Closed angle Glaucoma

Closed-angle glaucoma is a type of condition where your eyes end up building up a lot of pressure inside.

In the case of this particular type of glaucoma, the fluid is not flowing out of your eye as it would normally do.

The fluid is created in the rear chamber of your eye, and it will normally go through a multitude of chambers.

But if you have closed angle glaucoma, that will not happen, instead the fluid will be obstructed by the trabecular meshwork.

In the end, your eyes will build up a lot of pressure, and that means you will not see properly.

There are 2 main types of Closed angle Glaucoma

First, you have the primary closed angle glaucoma where the structure of the eye makes it even more probable for the iris to be pressed on the trabecular meshwork.

For the secondary closed angle glaucoma, the iris is forced against the meshwork.

The conditions here can include an eye injury, tumor, inflammation, advanced cataract, diabetes and many others.

The closed angle glaucoma is also known as being chronic or acute.

These cases are quite common, and they appear out of nowhere.

The chronic closed angle glaucoma will end up developing gradually, and that’s what makes it the most dangerous.

Is Closed Angle Glaucoma risky?


While it can blur your vision, closed angle glaucoma can be treated if you go to the doctor fast.

Some people tend to be prone to this type of thing.

These include females, people older than 40 in general, which have a parent or sibling with this condition or which are farsighted.

Also, persons from Africa or Alaska may have to deal with closed angle glaucoma too.

Closed angleΒ Glaucoma Symptoms

The closed angle glaucoma is hard to figure out because they just seem like a minor issue which would happen now and then.

These include a feeling of vomiting and nausea, eye redness and hardness, blurred vision, bright halos near objects and severe pain in your eyes.

If these things appear and they tend to get worse each day, make sure that you visit the doctor as fast as possible.

This is the best way to figure out if you do have closed angle glaucoma.

How can you treat Closed angle Glaucoma?

Normally, medication would be the first step to handle this condition.

The doctor will study your current situation and figure out if you have any problems with your eyes or not.

This is extremely important to focus on, so try to consider that.

If that doesn’t help you, then surgery can be the only answer.

The surgeon will have to cut a small portion of the far eye to help the fluid go out of the eye and thus remove the pressure.

You can also use the Iris application if you want to take care of your eye or prevent closed angle glaucoma.

You just have to install the closed angle glaucoma app and that’s it.

The app will automatically select the right way to protect your eyes based on how much light you have in your room and other factors.

If you want to keep your eyes safe against closed angle glaucoma, try out Iris today.

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