How can I improve my Vision?

Nobody wants to wear glasses or contact lenses in their life, but if you don’t, then you ask yourself: “How can I improve my vision otherwise?”

Here's your answer

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However, with the evergrowing usage of technologies, more and more people are obliged to do so and there is no medical way of turning the process backward.

However, there is still some hope that you could improve more or less your vision naturally, just by doing several simple tricks.

Why does technology ruin our eyesight?

Everybody who has used any technology – were it a smartphone, a tablet or a computer – has felt the aftereffect of it by having eye pain, redness or eye strain.

This is all due to the huge amount of blue light that our eyes absorb by the displays of the technology we use.

Also, the hours spent staring at one spot and the low blinking rate (because displays and monitors make us forget to blink) additionally tire our eyes and eye muscles.

The everyday work in front of blue light emission leads to slow, but sure damage to the human eyesight.

So here’s your answer to “How can I improve my Vision?”


1. Get enough sleep

Sleep is essential to our well being.

Good sleep gives the chance to our body and eyes to rest and relax. And its absence leads to many problems.

The least that could happen to one’s eyes when they skip out on their beauty sleep starts with symptoms like dry and “puffy” eyes.

For sure it has happened at least once to you and you have felt how heavy and sometimes painful blinking is at that situation.

Dryness by itself could lead to eyelid spasms, popped out vessels, and scratched surface of the retina.

2. Exercise regularly – for your eyes and body

Active sport is a must for every human. However, did you know that your eyes could get some tune-up just as your body?

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that displays make us look at one spot for a long time, which stiffens the eye muscles.

And just like every other muscle that gets stiffed, they need to be flexed every now and then.

Our recommendation is on every 20 minutes to look at far objects and glance around on the surroundings.

Also, another very efficient trick is to spell your name with your eyes. All you have to do is to trace the letters in the air.

3. Sunglasses arenโ€™t only fashionable

Our eyes are one of the most sensitive body parts and they are as well in need of protection.

Sunglasses should be worn all the time when the sun is too strong, not only in the summer.

The worst outcome that is to come is conditions like cataracts and glaucoma.

Therefore, a pair of good quality eyewear is needed.

4. Say no to smoking

Smoking is harmful in general and nobody can counter at that.

Smoking is overly dangerous to pregnant women, for it could lead to premature birth and blindness in children.

5. Take regular breaks

Reminding yourself of taking regular breaks could postpone the chance of putting on glasses.

As said above on every 20 minutes of reading, writing, studying, or computer using, one should take a break.

That way – resting for a minute or two – the eyes can get moistured and less likely to get strained or itchy.

6. Eat properly

Human bodies cannot produce vitamins and vital minerals on its own, therefore it is in our interests to do it.

Green leafed vegetables, citruses, seafood, and eggs are a great start.

We have a whole article on healthy for the eyes food that you can read here.

7. Use proper lighting

If you feel the need to rub your eyes and feel pressure in the base of your nose, then the lightbulbs at your home need to be replaced.

Artificial lighting is under no consideration useful, but it isn’t harmless. So does the dim light.

Some people think that when they work in the dark, with turned off most/all of their artificial lights, their eyes would be feeling better.

But the truth is, that when there isn’t enough light, our eyes are overworking on seeing and this is even more fatal than the written above risks.

8. Update all of your displays!

“But how could I do that?” you would ask.

Pretty easily, as a matter of fact.

We present to you, Iris!

This is a software that blocks and filters the blue light from your computer’s monitor.

Iris is used by thousands of people worldwide that thank us for helping them by preventing eye soreness and eventually from putting on glasses.

Iris can help you without distracting you from doing your job, it is working in the background, only stepping in when itโ€™s time to remind you to take a break.

Iris will help you to accomplish almost half of the numbered tips in this article!

Last words

Our Software Iris can do most of those things for you:

  • It blocks the blue light and helps you sleep better
  • It reminds you to take breaks every once in a while
  • It adjusts the brightness of your screen to the lighting around you
  • It will help you work faster and achieve more every day

Our eyes need as much care as every other part of us. Maintaining some simple habits is the key to a healthier and happier life.

So the answer to:

How can I improve my Vision?

Download Iris Now

Author: Yoanna Borisova

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