which on one hand provide you with ease, comfort and efficient source of communication but despite of all these plus points ignoring the negative aspects would be a fool’s idea.

Sources of Blue Light

On the mention of β€œBlue Light” what sources come in your mind?

You must have come up with the idea of all digital devices, right? But that is not all.

Blue Light is not only emitted from digital appliances such as tablets, smart phones, laptops, computers and other screens.

In fact, there are more sources from where blue light is emitted. Blue light is a visible light and it is almost everywhere.

By β€˜everywhere’ we mean traffic lights, Led bulbs and LED screens and even sunlight.

Naturally, your eyes are given shields to protect themselves against the blue lights. But unfortunately, these shields in your eyes are not enough to protect against blue lights and don’t act as blue light filter.

Your eyes are exposed to high intensity of blue light. Due to his high intensity, the shields are unable to perform their function.

In other words, we can say that your immune system does not permit you to take charge for the protection of eyes against these short wavelength blue lights.

The energy emitted by blue lights is quite intense and thus your natural barrier fails to fight the harsh lights.

Since, natural blue light filter fails to provide efficient security for your eyes therefore man made blue light filters must be opted so that you can work uninterrupted.

How Iris helps?

Whichever Windows you have installed in your computers or laptops instantly install Iris for tension free working hours.

Iris is a blue light filter which works for all versions of Windows.

Iris makes sure to maintain its level and prove to be the best blue light filter.

By doing this, all the customers stay care free and rely on Iris for its excellence.

Iris has been proving standard excellence for all Windows users for quite long.

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