Pain in One eye

Pain in one eye is a confusing situation for any patient.

Since, eyes exist in a pair and work in collaboration with each other, pain in one eye appears as if both eyes are in pain.

The patient is unable to judge properly whether both eyes are affected or only one.

What is it?

Pain in one eye is a condition in which a stabbing pain radiates from behind one eye only while the other eye may be restless but there is no pain is it at all.

Pain in one eye may occur either all of a sudden or it may be the end product of a long-term progress of signs.

It is a condition in which the patient’s one eye works very well while the other eye, the one with pain, is unable to focus properly leaving the patient’s brain confused.

As a result, the patient can not see an object clearly because the brain is unable to receive proper signals.

Thus, signals are poorly translated and a poor, unclear image is formed.

Symptoms of pain in one eye

Sometimes, pain in one eye is accompanied by a lengthy list of signs and symptoms but sometimes there are none at all.

Pain in one eye might come as a surprise and stay for a long time.

It depends upon the intensity and origin of pain that what symptoms appear.

Initially, symptoms are very obvious giving clear indications but sometimes they are so faint that one can barely notice them.

Some very common but important symptoms are as follows:

  • Severe headache
  • Pain in temples
  • Droopy eyes
  • Pain in half face only
  • Inflammation of socket

Why is it happening

Β The causes of pain in one eye vary with the magnitude of pain.

There might be many different reasons depending on the origin as well.

Some most common causes are as follows:

  • Optic neuritis: It is a condition in which optic nerve undergoes inflammation giving pain in one eye.
  • Sty: Sometimes a painful lump forms on the eyelid which becomes a reason for pain in one eye.
  • Scleritis: In this case, the white part of eye undergoes inflammation.
  • Corneal abrasion: Sometimes, the cornea gets bruised accidentally causing pain and redness.
  • Contact lens problem: Due to improper adjustment of the lens, pain shoots in the eye.
  • Digital screens: Those people who frequently stare screens of their laptops and smartphones in their leisure or working hours, their eyes become very dry. When this dryness remains persistent, pain develops in the eye. This does not end here. Digital screens also emit harmful rays which cause severe after effects.

Treatment for pain in one eye

Eye specialists have not ended on a single treatment plan for pain in one eye.

The treatment depends on the cause and origin.

First, they go through the details of condition and look for further minor details.

Unless they have gone through every report and eye health history of patient they don’t prescribe any medication.

In cases where the pain is caused by digital screens, it is better to close eyes for a few minutes and let your eyes rest.

If there is some kind of injury, then doctors prescribe eye drops, ointments, and other dosages.

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