How to Protect eyes from computer screen?

Computer screens damage our eyes.

Even you are not an expert in eye health you know that when you use your computer you feel more eye pain and eye strain.

You may get dry eyes, red eyes or headaches when you use your computer screen for longer periods of time.

In this article, I’m going to propose you several different solutions to protect your eyes from the computer screen.

1. Iris

Iris is software for eye protection which will improve your overall health and decrease the eye strain you feel when you use computer screens.

It will match your monitor to the light around you and make using computers more like reading a book.

There is a free version you can try and download from here.

The is also paid version which improves it work even more for even more protection from the computer screen.

Iris will decrease the amount of blue light emitted from the screen which is the main cause of macular degeneration and it will control the brightness without the popular and not so eye-friendly way manufacturers use called pulse-width modulation.

Both these things will automatically protect your eyes from the computer screen and the only thing you need to do is to install Iris.

2. Blink more

Normally we blink around 20 times per minute but when reading book or reading on a computer screen this number may drop to 2-3 or fewer blinks per minute.

We need to blink to moisture our eyes and when you are not blinking enough you will have dry eyes.

Blink more to moisture your eyes.

3. Rests

If you find reminding yourself toย blink more to much, try to take some breaks from the computer screen from time to time.

Our eyes rest much easier when we look at a distant object so when you take a break, try to look at distant objects and to blink more.

Iris can also remind you toย take a breaksย from time to time in it’s Pro version.

4. Sit away

We usually sit to close to the monitor.

The rule is to sit at least one arm lengthย away from the computer screen.

To protect your eyes from the computer screen sit away from the monitor and try to increase the font size if you can’t read some letters.

With Iris Pro, you can magnify your screen in real-time if some program can’t display larger letters.

5. Look down

You need to look your computer screen down.

This will close your eyes more while you use your eyes more and your eyeball will be better lubricated.

Place your monitor below your eye level for best lubrication.

6. Drink more water

One of the most major eye problems while using computer screen is dry eyes.

Dry eyes may be caused byย too much computer use but the case may also be dehydration.

Drink more water to protect your eyes from computer screens.

7. Try Iris

Iris will automatically help you to protect your eyes from the computer monitor and will decrease the eye strain you feel when you use computer screens.

It’s great for treatment and prevention of Computer Vision Syndrome and other eye problems.

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