What is the best Computer App?

Millions of different programs exist for PC but what is the best computer app. This is the question many of us have, but with no clear answer yet.

In this article, I will present to you, Iris. The best and most useful computer app created ever in my opinion.

What do you need a computer to do?

What do we use computers for and why are they so popular?

Why we become hooked on playing a game or browsing a website?

For me, computers are made for discovering information. It can be learning, it can news, it can be seeing what your friends do today, or it can be just playing games to feel better.

Computer app can do many things but it always boils down to be our tool for achieving more.

To be better, to have more, to be more.

We use computer apps to do more than what we can do if we were not using technology.

Just imagine if you need to search for something without internet.

You will probably have to ask all your friends, then go to the library and read every book to find some useful information, but today you can find anything with one click of the mouse.

Discovering information

Internet was the first big thing made for the computers. Over the years thousands of different websites made web directories, index pages and tried everything to put a label on the internet and allow us to find useful information faster.

Today Google has gone to every part of the internet and it can answer all our questions instantly.

Billions of web pages, and billions of articles organized and structured.

Google was the first internet revolution. It organized and labeled the internet.

Learning new things

Almost all computer apps are made for learning new things. It may be something simple as Notepad, Adobe PDF reader which enables you to open all kinds of books and text documents or Movie or Audio player to listen to new content.

Computer apps are transforming every part of our learning process. Today we have audiobooks, video tutorials, and interactive lessons.

They are all made to help us eat more information in less the time.

Humans are learning and tool building machines and as such one of our primary missions is to learn new things.

Connecting with friends

Over time we started to share more and more information about us online. At the beginning the internet was anonymous and people used it to have the luxury of double identity.

But as time passed we started to spend more and more time online and more and more people started to use the internet.

We gradually started to transfer our real identity online and started searching friends online.

After the big innovation of search engines came social media websites and websites like Facebook which started to connect the whole planet and to allow us to have many friends.

Yes, our online friendships are not so powerful as our real-life friendships but the influence we can have on other people now is much bigger than it was before the internet and computers became part of our life.

Have fun

The earliest uses of computers were for fun.

At the beginning, it was just fun for engineers to calculate and automate some routine tasks but the games come along.

People started to use computers to have fun and to rest from their busy work.

Today games and e-sports are one of the most popular sports events and professional gamers are something like the new superstars.

So the world is changing a lot but what is the most useful computer app?

What is the common thing between all actions take on the Computer?

The common thing between everything done on the computer is that we use the computer to do things.

Millions of years ago we were hunters and our eyes are made to look at distant objects.

Today we spend most of our days in front of computer screens without even looking outside.

This over the years caused a massive amount of eye problems everywhere.

More than 90% of all computer users feel some kind of vision discomfort while using computers.

The other 10% just don’t use computers often enough.

We are a generation growing with eye problems and this should be a most important thing when we talk about using computers.

It’s worse than obesity because while we can eat a little less we just need to work more and more in front of computers to make our living.

Eye protection is our future mandatory need.

Meet Iris

Iris is software which makes monitors healthy for the eyes.

With Iris, you can reduce the Blue Light emitted from your screen for better sleep, reduce the Brightness of your screen without PWM and avoid eye pain.

Blue light is the major cause of macular degeneration and it reaches deep into our retina. We need to protect yourself from this high power light which is the closest light to the UV lights.

You do wear sunglasses while you look to the Sun but you probably never knew that our monitor is like a small Sun glowing into our face whole day.

Iris is the first thing you need to install on your PC because it will automatically protect your eyes and improve your life to the biggest amount.

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