Eye muscle pain

This is a condition which is normally a condition of present times.

It is very common among people of young age as well as those who are office going people.

What is it?

Eye muscle pain is a condition in which the muscles around, under and behind the eye experience severe pain giving the patient extreme exhausted look.

Symptoms of eye muscle pain

It is a condition which brings quite a long list of symptoms.

Each sign begins to appear a few days before the actual painful day.

Eye muscle strain is itself a symptom of some other disorders related to injuries, infection, etc.

In case of noticing these symptoms, one must take immediate notice.

The condition may worsen and prove to e dangerous. The symptoms of eye muscle pain are as follows:

Why is it happening?

Eye muscle pain is a condition which has one very basic cause and that is excessive use of digital screens.

Although it is the time where working for long hours, glued in front of a digital screen is the demand of a job but this is equally harmful.

Too much focus on the screen and not blinking at all causes dryness in eyes and makes your eye muscles tired.

The rays that emit from these screens very easily make their way to your eyes.

Those people who use digital screens a lot are at a higher risk to become patients of eye muscle pain.


Eye muscle strain is a condition which can be treated with both home remedies as well as medical consultancy.

Some of the most effective methods to bring relief are as follows:

How Iris helps?

Iris has so far achieved a good number of trusted customers and followers.

It makes sure not to let them down and give hundred percent attention to eye health.

Iris is a name of a software that runs with a notion to block all the disastrous rays emitting from the screen of your laptop, computers and smartphones.

Since working in front of digital screens has now become an obligation, therefore Iris has found a way to make it a secure experience.

It is time to reduce the cases of eye muscle pain and bring relief to your eyes.

Iris makes a promise of keeping your eyes unaffected from blue rays and only let those lights reach you which cause no harm.

With Iris, eye muscle pain remains a fantasy only.

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