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The Effect Of Blue Light On Your Eyes

Have you ever thought of the light coming out of your phone and laptop screens?

Have you ever thought how dangerous that blue light can be for your eyes?

If not then now is the right time to start worrying about your eyes and the effect of blue light on them.

Have you ever noticed that the people who spend more time on laptops and phones have eyesight issues the most?

The reason behind it is simple and that is too much exposure of blue light to the eyes.

If you expose too much blue light to your eyes ultimately your retina gets damaged and that is where you start facing other eye-related problems.

Sometimes the retina of the eye is so sensitive that the blue light can cause permanent vision loss and that is something no one wants for himself.

The Solution To Your Problem

Now you might be wondering that what exactly can you do in order to protect your eyes from the screen light because obviously, you cannot stop using these devices and your phones.

Well, the answer is simple and there are two things that can be done in order to protect your eyes from the damage done by blue light.

First, you should reduce the duration of using your phones, tablets, and computers.

Secondly, you can download blue light filter applications and software for your computer screen.

Technology has taken over the world and now there are software that are intelligent enough to sense the light around you and then according to that light, they adjust the blue light of your screens.

The best part about these software and applications is that they are free of cost yet they come with numerous benefits. These benefits range from protection for your eyes, to reduction of stress and a better sound sleep.

As a matter of fact when you use your computer screen all day long, it ultimately affects your nervous system which is why you are unable to get a sound sleep.

Now, what these softwares basically do is that they reduce the sharpness and the brightness of a light in such a way that it looks natural to your eyes and your nervous system gets no strain or stress on it, the result ultimately is a good and sound sleep.

If you are looking for such blue light filter application for your computer screens then you are at the right place, reading the right article because we have do have a solution for you.

Iris is the one software that is the answer to all your eye related problems.

How Iris Works?

The software is pretty simple yet it comes with a number of benefits. Iris comes with 9 different presets and three different modes.

You can adjust it as per your requirements so that the blue light of your computer screen cannot be harmful for your eyes.

Iris adjusts the blue light in such a way that it matches perfectly with the light around you and ultimately your screen light appears very natural to your eyes which then leads to no stress and strain.

Moreover, with Iris, you can take a health test too and you can try it for once and we assure you that you will see the results within a few days. Imagine having no strain on your eyes even if you have been in front of the screen all day long? It sounds and feels amazing, no?

Well, if it does then we suggest you to install this software right now and enjoy a stress and strain free screen experience.

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