Screen dimmer for Windows

Using a computer on a regular basis is no longer a luxury but has become a necessity.

Be it driving, watching tv, working online, or researching, screen time is mandatory for performing all of these tasks with efficiency and perfection.

The benefits that the technology provides such as time-saving etc. are on one hand but the disadvantages of continuous exposure to the screen cannot be neglected.

This is why people have started to opt for options that are less harmful and have reduced chances of long-term ailments.

Screen dimmer Windows is one of the many options to choose from which are easily available and produce an effective outcome.

The main issue in the excessive screen time is the blue light that most of the smart devices to present a bright and vibrant screen display.

This blue light is harmful to the eyes and the brain as well.

However, using a screen dimmer Windows makes the screen time less painful and frustrating for the user with the prevention of diseases, pains, mental and physical issues.

How does the screen Brightness cause eye strain?

The screen’s too much brightness in the nighttime puts immense pressure on the user’s eyes and sometimes cause a headache also.

Other than that, most of us do not frequently blink while staring the screen which causes the eyes to get less painful.

The blue light emitted from the screen also causes insomnia which is also one of the reasons for eye strain.

Hence, screen dimmer Windows save the day by adjusting and dimming the screen brightness without making it any less attractive than before.

Also, the screen time requires being done with considering small details which are impossible to do with a burden on the eyes and mental activities.

Basic features of Screen dimmer for Windows

Some of the basic features that the screen dimmer Windows has created for benefitting its regular users are:

  1. It controls the backlight which directly affects the eyes and causes blurry vision.
  2. It adjusts the brightness without influencing the screen’s surrounding.
  3. It spreads a black shade all over the screen which helps in highlighting and reading the front font.
  4. It suggests and advice the user to take small intervals in between the screen time to avoid the continuous exposure.
  5. It has the ability to set the timer which automatically turns on and off sensing the surrounding area.

Other ways to reduce eye strain by extended screen exposure

The other ways to reduce eye strain, other than the screen dimmer Windows, is the eye software called Iris which is designed to facilitate the Windows’s users by managing the screen’s brightness accordingly.

Apart from screen dimmer Windows, below are mentioned some of the effective methods of preventing the eye strain:

  • Get the eyes checked regularly by a known physician.
  • Use proper lighting around the computer.
  • Consider zero chances of screen reflection.
  • Improve the screen’s display by maintaining a fine color theme.
  • Keep exercising the eyes in between the work.

Eye strains can be quite painful at times and must be immediately treated.

Moreover, preventive measures such as screen dimmer Windows must be taken to reduce the health risks and focus on the main target.

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